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  • Year Published: 2006

    All the King's Men

    Willie Stark is an ordinary man, demanding that crooked politicians and shady businessmen in Louisiana be held accountable for the collapse of a poorly built school. Urged to run for Governor, Stark, finds his voice as a charismatic man of the people. He befriends a young idealistic journalist, Jack Burden, who eventually ends up working for him. Burden begins to question his own morality and Stark's transformation into an inflexible leader that will stop at nothing to remain in power.

  • Year Published: 2015


    Loosely based on the 1957 memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee, the famous striptease artist, with focus on her mother, Rose, whose name has becomesynonymous with the ultimate stage mom. It follows the dreams and efforts ofRose as she raises two daughters to perform onstage and casts anaffectionate eye on the hardships of show business life.

  • Year Published: 1997


    A small, depressed New Hampshire town's policeman is reduced to being a school crossing guard and toiling for a tycoon. When a man dies in what the policeman believe was an act of murder, he hopes solving the case will provide him redemption.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Janet King. Series 2, The invisible wound.

    Janet is seconded from a case of psychological abuse in the armed services to head up a Royal Commission into gun crime. Conscripting solicitors Richard and Lina, and the ambitious Owen Ramsey, Janet trades the rarefied atmosphere of mahogany courtrooms, wigs, and gowns for plain clothes and a community hall. There, she and her team focus on the murder of 25-year-old Hani Akvan.

  • Year Published: 2015

    On the Wing

  • Year Published: 2012

    Solid State

    A large meteor is heading quickly toward Earth and a space defense launches a missile and seems to destroy the meteor. But a small piece of the meteor lands in a remote part of Europe. An up and coming American rock band is touring through Europe when their van breaks down, near the meteor. The area is eerily quiet and the band finds clues of people living in the area but no one is found. Gradually, they begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together but the meteor is having a deadly effect.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Touring the world's capital cities. Edinburgh - the capital of Scotland.

    Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland one of the oldest urban regions in Europe. This tour will take viewers through the Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, East and West Princess Gardens, and other important destinations.

  • Year Published: 2016


    When the great prophecies in the Book of Revelation become a reality, a town soon realizes they are living in the end times. Chaos and sorrow tear the community apart, until one day the faith of God touches this town and changes everything.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Touring the world's capital cities. Athens - the capital of Greece.

    An informative tour of the capitol city of Greece, Athens.

  • Year Published: 2015


    Ben's flight disappeared twelve years ago. With the help of a mysterious beauty, he returns to find himself on an unlikely journey.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Nerve [Motion picture - 2016]

    Industrious high school senior, Vee Delmonico, has had it with living life on the sidelines. When pressured by friends to join the popular online game Nerve, Vee decides to sign up for just one dare in what seems like harmless fun. But as she finds herself caught up in the thrill of the adrenaline-fueled competition partnered with a mysterious stranger, the game begins to take a sinister turn with increasingly dangerous acts, leading her into a high-stakes finale.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Touring the World's Capital Cities - Monaco- The Capital of Monaco

    Located between Italy and France on the Co^te D`Azur, the Principality of Monaco is renowned for its high society, Grand Prix and scandal and the cost of a square meter of land is the most expensive in the world. After the Vatican, it is the smallest yet most unique sovereign state in the world. Monte Carlo's Casino is undoubtedly the principality's most famous landmark. Designed by the architect of the Paris Opera House, Charles Garnier, this superb casino was built in 1878.

  • Year Published: 1963

    The Executioner

    A macabre farce about an undertaker who marries an executioner's daughter and reluctantly takes over her father's job so the family can keep their government allotted apartment.

  • Year Published: 2015

    A Christmas Melody

    A gift of music transports people back to another time and place where they find their truest feelings.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Great barrier reef - sail into paradise.

    Featuring highlights with some of the region's most popular tours, bars and hotspots as well as all the sailing action and social highlights from the 25th anniversary of Airlie Beach Race Week from August 8-15.

  • Year Published: 2001


    Amelie is looking for love, and perhaps the meaning of life in general. She grows up in an original, if slightly dysfunctional family. She learns that she must reach out to others to achieve happiness.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Don't Breathe

    A group of friends break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they'll get away with the perfect heist. They're wrong.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - in their own words.

    Contains a plethora of filmed interviews, press conferences, media appearances, and other spoken word engagements which together show the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the individual members thereof to be the intelligent, funny, and smart musicians we have always known they are.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Touring the world's capital cities. Amsterdam - the capital of Holland

    An informative tour of the capitol city of Holland, Amsterdam.

  • Year Published: 2015

    The Abbott and Costello show - a celebration.

  • Year Published: 2016

    No Direction Home- Bob Dylan

    A two part documentary on the fascinating career of Bob Dylan in the early sixties.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Degrassi Junior High

    Degrassi Junior High confronts it all - friendship, puberty, rumors, sports, studies, and more - with a refreshing ensemble cast and a unique teen's-eye-view of life. Sometimes moving, sometimes shocking, but always believable.

  • Year Published: 2014

    Destinations the Americas- Boston & New England

    Filmed entirely on location from Northern Canada to South America's southern tip, this ongoing travel series invites discovery of the most significant destinations in all of the America's. Each major travel destination reveals the most popular 'must see' sites, events, and attractions. Many of the destinations also spotlight surrounding areas to further enrich the experience.

  • Year Published: 2014

    Touring the World's Capital Cities - Reykjavik- The Capital of Iceland

    An informative tour of the capitol city of Iceland, Reykjavik.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Lights out

    When a bloodthirsty supernatural being that lurks in the shadows preys upon her family, a young woman must fight to protect herself, save her younger brother, and uncover a mystery about her family's shadowy past.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Agatha Raisin. Series 1.

    Based on the beloved character created by M.C. Beaton. Agatha, public relations specialist, moves from London to the small village of Carsley, hoping for a quieter, simpler life. She soon finds her dreams dashed when she becomes a murder suspect after entering a quiche-making competition.

  • Year Published: 2016

    France - Bordeaux

    A celebration of wine, food and good times. Joseph tours the UNESCO World Heritage town of Bordeaux and the small wine making and exporting villages that comprise the region. Along the way he indulges in romantic castle visits, gourmet dinners, and spectacular encounters with the history, art, and music of the area.

  • Year Published: 2016

    The perfect insider - complete collection

    Genius programmer Shiki Magata, one of Souhei's idols, is inexplicably murdered inside the sealed research lab she disappeared to after being found innocent of her parents' murder. As Souhei and Moe take the first steps into a deadly new world, they must untangle the complex web of events and clues leading up to the murder.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Discover Microsoft Excel 2016 - basic & advanced.

    Excel users have been looking for ways that will eliminate workarounds and give new solutions to old problems from the very beginning. This special video program shows how different tools and options can simplify workloads by improving the number-crunching and data presentation. In these ten lessons, learn more than just keystrokes--discover key concepts using results-oriented examples and explanations guaranteed to make one more confident and effective.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Schneider vs. Bax

    On his birthday, a hitman reluctantly takes on the easy task of killing a reclusive writer, only to find the job a lot more difficult than expected.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Discover Microsoft Outlook 2016 - basic & advanced skills.

    Better navigation, advanced screen options, integrated tools, this must-see DVD shows viewer these exciting features and more, including linking to social media sites like Facebook, plus working with both mailbox, Calendar options and Preview enhancements. It's definitely email to the max! In these ten lessons, learn more than just keystrokes; discover key concepts using results-oriented examples and explanations guaranteed to make viewers more confident and effective in handling discussions a

  • Year Published: 2014

    Destinations the Americas- Florida-  The South & West Coasts

    Filmed entirely on location from Northern Canada to South America's southern tip, this ongoing travel series invites discovery of the most significant destinations in all of the America's. Each major travel destination reveals the most popular 'must see' sites, events, and attractions. Many of the destinations also spotlight surrounding areas to further enrich the experience.

  • Year Published: 2014

    Geography club [Motion picture - 2013]

    Sixteen-year-old Russell is going on dates with girls while nurturing a secret relationship with star quarterback Kevin, who will do anything to prevent his teammates from finding out. Min and Terese tell everyone that they're just best friends. And then there's Ike, who can't figure out who he is or who he wants to be. Finding the truth too hard to hide, they decide to form a Geography Club, thinking nobody else would want to join. However, their secrets may soon be discovered.

  • Year Published: 2013

    Defending Santa

    A small-town sheriff responds to a broken down vehicle on Christmas Eve. He stumbles upon a man asleep in the woods who claims to be Santa. Santa is put on trial to defend his identity. As the town learns to believe, the sheriff finds himself falling for Santa's attorney.

