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Harlem Renaissance party by Ringgold, Faith, author, illustrator.

Harlem Renaissance party

Lonnie and his uncle journey back in time to the Harlem Renaissance.

Feb 25, 2015
Have You Seen My Monster? by Light, Steven

Have You Seen My Monster?

Feb 27, 2015
Home by Ellis, Carson, 1975- author, illustrator.


A whimsical tribute to the myriad possibilities of home depicts homes in different real-world environments as well as fantastical settings.

Feb 27, 2015
Hooray for spring! by Alexander, Louise (Louise Shirreffs), 1979- author.

Hooray for spring!

"Join Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and the rest of the ponies as they celebrate the beginning of spring! It's time to clear away the clouds, plant flower seeds, and wake up hibernating critters"--

Feb 27, 2015
Hoot owl, master of disguise by Taylor, Sean, 1965- author.

Hoot owl, master of disguise

Hoot owl flies through the night and assumes numerous disguises in order to catch a meal.

Feb 27, 2015
How do dinosaurs stay safe? by Yolen, Jane, author.

How do dinosaurs stay safe?

A young dinosaur takes precautions in order to stay safe throughout the day, both at home and at play.

Feb 27, 2015
How to catch a star by Jeffers, Oliver.

How to catch a star

Eager to have a star of his own, a boy devises imaginative ways of catching one.

Feb 25, 2015
I don't want to be a frog by Petty, Dev, author.

I don't want to be a frog

A frog who yearns to be any animal that's cute and warm discovers that being wet, slimy, and full of bugs has its advantages.

Feb 27, 2015
I Feel Sick! by Ross, Tony

I Feel Sick!

Feb 27, 2015
If I Had a Triceratops by O'Connor, George

If I Had a Triceratops

Feb 27, 2015
If you plant a seed by Nelson, Kadir, author, illustrator.

If you plant a seed

While planting seeds in their garden, two animals learn the value of kindness.

Feb 27, 2015
In by McClure, Nikki, author, illustrator.


Through minimal text and cut-paper illustrations, shows the many things a boy can enjoy while inside his house, then outside, then in again. Includes a list of the author's favorite owls.

Feb 27, 2015
It's only Stanley by Agee, Jon, author, illustrator.

It's only Stanley

Very strange noises that keep awakening the Wimbledon family one night have an even stranger source.

Feb 27, 2015
Janine by Cocca-Leffler, Maryann, 1958- author, illustrator.


"Janine is one of a kind. She focuses on the positive while navigating life with disabilities. She makes a difference just by being herself"--

Feb 27, 2015
Juna's jar by Bahk, Jane.

Juna's jar

After her best friend, Hector, moves away, Juna's brother Minho tries to make her feel better by finding things to put in her special kimchi jar, and each night, whatever is in the jar takes her on a magical journey in search of Hector. Includes glossary.

Feb 27, 2015
Juneteenth for Mazie by Cooper, Floyd, author.

Juneteenth for Mazie

Little Mazie wants the freedom to stay up late, but her father explains what freedom really means in the story of Juneteenth, and how her ancestors celebrated their true freedom.

Feb 27, 2015
Just Itzy by Krumwiede, Lana, author.

Just Itzy

Tired of being called "Itzy Bitzy," Itzy tries to catch his own lunch on the first day of spindergarten to prove he is a big spider, but a girl sitting on a tuffet, a dangerous waterspout, and other nursery rhyme characters get in his way.

Feb 27, 2015
Just Itzy by Krumwiede, Lana/ Pizzoli, Greg (ILT)

Just Itzy

Feb 23, 2015
Little Bird takes a bath by Russo, Marisabina, author, illustrator.

Little Bird takes a bath

The only thing Little Bird likes about rain is the puddles it leaves behind, but after flying through Manhattan to find the perfect puddle, his bath is interrupted again and again.

Feb 27, 2015
Little Puffin's first flight by London, Jonathan, 1947-

Little Puffin's first flight

Follows a family of puffins from the time the parents greet one another off the coast of Alaska and prepare to raise a family, through the care of their fragile egg and ravenous chick, to Little Puffin's first flight across and into the sea. Includes facts about puffins.

Feb 26, 2015