  • Year Published: 2014

    Touring the World's Capital Cities - Zagreb- The Capital of Croatia

    Zagreb is the political and cultural heart of Croatia, a capital city located at the intersection of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.Take a tour of British Square, Dolac, Loody Bridge, and other important features that this historic city has to offer.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Discover Microsoft Word 2016 - basic & advanced.

    Word documents are in for a heavy-duty upgrade! Learn what tools and options are available to help streamline workloads and power-up documents, all while tracking changes, formatting elements, embedding videos and adding richer comments, switching viewing modes and more. In these ten lessons, learn more than just keystrokes, discover key concepts using results-oriented examples and explanations guaranteed to make viewers more confident and effective in formatting the data and decisions.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Touring the world's capital cities. London - the capital of England.

    An informative tour of the capitol city of England, London.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Final Fantasy XV- Kingsglaive

    The magical kingdom of Lucis is home to the sacred Crystal, and the menacing empire of Niflheim is determined to steal it. King Regis of Lucis commands an elite force of soldiers called the Kingsglaive. Wielding their king's magic, Nyx and his fellow soldiers fight to protect Lucis. As the overwhelming military might of the empire bears down, King Regis is faced with an impossible ultimatum, to marry his son, Prince Noctis to Princess Lunafreya of Tenebrae.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Warcraft [Motion picture - 2016]

    The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. As a portal opens to connect the two worlds, one army faces destruction and the other faces extinction. From opposing sides, two heroes are set on a collision course that will decide the fate of their family, their people, and their home.

  • Year Published: 2014

    Touring the world's capital cities. New Delhi - the capital of India.

    Take a journey to the largest democracy in the world.

  • Year Published: 1989

    Field of Dreams

    A farmer hears a voice that instructs him to plow down his crops and construct a baseball field. After doing so, the field is inhabited by spirits of dead baseball players.

  • Year Published: 2009

    Ancient Aliens - Complete Season 01

    Produced with the exclusive cooperation of best selling author Erich von Daniken himself, Ancient Aliens launches all-new expeditions to seek out and evaluate the evidence, with a concentration on discoveries of the last thirty years, including unusual DNA findings on man's evolution and newly decoded artifacts from Egypt to Syria to South America. It is a balanced investigation into a theory some believe cannot be true, but many agree cannot be ignored.

  • Year Published: 2014

    Touring the World's Capital Cities - Prague- The Capital of Czech Republic

    An informative tour of the capitol city of Czech Republic, Prague.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Touring the world's capital cities. Dublin - the capital of Ireland

    Dublin is the capital of the Irish Republic and is a city of musicians, poets, and dreamers. This tour will take you to the famous Halfpenny Bridge, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and other hotspot destinations that this hospitable city has to offer.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Discover Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 - basic & advanced skills.

    Take the next step, make it easier to develop and deliver inspiring presentations, virtually anywhere. From slide-building options, to the secrets of seamless editing during presentations, to no-cost online delivery, this new DVD delivers the goods. In these ten lessons, learn more than just keystrokes, discover key concepts using results-oriented examples and explanations guaranteed to make viewers more confident and effective in delivering the data and decisions one may be responsible for.

  • Year Published: 2008

    From Coalinga to Osaka- live in Japan 1995

  • Year Published: 2013


    Carmen and Alfredo have a great life in one of Mexico's city suburbs. Their relationship is great and they even have friends and family close by. A fantastic professional opportunity for advanement requires them to move to a noisy and stressful Federal District. Among them are cold relationships and competition of typical major cities. This change has a major negative impact on the couple.

  • Year Published: 2015

    WWE Clash of Champions 2016

    Every championship in WWE is defended. Those who hold the WWE, World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, United States, Divas, and WWE Tag Team championships must all put their titles on the line against a hungry lineup of challengers.

  • Year Published: 2015

    A farmer's road

    "Two PhD soil scientists trade the security of academic tenure at a world-renowned research instutution for the relentless challenges and economic uncertainty of operating a Grade A goat dairy and farmstead creamery in central Illinois. Using milk from their herd of Nubian and LaMancha goats, Leslie Cooperband and Wes Jarrell, proprietors of Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery, produce artisan goat milk cheese, gelato, and cajeta, which are showcased during bi-weekly slow food dinners on the farm.

  • Year Published: 2002

    Bowling for Columbine [1 Disc]

    Examines the phenomenon of gun ownership and advocacy in the United States, linking it with Americans' predeliction for violence.

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  • Legacy of ashes - the history of the CIA

    With shocking revelations that made headlines in papers across the country, Pulitzer-Prize-winner Tim Weiner gets at the truth behind the CIA and uncovers here why nearly every CIA Director has left the agency in worse shape than when he found it; and how these profound failures jeopardize our national security. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Forgive Me

    In a heart-pounding thriller from one of the most innovative voices in contemporary suspense, a woman unravels the shocking truth about her parents, her past, and a life built upon an unthinkable lie. At DeRose & Associates Private Investigators in Virginia, Angie DeRose strives to find and rescue endangered runaways?work that stands in stark contrast to her own safe, idyllic childhood. But in the wake of her mother's sudden death, Angie makes a life-altering discovery. Hidden among the mementos

  • 501st

    "The Jedi have been decimated in the Great Purge, and the Republic has fallen. Now the former Republic Commandos--the galaxy's finest special forces troops, cloned from Jango Fett--find themselves on opposing sides and in very different armor. Some have deserted and fled to Mandalone with the mercenaries, renegade clone troopers, and rogue Jedi who make up Kal Skirata's ragtag resistance to Imperial occupation. Others--including men from Delta and Omega squads--now serve as Imperial Commandos, a

  • One you really want

    -- Don't Want to Miss a Thing"Warm, witty, and romantic."--Daily Mail on Take a Chance on Me.

  • Dinner for one

    French chef Bastien and James share chemistry and a bit of kink that makes the perfect recipe. But James has a secret: he's the food critic who left Bastien's restaurant a bad review.

  • Covet thy neighbor

    Tattoo artist Seth Wheeler thinks he's struck gold when Darren Romero rents the apartment across the hall. The new guy is gorgeous, witty, and single, plus he's just the right blend of bold and flirtatious. Perfect. Except then Darren reveals that he moved to Tucker Springs to take a job as the youth pastor at the New Light Church. Seth is not only an atheist, but was thrown out by his ultra-religious family when he came out. He tends to avoid believers, not out of judgment but out of self-prese

  • The Terranauts A Novel

    A deep-dive into human behavior in an epic story of science, society, sex, and survival, from one of the greatest American novelists today, T. C. Boyle, the acclaimed, bestselling, author of the PEN/ Faulkner Award–winning World's EndThe Terranauts brings to life an electrifying, pressured world in which connected lives are uncontrollably pushed to the breaking point. With characteristic humor and acerbic wit, T.C. Boyle indelibly inhabits the perspectives of the various players in this survival

  • Wizards at war

    Nita and Kit rejoin forces when a strange darkness of the mind overcomes the older wizards, stealing away their power, and forcing the younger wizards to go to war to save the world.

  • A Baxter Family Christmas

    -- A Baxter Family Christmas brings together two families in the aftermath of loss and in the midst of an unfolding love story, all with the help of one very special child.

  • Love's Reckoning - a Novel.

    The stage is set in this sweeping family saga set in late 1700s Pennsylvania when two sisters battle for the love of one man.

  • Kings rising

  • The book of night with moon

    In New York, cats race to close a gateway to another world, from where dinosaurs are planning an invasion of Earth. The cats are members of an intelligent civilization which has its own language and the novel compares their culture with that of humans.

  • The hungry girl diet cookbook - healthy recipes for mix-n-match meals & snacks

    "In the New York Times bestseller The Hungry Girl Diet, Lillien served up the first-ever diet plan utilizing the beloved Hungry Girl philosophy and recipe concepts. Now she's back with 200 sensational new recipes that fit perfectly into the plan! With more than 2 million Hungry Girl books sold, this is the book every Hungry Girl fan needs after reading The Hungry Girl Diet! With an emphasis on lean protein, fresh fruits 'n veggies, big portions, and craving-busting dishes, this book gives you ev

  • Skipping a beat - a novel


  • Crooked kingdom

    from dust jacket.

  • To have and to hold

    "Discovering her fiance´ is an international con man just moments before they exchange vows devastates celebrity wedding planner Brooke Baldwin's business - and breaks her heart. Now a pariah in Los Angeles, she seeks a fresh start in New York City and thinks she's found it with her first bridal client, a sweet - if slightly spoiled - hotel heiress. Then she meets the uptight businessman who's holding the purse strings. Seth Tyler wishes he could write a blank check and be done with his sister M

  • Snowfall on Haven Point

    "It's been two rough years since Andrea Montgomery lost her husband, and all she wants is for her children to enjoy their first Christmas in Haven Point. But then Andie's friend asks a favor-- to keep an eye on her brother, Sheriff Marshall Bailey, who's recovering from a hit and run. Andie will do anything for Wyn, even park her own misgivings to check on her grouchy, wounded bear of a brother. Marshall hates feeling defenseless and resents the protective impulses that Andie brings out in him.

  • The Whistler

    From John Grisham, America's #1 bestselling author, comes the most electrifying novel of the year, a high-stakes thrill ride through the darkest corners of the Sunshine State.   We expect our judges to be honest and wise. Their integrity and impartiality are the bedrock of the entire judicial system. We trust them to ensure fair trials, to protect the rights of all litigants, to punish those who do wrong, and to oversee the orderly and efficient flow of justice.      But what happens when a jud

  • Eyes only for me

    For years, Clayton Potters been friends and workout partners with Ronnie. Though Clay is attracted, hes never come on to Ronnie because, lets face it, Ronnie only dates women. When Clays father suffers a heart attack, Ronnie, having recently lost his dad, springs into action, driving Clay to the hospital over a hundred miles away. To stay close to Clays father, the men share a hotel room near the hospital, but after an emotional day, one thing leads to another, and straight-as-an-arrow Ronnie ma

  • The heavens may fall - a novel

    "FEATURING THREE CHARACTERS FROM THE BESTSELLING BOOK-CLUB FAVORITE THE LIFE WE BURY, THIS NOVEL EXPLORES A RIVETING MURDER CASE TOLD FROM TWO OPPOSING PERSPECTIVES. Detective Max Rupert and attorney Boady Sanden's friendship is being pushed to the breaking point. Max is convinced that Jennavieve Pruitt was killed by her husband, Ben. Boady is equally convinced that Ben, his client, is innocent. As the case unfolds, the two are forced to confront their own personal demons. Max is still strugglin

  • Fatal identity

    Every family has its secrets ... As the first anniversary of her marriage to Vice President Nick Cappuano approaches, Lieutenant Sam Holland is dreaming of Bora Bora--sun, sand, and a desperately needed break from the DC grind. But real life has a way of intervening, and Sam soon finds herself taking on one of the most perplexing cases of her career. Government worker Josh Hamilton begs Sam to investigate his shocking claim that his parents stole him from another family thirty years ago. More co

  • Construction beauty queen - a small town, big dreams novel

    Chicago socialite Veronica Jamison is determined to shake off her sheltered lifestyle and overbearing parents. She heads to her grandfather's small town of Kortville, ready to roll up her sleeves and work for the family construction business. She'll prove her worth, even if it means answering to the company's ruggedly handsome co-owner, Matt. Matt Shaw just wants to run his business, spend time with the niece he's raising on his own, and give back to the townspeople who have stood by him. Managi

  • Night Watch A Novel

    Sometimes, what you can't see will kill you…Born blind, Kendra Michaels spent the first twenty years of her life living in the darkness. Then, thanks to a revolutionary medical procedure developed by England's Night Watch Project, she was given the gift of sight. Her highly-developed senses (honed during her years in the dark), combined with her new found vision, have made her a remarkable investigator, sought after by law-enforcement agencies all over the country. But her newest case becomes de

  • Never a hero

    Owen Meade is desperately in need of a hero. Raised by a mother who made him ashamed of his stutter, his sexual orientation, and his congenitally amputated arm, Owen lives like a hermit in his Tucker Springs apartment. But then hunky veterinarian Nick Reynolds moves in downstairs. Nick is sexy and confident, and makes Owen comfortable with himself in a way nobody ever has. He also introduces Owen to his firecracker of a little sister, who was born with a similar congenital amputation but never l

  • The shock of night

    "In a troubled realm, city watchman Willet Dunham begins to investigate a mysterious murder, and after a powerful encounter with a dying priest, he leaves with few answers but a rare gift"--

  • Swarm

    As they celebrate the opening of their underground nightclub, the Zeroes, six teenagers with unique abilities, learn about the sinister power of Swarm, who uses a crowd's rage to kill--and who loves killing Zeroes.

  • With every breath

    "Eliza Cummings fought free of a monster who terrorized her when she was an innocent teenager and helped put him away for good. She took a job with Devereaux Security Services and devoted every hour to taking down the very thing she'd nearly become. No one, not even those closest to her, know her darkest, shameful secrets. But now the killer has been set free on a legal loophole and it's only a matter of time before he comes for her. Eliza's only choice is to run and lead the monster away from t

  • Hope in the land

    While the Great Depression shadows the country in gloom, can Amish and English neighbors in Lancaster County grasp the goodness that will sustain hope?

  • Dirty laundry

    Entomology grad student Adam Ellery meets Denver Rogers, a muscle-bound hunk of sexy, when Denver effortlessly dispatches the drunken frat boys harassing Adam at the Tucker Springs laundromat. Thanking him turns into flirting, and then, much to Adam's delight, hot sex over the laundry table. Though Denver's job as a bouncer at a gay bar means he gets his pick of geek-sexy college twinks, he can't get Adam out of his head. Adam seems to need the same rough play Denver does, and it's damn hard to

  • Second hand

    Paul Hannon moved to Tucker Springs for his girlfriend, but she's left him with a house he can't afford and a pantry full of useless gadgets. All Paul wants is to get back to normal, even if he's not sure what that is anymore. When he wanders into Tucker Pawn for a gift to win her back, he meets El Rozal, pawn shop owner and all-around cynic. El Rozal doesn't do relationships, especially not with clueless straight boys still pining for their ex. El may make his living dealing in castoffs, but th

  • Chase

    "This was no suicide," says Detective Michael Bennett. A man plunges to his death from the roof of a Manhatten hotel. It looks like a suicide--except the victim has someone else's fingerprints and $10,000 in cash. Enter Detective Michael Bennett.

  • Sex, Lies & Serious Money

    -- New York Times -- From the Hardcover edition.

  • Twilight at blueberry barrens

    "Kate Mason has always found solace in her family's blueberry barrens. But are they giving her a false sense of security? Kate has devoted herself to keeping her family's blueberry barrens thriving. But when blossom blight devastates her blueberry fields, she's forced to come up with alternative ways to replace that income. Fixing up the small cottage on her property as a rental seems an obvious choice, but it won't be enough. When Drake Carver drives by with his two nieces in tow, looking not o

  • Desperate

    Gage Dekker still blames himself for the car accident that claimed the lives of his first wife and young son. Then he meets Anna, who understands grief all too well. Within a year, Gage and Anna are married, his career is thriving, and both feel ready to become parents once more. After a heartbreaking miscarriage, they begin the long adoption process, until fate brings Lily into their lives. Young, pregnant, and homeless, Lily agrees to give her baby to Gage and Anna in exchange for financial su

  • Kill Alex Cross

    Detective Alex Cross is thwarted at every turn while he attempts to investigate the abduction of the president's son and daughter and also discovers a deadly contagion released in the capital's water supply that foreshadows a larger, more devastating attack.

  • Seven up

    Experience the bestselling phenomenon that is sweeping the nation! #1-New York Times. #1-Wall Street Journal. #1-Entertainment Weekly. #1-Publishers Weekly. #1-Booksense. #1- Los Angeles Times. BLOWN UP. All New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has to do is bring in semi-retired bail jumper Eddie DeChooch. For an old man he's still got a knack for slipping out of sight--and raising hell. How else can Stephanie explain the bullet-riddled corpse in Eddie's garden? Who else would have a clue as

  • The Elders

    Isla continues her search for her missing brother with Haiki, a friendly fox who helps her navigate the treacherous Wildlands, and together they seek out the Elders, from whom they hope to learn ancient art of foxcraft.

  • Without you, there is no us - my time with the sons of North Korea's elite

    A haunting memoir of teaching English to the sons of North Korea's ruling class during the last six months of Kim Jong-il's reign Every day, three times a day, the students march in two straight lines, singing praises to Kim Jong-il and North Korea: Without you, there is no motherland. Without you, there is no us. It is a chilling scene, but gradually Suki Kim, too, learns the tune and, without noticing, begins to hum it. It is 2011, and all universities in North Korea have been shut down for an

  • The highly sensitive person - how to thrive when the world overwhelms you

    Stating that hypersensitivity is an asset rather than a flaw, a guide for those who are highly subject to their surroundings offers coping methods while explaining how to benefit from sensitivity-related personality traits.

  • Highlander for the holidays

    After a brutal attack, Jessie Pringle moved to the small mountain town of Pine Creek, Maine, to start over. But she never expected to meet Ian MacKeage, who had seemingly stepped right out of the Scottish Highlands. As drawn to Ian as he is to her, Jessie finds it more and more difficult to deny her own desires. Then on one of her long walks through the wilderness, she meets a kindly hermit who sells her a walking stick-one imbued with a magic that may allow Jessie to finally be rid of the pain

  • Without You - a Memoir of Love, Loss, and the Musical Rent

    -- Rent. Anthony had a special feeling about Jonathan Larson's rock musical from his first audition, so he was thrilled when he landed a starring role as the filmmaker Mark Cohen. With his mom's cancer in remission and a reason to quit his newly acquired job at Starbucks, his life was looking up. When -- Without YouRent as well as the intimacies of his personal life behind the curtain.

  • The Mistletoe Murder And Other Stories

    -- From the Hardcover edition.

  • The pursuit

    Nick Fox, international con man and a fugitive on the FBI's most wanted list, has been kidnapped from a beach front retreat in Hawaii. But the kidnapper doesn't know that Nick has been secretly working for the FBI. Nick's partner, Special Agent Kate O'Hare, takes off in pursuit of the kidnappers. The trail leads to Belgium, France, and Italy, and pits Nick against a deadly adversary: Dragan Kovic, an ex-Serbian military officer, who is planning a crime that will net millions and cost thousands o

  • The liberty amendments

    "Mark Levin presents a proposal for new constitutional amendments to fix our broken country"--

  • The adventures of Super Diaper Baby - the first graphic novel by George Beard and Harold Hutchins.

    Irrepressible friends George and Harold create a new comic book superhero, Super Diaper Baby.

  • Merry Christmas, Alex Cross

    It's Christmas Eve and Detective Alex Cross is called away from his family to resolve a horrific hostage situation that is spiraling out of control.

  • Star wars - the Clone Wars

    The Jedi Knights lead the battle against a powerful droid army of separatists, while Anakin Skywalker mentors his first Padawan, a girl named Ahsoka, while learning the skills of a warrior and becoming a hero of the Clone Wars.

  • Bullseye

    Snow blankets the avenues of Manhattan's exclusive Upper West Side. The storm is the perfect cover for a fashionable, highly trained team of lethal assassins as they prowl the streets, hunting their prey. But their first hit is simply target practice. Their next mission may very well turn the Cold War red-hot once again. Stepping directly into the line of fire, the president of the United States is in New York for a summit at the United Nations with his Russian counterpart. Pulled away from his

  • Cryptography engineering - design principles and practical applications

  • A wizard of Mars

    Young wizards Kit Rodriguez and Nita Callahan manage to wangle their way onto an elite team sent to investigate the mysterious, long-sought "message in a bottle" that holds the first clues to the secrets of the ancient Martian race.

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New Adult Fiction Books

  • The thunder beneath us

    To the world, Best Lightburn is a talented writer rising up the masthead at international style magazine James, girlfriend of a gorgeous up-and-coming actor, and friend to New York City's fabulous. Then there's the other Best, the one who has chosen to recast herself as an only child rather than confront the truth. Ten years ago, on Christmas Eve, Best and her two older brothers took a shortcut over a frozen lake. When the ice cracked, all three went in. Only Best came out. People said she was l

  • Firefly summer

    Decades after a tragedy tore their family apart, four sisters reunite at their childhood vacation spot on Cape Cod, where they try to uncover the truth about the past to find their future as a family.

  • The secret ingredient of wishes

    Leaving her hometown after her secret wish-granting powers backfire one time too many, Rachel searches for a new start and happiness in the home of an elderly spitfire, Catch, who possesses the ability to bind secrets by baking them into pies.

  • One life - a novel

    "Esperanza is a young woman from the destitute Mexican hamlet of Puroaire. Trying to escape a life of poverty and abuse, her journey leads her to the United States, where she works on a cleanup crew after Hurricane Katrina. Her harrowing adventure is like that of millions of undocumented workers in the U.S. -- until she finds herself in a jail cell, accused of murdering her baby. When Richard visits Esperanza in jail, the boundaries of his closely circumscribed life explode. Set in the American

  • Adam's image

    Romance editor Susan McKenzie is missing only one thing in her well-plotted life, the perfect hero, but when she decides Dr. Adam Gallagher will fit perfectly, he doesn't seem to want to play the role.

  • Alaska - a novel

    Moving from Alaskan prehistory, to Russian exploration, to acquisition by the United States, to statehood, this richly detailed historical novel chronicles the high points of Alaska's history through the lives of fictional and historical characters.

  • Mad for the plaid

  • Story of love in solitude

  • Vegas girls - a novel

    "For Fans of Julia Glass and Ann Hood, a Novel about How the Choices We Make Last a Lifetime. Vegas Girls begins when three former high school friends, now in their mid-thirties, reunite in their hometown of Las Vegas-a city they vowed to escape as soon as they could-to celebrate their new lives and revisit old haunts. But what starts out as a week-long, sun-kissed reunion takes a strange turn as mysterious gifts appear, familiar faces pop up in unexpected places, and each woman reveals a secret

  • Stay With Me

  • The minotaur takes his own sweet time

    In The Minotaur Takes His Own Sweet Time, M has moved north, from a life of kitchens and trailer parks, to that of Civil War re-enactor at a run-down living history park in the dying blue-collar rustbelt of central Pennsylvania. Though he dies now, in uniform, on a regular basis, M's world, his daily struggles, remain unchanged. Isolation. Loneliness.

  • To love and to cherish

  • It - a novel

    They were seven teenagers when they first stumbled upon the horror. Now they were grown-up men and women who had gone out into the big world to gain success and happiness. But none of them could withstand the force that drew them back to Derry, Maine to face the nightmare without an end, and the evil without a name.

  • Mistletoe cottage

    Sophie DiRossi loved growing up in Harmony Harbor. After fleeing in disgrace many years ago, she is now left homeless by a fire and forced to move back to the small coastal town that harbors a million secrets, including her own. Looking into her daughter's eyes every day, she must keep this secret from the only man she has ever loved. Sophie's return to town is a shock for everyone, especially Liam Gallagher. In this special town at this special time of the year, Sophie and Liam can only hope fo

  • The German girl - a novel

    Stripped of her family's privileges by the Nazi party in 1939 Berlin, Hannah Rosenthal forges a pact that she will remain true to her best friend, Leo, before embarking on a refugee ship bound for Havana, where rumors of a deadly plot force her to make an impossible choice.

  • Mad for the plaid

    "Prince Nikolai Romanovin is furious when his grandmother is abducted on a visit to an old friend in the Scottish Highlands. Determined to avoid an international incident, Nik plans to quietly rescue his grandmother by slipping into enemy territory disguised as a groom. But his plans go awry when he falls under the cool gray gaze of the laird's daughter... and she instantly realizes he's not who he pretends to be. Lady Ailsa Mackenzie may be plain of looks, but she has more than her fair share

  • The tommyknockers

    On a beautiful June day, while walking deep in the woods on her property in Haven, Maine, Bobbi Anderson quite literally stumbles over her own destiny and that of the entire town. For the dull gray metal protrusion she discovers in the ground is part of a mysterious and massive metal object, one that may have been buried there for millennia. Bobbi can't help but become obsessed and try to dig it out ... the consequences of which will affect and transmute every citizen of Haven, young and old. It

  • A Convenient Christmas Wedding

  • Fish in exile

  • For the love of you / Unraveled / Seduced Before Sunrise

  • The surgeon - a Rizzoli & Isles novel

    A female heart surgeon, terrorized by a serial killer in Boston using the same MO as a killer who attacked her during her internship years in Savannah, works with a detective to solve the crime while trying to stay alive.

  • For the love of you

    Craig Lawson is the hottest filmmaker in Hollywooda man who has won every award and can have any woman he wants. Now he's ready to produce his masterpiece. But it means returning to his Louisiana roots and the real estate dynasty he walked away from almost a decade ago. In the French Quarter, he finds a historic house that is perfect for his project -- and the unconventional owner is a beauty of fascinating contradictions.

  • No other will do

    adapted from author website.

  • Sunrise Canyon

    Though hesitant to expose his daughter to the man war turned him into, Jake O'Reilly agrees to work on the ranch where his daughter is living. There he meets, Kira, his late wife's cousin, who runs a horse therapy program for troubled teens. Though Jake doesn't want any complications in his life, he finds himself drawn to the tough Kira and begins to feel his wounds finally start to heal.

  • Viking warrior rebel

    "Astrid Irisdotter is a Valkyrie, a fierce warrior fighting to protect humanity from the evil god Loki and his brutal minions. She's on an urgent mission for her queen when everything goes hideously sideways. Undercover agent Luke Holden arrives on the scene just in time to save her life--and put his own on the line. Luke may have saved her, but that doesn't mean Astrid can trust him. Tempers flare as they hide secret upon secret from each other, but Astrid's inner warrior knows what it wants..

  • Dracula vs. Hitler

    "Ravaged by the Nazi Secret Service during World War II, Romanian resistance forces turn to one of their leaders, Professor Van Helsing for any way out. To fight these monstrous forces, Van Helsing raises a legendary monster from centuries of slumber... Prince Dracula himself. Once he was the ruler of Transylvania. Prince Vlad Dracul, is, above all else, a patriot. He proves more than willing to once again drive out his country's invaders. Upshot: No one minds if he drinks all the German blood h

  • The Annie year - a novel

    "Tall, trusted Tandy Caide, CPA, is a long-time patron of the arts in her town, which is why you will find her sitting in the front row of the high school’s annual musical production. This year is an Annie year—and it would be no different than other years were it not for the high school’s hiring of a new vocational agriculture (Vo-Ag) teacher. With his beguiling ponytail and decorative beaded belt, Kenny catches Tandy’s eye immediately. Ignoring the fact of her slovenly husband—who takes most o

  • It must be Christmas

    A collection of three holiday romances includes Donna Alward's "Christmas at Seashell Cottage," in which local doctor Charlie Yang finds her quiet, steady life disrupted by an abandoned baby in a manger and an ex-SEAL.

  • Hawaii

    This epic novel traces the origins and history of the islands of Hawaii, from their volcanic birth, through the first arrivals of humans from Polynesia, followed by European sailors and missionaries, then Chinese and Japanese laborers, to the modern blending of cultures.

  • It must be Christmas

    Christmas at Seashell Cottage: Jewell Cove doctor Charlie Yang finds her quiet, steady life disrupted by both an abandoned baby in the nativity manger and ex-SEAL Dave Ricker.

  • The mother - a novel

    A mother copes with the death of her murdered teen after learning disturbing truths about the killer's dysfunctional family.

  • One year

    Tells the story of three generations of a prominent small-town Virginia family headed by matriarch Mary Bernadette, as the clan's women chafe against Mary Bernadette's influence, until a scandal arrives that tests their loyalty.

  • The regulators

  • The done thing

    "A well-intentioned birthday gift for Lida Stearl leads to the discovery that Clarence Lusk, on death row for the murder of Lida's sister and preparing for his final appeal, is seeking pen-pals. Lida does not think he is entitled to any such consolations, and decides to teach him a lesson: she begins to write him, pretending to be someone else. As she accumulates details of Clarence's life in prison and his connections outside it, her preoccupation with the crime and its echoes intensifies, unse

  • Safe from harm

    Deputy Gabe Dawson has had his eye on prosecuting attorney, Elle McCoy, for years but she is immune to his charm and good looks -- until Gabe is shot on the courthouse steps protecting Elle from a vengeful domestic extremist.

  • Soulmates - a novel

    They were soulmates since college, but it's been two years since the divorce. Dana has moved on at the law firm, she's never looked better, and she hardly thinks about her ex-husband. But when Ethan and his yoga-strumpet are found dead in a New Mexico cave, Dana discovers she hasn't fully let go of Ethan or the past. Was it a murder-suicide? How could the man she once loved so deeply be a killer? Sifting through the clues of his life, Dana discovers that their relationship wasn't what it appeare

  • A Baxter family Christmas - a novel

    "A Howard Book. Howard Books has a great book for every reader"--

  • Einstein's dreams

    A fictional work in which a twenty-six-year-old Albert Einstein, working in a patent office in Switzerland, imagines possible worlds in which time works differently as he formulates his theory of relativity.

  • Serious sweet

    Narrates twenty-four hours in the relationship of Jon Sigurdsson, a civil servant who is on the run after deciding to leak secrets of the corrupt government department he works in and Meg Williams, a failed accountant and recovering alcoholic.

  • Only you

    "Wedding planner Holly Greenwood, with her career on the line, loses her focus due to her hot neighbor, ex-Marine Kevin Vandemeer, who, with a broken-down old house, a meddling family and a pact with his buddies to swear off women, makes her feel things she has never felt before."--

  • Love story.

  • Illicit - A Novel of the Sazi

  • Between two fires

    "Saxon barbarians threaten to destroy medieval Wales. Lady Branwen becomes Wales' last hope to unite their divided kingdoms when her father betroths her to a powerful Welsh warlord, the Hammer King. But the fledgling alliance is fraught with enemies fromwithin and without as Branwen becomes the target of assassination attempts and courtly intrigue. A young woman in a world of fierce warriors, she seeks to assert her own authority and preserve Wales against the barbarians. But when she falls for

  • Silent prey

    A brilliant but insane pathologist flees to New York to continue his research on death, and the police call on Lucas Davenport, who merges his investigative talents with an old flame to put an end to the madness.

  • Little Dorrit

    Against a background of government incompetence and financial scandal, Arthur Clennam searches for the key to the affairs of the Dorrit family, prisoners for debt in the Marshalsea. Mixing humour and pathos, irony and satire, Little Dorrit reveals a master of fiction in top form. This new edition includes all of Phiz's original illustrations.

  • The sleeping world

    "A deeply moving debut novel set amidst the protests, punk music, and rebellious art of 1970s Spain, about a university student searching for her missing younger brother, willing to do anything--and sacrifice anyone--to find him. Spain, 1977. Military rule is over. Bootleg punk music oozes out of illegal basement bars and fascists fight anarchists for political control. Students perform protest art in the city center, rioting against the old government, the undecided new order, against the univ

  • Where two hearts meet - a novel

    "In her kitchen at the Red Door Inn, executive chef Caden Holt is calm, collected, and competent. But when her boss asks her to show off their beautiful island to impress a visiting travel writer and save the inn, Caden is forced to face a world much bigger than her kitchen--and a man who makes her wish she was beautiful"

  • Blackout

    The master of the airplane thriller and bestselling author of "Pandora's Clock" is back in his most harrowing adventure ever. After a Boeing 747-400 is rocked by an explosion which kills one of the pilots, FBI agent Kat Bronsky suspects that a deadly new weapon has been deployed.

  • Wild Man's Curse

  • An act of frustration

    "Charlie Simpson was a simple man. But in 2016 - frustrated by the ongoing inability of Congress to pass significant legislation - he made a decicion that eventually swept the nation, a movement fueled by murder. U. S. representatives and senators had failed for years to accept the depth of voter exasperation, until it was too late. Sadly, Charlie paid a heavy personal price." -- back cover.

New Nonfiction Books

New Adult Nonfiction Books

  • [The best of] Dear Coquette - shady advice from a raging bitch who has no business answering any of these questions.

  • With and Without Her- A Memoir of Being and Losing a Twin

  • The chaos of empire - the British Raj and the conquest of India

    "Through the stories of administrators, soldiers and subjects, describes how the East India Company went from a trading company to a quasi-imperial government with over a quarter of a million troops, whose high tax on tea helped spark the American Revolution,"--NoveList.

  • Post traumatic slave syndrome - America's legacy of enduring injury and healing

  • South America on a shoestring

    Lonely Planet South America on a Shoestring is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to skip, what hidden discoveries await you, and how to optimize your budget for an extended continental trip. Drift between river towns in the Amazon, shake it in Rio de Janeiro or hustle for traditional crafts in Ecuador all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of South America and begin your journey now!

  • Cook's science - how to unlock flavor in 50 of our favorite ingredients

  • Gauguin

    Examines the French painter's life, discussing his ongoing influence in the art world and his great works.

  • Cockroaches

    "Imagine being born into a world where everything about you--the shape of your nose, the look of your hair, the place of your birth--designates you as an undesirable, an inferior, a menace, no better than a cockroach, something to be driven away and ultimately exterminated. Imagine being thousands of miles away while your family and friends are brutally and methodically slaughtered. Imagine being entrusted by your parents with the mission of leaving everything you know and finding some way to su

  • Enlightenment now - liberation is your true nature

    "A guide to uncovering the enlightenment already within us"--

  • The nightingale's song

    The author weaves together the lives of Annapolis graduates John McCain, James Webb, Oliver North, Robert McFarlane, and Jon Poindexter to reveal how the Vietnam War continues to haunt America. Casting all five men as metaphors for a legion of well-meaning if ill-starred warriors, he probes the fault line between those who fought the war and those who used money, wit, and connections to avoid battle.

  • End Everyday Pain for 50+ - A 10-Minute-a-Day Program of Stretching, Strengthening and Movement to Break the Grip of Pain

  • Walk through walls - a memoir

    adapted from book jacket.

  • Soccer under the Swastika - stories of survival and resistance during the Holocaust

  • Misunderstood - why the humble rat may be your best pet ever

    Shares the author's experiences with her pet rat Iris, offering anecdotes of her antics and other rat owners and discussing how to care for rats, health concerns, life spans, and eating habits.

  • The territories of science and religion

    The conflict between science and religion seems indelible, even eternal. Surely two such divergent views of the universe have always been in fierce opposition? Actually, that's not the case, says Peter Harrison: our very concepts of science and religion are relatively recent, emerging only in the past three hundred years, and it is those very categories, rather than their underlying concepts, that constrain our understanding of how the formal study of nature relates to the religious life. --Publ

  • Folk art quilted traditions

  • Frida Kahlo at home.

  • Monster manual.

    The Monster Manual presents a horde of Dungeons & Dragons creatures, including dragons, giants, mind flayers, and beholders -- a monstrous feast for Dungeon Masters ready to challenge their players and populate their adventures. The monsters contained herein are culled from the D&D game's history, with game statistics and stories. This book details all manner of creatures that characters might encounter over the course of their adventures.

  • Difficult conversations just for women - kill the anxiety, get what you want

  • The no-cry sleep solution for newborns - amazing sleep from day one - for baby and you

  • Being a girl

  • Ocean to plate - cooking fish with Hawaiʻi's Kusuma Cooray

    "A native of Sri Lanka and one of Hawai`i's most celebrated chefs, Kusuma Cooray is known for innovative recipes that blend exotic herbs and spices with traditional and local ingredients to create exceptionally delicious dishes that tempt both the palate and the eye. In Ocean to Plate: Cooking Fish with Hawai`i's Kusuma Cooray, Chef Cooray draws on her years as a chef and culinary instructor to introduce novice and experienced cooks to her flavorful methods of fish preparation. Even skilled cook

  • Moon Palm Springs and Joshua Tree

    Moon Joshua Tree & Palm Springs has something for every traveler. From the relaxing resort town of Palm Springs to the rugged and pristine desert of Joshua Tree National Park, Moon Joshua Tree & Palm Springs is your go-to guide for getting to most out of your trip. Climb the twisted rocks of Joshua Tree and camp out far from any light pollution for unparalleled stargazing opportunities, or explore the Old Hollywood style and modern amenities of Palm Springs, from spas and art galleries to world

  • Demand the Impossible! - A Radical Manifesto

  • The Moon Juice cookbook - cook cosmically for body, beauty, and consciousness / Ananda Chantal Bacon ; photographs by John Von Pamer.

  • Gluten-free small bites - sweet and savory hand-held treats for on-the-go lifestyles and entertaining

    "Small bites aren't just for fancy parties with twee hors d'oeuvres (and no small children in sight). Gluten-free guru Nicole Hunn shares recipes for portable foods fitting every imaginable occasion-mini quiche for your book club, crispy coconut shrimp for the office potluck, and handheld chicken pot pies the kids can devour on-the-go. Complete with bite-size sweets-mini eclairs, little apple pies-that no one can resist, Gluten-Free Small Bites has a recipe for every occasion-spicy or sweet, veg

  • African masks - the Barbier-Mueller collection

    African Masks surveys 248 of the finest examples of masks from the Barbier-Mueller Collection, of which 100 are reproduced in stunning color illustrations. Leading scholars on African art describe the masks' historical and religious functions, and their symbolic significance.

  • Bob Dylan for guitar tab - nineteen Bob Dylan songs transcribed in standard notation and guitar tab

  • Turner - the extraordinary life and momentous times of J.M.W. Turner

  • Relationship

  • Speaking American - how y'all, youse, and you guys talk - a visual guide

    "From the creator of the New York Times dialect quiz that ignited conversations about how and why we say the words we say, a stunning and delightful exploration of American language,"

  • The eat fat, get thin cookbook - more than 150 delicious recipes for sustained weight loss and vibrant health

  • Core Data in Swift - data storage and management for iOS and OS X

  • The River Cottage curing & smoking handbook

    "A thoroughly practical guide to curing and smoking meat, fish, cheese, and vegetables at home. River Cottage, a long-standing pioneer for high-quality sustainable food, is all about knowing the whole story behind what's put on the table. In true River Cottage form, this accessible, compact guide is bursting with essential information for sourcing, butchering, smoking, and curing the whole hog, cow, chicken, fish, and vegetable. Steven Lamb, a respected charcuterie authority, breaks down the tr

  • @NatGeo - the most popular Instagram photos

  • Anti-inflammatory eating for a happy, healthy brain - 75 recipes for alleviating depression, anxiety, and memory loss

    "Research is showing the connection of inflammation markers in the blood of people with anxiety and depression--there really exists a food-mood connection. Reduce that inflammation, tone up the biome of the gut, and the result is a healthy mind. Nutritionist Michelle Babb has been helping clients with this plan and has seen dramatic results. In this book, Babb first explains the science behind this eating plan, then delivers 75 tasty recipes that range from simple to easy-gourmet that will satis

  • Science and the city - the mechanics behind the metropolis

  • The final season - the perseverance of Pat Summitt

  • The best of Bob Dylan chord songbook.

  • Homestead kitchen - from our hearth to yours

    "The first cookbook from homesteaders and co-stars of Discovery's Alaska: The Last Frontier Eve and Eivin Kilcher features appealing recipes for anyone looking to live more sustainably, healthfully, and independently, regardless of where and what they call home"--

  • Cooking for Jeffrey

    "Ina's most personal cookbook yet, Cooking for Jeffrey is filled with the recipes Jeffrey and their friends request most often as well as charming stories from Ina and Jeffrey|s many years together. There are traditional dishes that she|s updated, such as Brisket with Onions and Leeks, and Tsimmes, a vegetable stew with carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and prunes, and new favorites, like Skillet-Roasted Lemon Chicken and Roasted Salmon Tacos. You|ll also find wonderful new salads, incl

  • The global war on Christians - dispatches from the front lines of anti-Christian persecution

    Considers the plight of Christians outside the West who face opposition from fundamentalist, radical, and state-imposed atheist majorities, and assesses what can be done to stop their persecution.

  • What good cooks know - 20 years of Test Kitchen expertise in one essential handbook

    "After more than 20 years of obsessive research and testing, America's Test Kitchen has literally written the book on how to master your kitchen. Logically organized and packed with step photography, this will be the ultimate one-stop resource for both shopping and cooking,"

  • Pussy - a reclamation

    "Regena Thomashauer, creatrix of Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts, has spent 20 years helping women unlearn the lessons our culture teaches--that a "successful" life means achieving, accomplishing, and taking care of others--and showing them how to connect deeply with their own source of feminine power. It hasn't escaped her notice that the word that most viscerally sums up that power is "arguably the most powerful pejorative word in the English language." In this book, she steps forward to re

  • Children's writer's & illustrator's market, 2017

    If you write or illustrate for young readers with the hope of getting published, Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market 2017 is the trusted resource you need. Now in its 29th edition, CWIM is the definitive publishing guide for anyone who seeks to write or illustrate for kids and young adults. Inside you'll find more than 500 listings for children's books markets (publishers, literary agents, magazines, contests, and more), including a point of contact, how to properly submit your work, and

  • Birds, bees, & butterflies - bringing nature into your yard & garden

    "Generously illustrated and full of practical information, this approachable reference covers the wide world of birds, butterflies, and pollinating insects, including honeybees, and how to bring them into a yard and garden. For the new homeowner choosing shrubs and flowers for landscaping or the retired couple with bird feeders out the picture window, this thorough text combines tips and advice with solid science. Rich, colorful photographs illustrate every page. What types of bird feed attract

  • The math book - from Pythagoras to the 57th dimension, 250 milestones in the history of mathematics

    This book covers 250 milestones in mathematical history, beginning millions of years ago with ancient "ant odometers" and moving through time to our modern-day quest for new dimensions.

  • Buffering - unshared tales of a life fully loaded

    adapted from book jacket.

  • The distracted mind - ancient brains in a high-tech world

  • Black Elk - the life of an American visionary

    "Describes the life of the Native American holy man who fought at Little Big Horn, witnessed the death of his cousin Crazy Horse, traveled to Europe as part of Buffalo BillÆs Wild West show and became a traditionalist in the Ghost Dance movement,"--NoveList.

New Young Adult Books & Graphic Novels

New Graphic Novels

  • Ajin - demi-human. Volume 8

    "There's a snag: Sato isn't biting. The terrorist mastermind's reason for abstaining from violence is almost as psychopathic as his earlier sprees. Luckily, coldblooded hero Kei knows what makes his adversary tick." -- cover

  • Kiss him, not me! 7

    It's me, Kae! After resolving my differences with Shima-Chan, the gang is all together again for a special trip to visit the shrine of a beloved anime character... I mean, a historical figure! Things get steamy at a hot springs inn - communal baths, pillow fights - seeing these gorgeous guys together is just too much..."

  • Parasyte

    Alien parasites are invading human hosts and assuming any form they choose, with most choosing to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces, but one high school student, Shin, knows their secret since he is battling for control of his own body.

  • Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy

    Best friends Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy work to keep their forest home safe by battling aliens, a mutant bearfish, a cyborg porcupine, and a mechanical squirrel.

  • Poptropica. 2, The lost expedition

    Unable to read their map, Oliver, Maya, and Jorge soon find themselves lost in Poptropica with Octavian hot on their trail.

  • Dragons. Riders of Berk - Volume 4, The stowaway

    The Dragon Training Academy gets a new student--a handsome, brave young man named Hroar. And as Hroar becomes more and more popular by impressing Hiccup's friends (especially Astrid), Hiccup grows increasingly suspicious of him.

  • The Mutts Winter diaries

    Mutts highlights the adventures of Earl the dog and Mooch the cat, best buddies who regularly come in contact with Shtinky Puddin', Sourpuss, Guard Dog, and Crabby--as well as an assortment of whimsically rendered humans. This cast is capable of endless antics, interspersed with thoughtful views on both the animal and human condition. And whether they're raiding garbage cans or basking in full-frontal belly rubs, Mooch and Earl always have a comment to clinch the scene.

  • Justice League. Darkseid War Volume 8, Darkseid war. Part 2

    In the midst of the Lord of Apokolips being slain at the hands of the Anti-Monitor, the Justice League has inherited the power of the Gods, turning them into omnipotent deities, but even when equipped with such power, they still need help in defeating their most powerful foe to date.

  • Spider-man. Ultimate Spider-Man. Ultimate collection, Book 5

    Five of Spider-Man's deadliest foes have banded together as an unstoppable force of evil! Will the combined forces of Spider-Man and the Ultimates be enough to stop these criminal masterminds before their reign of terror spreads across the world? And who will be named as the final member of the Sinister Six? Plus: A major movie studio is making a summer blockbuster about Spider-Man, and the Ultimate Wall-Crawler swings by the set to give the producers a piece of his mind. But someone else is eve

  • Bloody Mary. Volume 3

    "Maria's father, Yusei, was killed by vampires- and it was Maria's own fault. Haunted by guilt, he sealed away the memory. That is, until he remembers the face of the murderous vampire... and it looks just like Mary's! On a mission for answers, Maria comes to the kidnapped Mary's rescue, but he finds some else within Mary..."- cover

  • Claws and effect

    When Dominique, Eric, Josephine, and Ajay return to the Smithsonian they see that modern animals are extinct and dinosaurs have been brought back to life, so they time travel to the 1876 Philadelphia Exhibition to stop this wicked plot.

  • Dragons. Riders of Berk - Volume 3, The ice castle

    Set in the town of Berk, the comic relates the adventures of young Hiccup and his faithful dragon Toothless.

  • The fun family

  • Mooncop

    As the population of the lunar colony gradually dwindles, the mooncop continues to make his rounds on an increasingly desolate beat.

  • The colorful story of comics

    An introduction to the history of comics, graphic novels, and manga cites the roles of cave drawings, Benjamin Franklin's newspaper cartoons, and other influences.

  • The adventures of Super Diaper Baby - the first graphic novel by George Beard and Harold Hutchins.

    Irrepressible friends George and Harold create a new comic book superhero, Super Diaper Baby.

  • Akame ga kill! Vol. 8

  • Epic Big Nate

  • The devil is a part-timer! High school! 5

  • Fairy tail. Blue mistral, 3

    When Fairy Tail gets word of a dragon kidnapping young omen in the town of AIya, Wendy doesn't hesitate to investigate...disguised as a boy! However, she doesn't get far before Carla suddenly starts acting strange and runs away. To find the missing girls and save Carla, Wendy will have to go on a dangerous adventure full of magic and intrigue. Will she be able to get to the bottom of this eerie turn of events all on her own?"

  • Avatar, the last airbender - north and south. Part one

    A series of suprising new changes greet siblings Katara and Sokka as a Northern Water Tribe member pushes for a more unified North and South.

  • Dragons. Riders of Berk - Volume 5, The legend of Ragnarok

  • Fantasy sports. No. 2, The bandit of Barbel Bay

    Wiz and Mug are back in action, and the action this time goes by the name of BEACH VOLLEYBALL Wiz and Mug's adventures continue when a misunderstood teleportation spell accidentally drops them off in a ruined beach town. When the town's amphibious inhabitants confront Wiz and Mug with the revelation that the United Order of Mages may not be exactly what it seems, a new tournament begins In this sequel to the 2015 best-selling graphic novel.

  • Bloody Mary. Volume 1, [A vampire who wants to die]

    "'Bloody' Mary is not your typical vampire. He can withstand sunlight, holds a reflection in mirrors, refuses to drink blood--and wants 17-year-old student and priest Maria to kill him. But to Mary's dismay, Maria doesn't know how to kill vampires. Desperate to die, Mary agrees to become Maria's bodyguard until Maria can find a way to kill him at last."--From back cover.

  • Sin titulo

    When Alex Mackay finds a photograph of his dead grandfather with an alluring, mysterious young woman, Alex's begins an investigation into the old man's apparent double life that leads him into a strange and dangerous world.

  • The secret loves of geek girls

    "The Secret Loves of Geek Girls is a non-fiction anthology mixing prose, comics, and illustrated stories on the lives and loves of an amazing cast of female creators. Featuring work by Margaret Atwood (The Heart Goes Last), Mariko Tamaki (This One Summer), Trina Robbins (Wonder Woman), Marguerite Bennett (Marvel's A-Force), Noelle Stevenson (Nimona), Marjorie Liu (Monstress), Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), and over fifty more creators. It's a compilation of tales told from both sides of the tables

  • The devil is a part-timer! 7

    "It's tough being evil when you have to pay the rent! This comical tale of a demon-lord-turned-fry-slinger follows the daily travails of (former) Devil King Sadao Maou and his general Shiro Ashiya as they navigate the complexities of life in modern-day Tokyo. Having suffered utter defeat at the hands of a plucky hero, they've been banished to earth and stripped of magical power. And if that wasn't enough, that pesky hero is still hell bent on finishing the job. Artist Akio Hiiragi brings Satoshi

  • The graveyard book

    Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bod, is a normal boy. He would be completely normal if he didn't live in a sprawling graveyard, being raised and educated by ghosts, with a solitary guardian who belongs to neither the world of the living nor of the dead. There are dangers and adventures in the graveyard for a boy. But if Bod leaves the graveyard, then he will come under attack from the man Jack -- who has already killed Bod's family.

  • Parasyte

    Alien parasites are invading human hosts and assuming any form they choose, with most choosing to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces, but one high school student, Shin, knows their secret since he is battling for control of his own body.

  • Fairy tail. Ice trail, 2

    "Gray Fullbuster's master Ur was his only family left in the world. When she sacrificed herself to encase the demon Deliora in ice, he was left to wander the world alone...and eventually, years later, joined Fairy Tail. But before that, Gray had to undergo a journey of self-discovery and redemption, with a lot of adventures along the way!"--Amazon.

  • Star Wars - Legends. Epic collection- Legacy, Vol. 1

    Head far into the future of long ago, in a series that explores the state of the galaxy more than 100 years after Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. A new evil has arisen, shattering a resurgent Empire and seeking to put an end to the Jedi once and for all. The Sith Lord Darth Krayt sits on the throne. Only one hope remains - the last remaining heir to the Skywalker legacy. Cade may be strong in the Force but, years after a tragedy, he is a bounty hunter, working with Jariah Syn and Delia

  • Narwhal - unicorn of the sea, 1.

    A happy-go-lucky, waffle-loving narwhal and a cynical, no-nonsense jellyfish forge an unlikely friendship and share adventures while exploring the ocean together.

  • Supergirl. Book one

    "In this bold reimagining of the Girl of Steel, Lex Luthor's familiar synthetic creation "Matrix"--who mimics Superman's powers in a miniskirt--merges with human girl Linda Danvers to create a new Supergirl. These establishing issues develop their dynamic and set the stage for the compelling series while welcoming pivotal appearances by Superman, Gorilla Grodd and Ma and Pa Kent. Written by the legendary Peter David and illustrated by the artist behind the #1 New York Times bestselling graphic n

  • Noragami - stray god. Volume 17

  • Dragons. Riders of Berk - [Collection] 3, Myths and mysteries

    All-new comic strip adventures starring Hiccup, Toothless and their Dragon Academy friends. Two exciting tales from the world of Dragons: Riders of Berk - The Legend of Ragnarok and Underworld.

  • Parasyte

    Alien parasites are invading human hosts and assuming any form they choose, with most choosing to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces, but one high school student, Shin, knows their secret since he is battling for control of his own body.

  • Tetris - the games people play

    "It is, perhaps, the perfect video game. Simple yet addictive, Tetris delivers an irresistible, unending puzzle that has players hooked. Play it long enough and you'll see those brightly colored geometric shapes everywhere. You'll see them in your dreams. Alexey Pajitnov had big ideas about games. In 1984, he created Tetris in his spare time while developing software for the Soviet government. Once Tetris emerged from behind the Iron Curtain, it was an instant hit. Nintendo, Atari, Sega--game de

  • Parasyte

    Alien parasites are invading human hosts and assuming any form they choose, with most choosing to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces, but one high school student, Shin, knows their secret since he is battling for control of his own body.

  • Dragons. Riders of Berk - Volume 2, Dangers of the deep

    When Stoick and all the grown-ups head off on a mission, Hiccup is left in charge! Sounds like fun? It is-- until an old enemy decides to attack Berk. Meanwhile, in the spooky Veil of Mists, Stoick and co face something very scary!" -- page [4] of cover.

  • Kill six billion demons. Book one

    Post-grad Allison Ruth has a problem. More specifically, her boyfriend has been kidnapped by dimension-hopping knights, a dying warrior has imbued her with a great and ancient power and she herself has been whisked away to Throne, the city at the center of all worlds. Stranded in a bizarre land of nightmarish creatures, slang-talking devils, and king-fu angels, Allison must undertake an epic quest to save her boyfriend from the clutches of the seven evil god-kings that rule the multiverse.

  • Tommysaurus rex

    Presents the adventures of Ely and a forty-foot Tyrannosaurus rex who he found trapped in a cave behind his grandfather's house.

  • I am a hero Omnibus 2

  • Dragons. Riders of Berk - Volume 1, Dragon down

    When Hookfang the dragon's shedding causes fires, he becomes upset and runs away, leaving it up to the Riders of Berk to find him before Alvin the Treacherous does.

  • Space Battle Lunchtime. Volume one, Lights, camera, snacktion!

    "Space Battle Lunchtime is a hit show broadcast all over the universe, and the new season is about to start! When one of the competing chefs drops out at the last minute, an aspiring baker from Earth, Peony, is offered the chance to compete for fame, glory, and a 20,000 Solarbuck prize. All she has to do is impress the alien judges and beat the other five chefs (also aliens): mysterious Neptunia, sneaky Melonhead, intimidating Jacques, fierce Owline, and Rugged Meatabax. Surrounded by sabotaging

  • Dragons. Riders of Berk - Volume 6, Underworld

  • Horimiya - Hori-san and Miyamura-kun. 05

  • Parasyte

    Alien parasites are invading human hosts and assuming any form they choose, with most choosing to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces, but one high school student, Shin, knows their secret since he is battling for control of his own body.

  • Yona of the dawn. 2

    "While on the run, Yona and Hak head to Hak's hometown, where she attempts to heal her brokent heart. However, she can't rest there for long once she discovers that Su-won may soon become king! What will Yona choose to do in the wake of this news?"--

  • Teen Titans go! [2004 series]- Volume 3, Bring it on

    "These teens are taking off the training wheels and are ready for action! With no adult supervision they can eat all of the pizza they want and still save the day. But who knew saving the world meant babysitting an adult, cleaning up goo, pop quizzes, meditation classes and new theme songs? The best part? PIZZA and knock-knock jokes! The action continues in this hit comic TEEN TITANS GO!: BRING IT ON. Collects issues #13-18 of their first comic book appearances"--

  • Pearls blows up - a pearls before swine treasury

    Follows the escapades of self-centered Rat and kindly (but dumb) Pig and their pals, with commentary from the author.

New Large Print Books & Foreign Language Materials

New Large Print Books

  • The Amish Bride of Ice Mountain

  • The perfectly proper paranormal museum

    A Perfectly Proper Murder When Maddie Kosloski&#x;s career flatlines, she retreats to her wine country hometown for solace and cheap rent. Railroaded into managing the local paranormal museum, she&#x;s certain the rumors of its haunting are greatly exaggerated. But then a fresh corpse in the museum embroils Maddie in murders past and present, making her wonder if a ghost could really be on the loose. With her high school bully as one of the detectives in charge of the investigation, Maddie doubt

  • For cheddar of worse

    In the new Cheese Shop Mystery from the Agatha Award-winning author of "As Gouda as Dead," an extra-sharp tongued cheese critic is cut down during a summer cheese festival. It s time for the annual Cheese Festival in Providence, Ohio, and Charlotte Bessette s cheese shop is packed with homemade specialties. Meanwhile, her friend Erin is prepping her dairy farm and inn for cheese makers, marketers, journalists, and one surprise guest Lara Berry, pretentious cheese whiz, pompous bestselling author

  • Sent to the devil

    "In 1788 Vienna, Court Poet Lorenzo Da Ponte is putting some finishing touches on the libretto for the premiere of his new opera with Mozart, Don Giovanni. A huge success when it debuted in Prague, the Emperor has decreed that it shall be performed in Vienna. But Joseph II is off prosecuting a less-than-popular war against the Turks, and the city itself is in a bit of turmoil. There are voices protesting the war, others who see Turks around every corner. Da Ponte, however, just wants to do his w

  • The selfless act

    Businessman Joel Byler who has gotten himself into a financial bind and his eccentric, wealthy Amish father who is done bailing out his spoiled son. When will Joel learn he most pay for his own mistakes -- and at what cost to his business, his fiance´e, and his Amish siblings?

  • Siracusa

    An electrifying novel about marriage and deceit from bestselling author Delia Ephron that follows two couples on vacation in Siracusa, a town on the coast of Sicily, where the secrets they have hidden from one another are exposed and relationships are unraveled. New Yorkers Michael, a famous writer, and Lizzie, a journalist, travel to Italy with their friends from Maine Finn; his wife, Taylor; and their daughter, Snow. From the beginning, says Taylor, it was a conspiracy for Lizzie and Finn to b

  • The little red chairs

    "Moving from Ireland to London and then to The Hague, the story of one woman's struggle to reclaim a life shattered by betrayal"--

  • Cruel beautiful world

    Caroline Leavitt is at her mesmerizing best in this haunting, nuanced portrait of love, sisters, and the impossible legacy of family. It s 1969, and sixteen-year-old Lucy is about to run away to live off the grid in rural Pennsylvania, a rash act that will have vicious repercussions for both her and her older sister, Charlotte. As Lucy s default caretaker for most of their lives, Charlotte s youth has been marked by the burden of responsibility, but never more so than when Lucy s dream of a rura

  • Sweet surprises

    "In Benevolence, Washington, the Lamont family's delectable handmade chocolates are a precious tradition--and always a reason to return home. And for the most rebellious of the three Lamont sisters, they provide a chance to create a tempting new future, complete with delicious happiness...Neighbors always ready to help, a laid-back pace--former model Brenna Lamont needs everything that once made her leave her hometown. To help her pregnant sister Addie, Brenna is back to run the family store, Ch

  • Blind sight

    The extraordinary new Mallory novel from one of the most acclaimed crime writers in America. A blind child and a Catholic nun disappear from a city sidewalk in plain sight of onlookers. There, then gone vanished in seconds. Those who witnessed the event still cannot believe it happened. It was all too real. Detective Kathy Mallory and the NYPD s Special Crimes Unit enter the investigation when the nun s body is found with three other corpses in varying stages of decomposition left on the lawn of

  • Another one goes tonight - a Peter Diamond investigation

    Edgar-finalist Lovesey's superior 16th whodunit featuring Det. Supt. Peter Diamond (after 2015's Down Among the Dead Men) offers fair play fans a delightfully clever puzzle that toys with their expectations. Diamond, the irascible head of Bath's CID, isn't pleased when his boss, Georgina Dallymore, pulls him from his regular duties to look into the circumstances of a police car crash that killed the driver, Police Constable Aaron Green, and badly injured his passenger, Sgt. Lew Morgan. Georgina

  • Nine women, one dress

  • No way up

    New Western Romance Series from Bestselling Author Mary Connealy When Cimarron ranch patriarch Chance Boden is caught in an avalanche, the quick actions of hired hand Heath Kincaid save him. Badly injured, Chance demands that his will be read and its conditions be enforced immediately. Without anyone else to serve as a witness, Heath is pressed into reading the will. If Justin, Sadie, and Cole Boden don't live and work at home for the entire year, the ranch will go to their low-down cousin Mike.

  • Rogue heroes - the history of the SAS, Britain's secret special forces unit that sabotaged the Nazis and changed the nature of the war

    Britain's Special Air Service--or SAS--was the brainchild of David Stirling, a young, gadabout aristocrat with a remarkable strategic mind. Where his colleagues looked at a map of World War II's African theater and saw a protracted struggle with Rommel's desert forces, Stirling saw an opportunity: given a small number of elite, well-trained men, he could parachute behind Nazi lines and sabotage their airplanes and supplies. Paired with his constitutional opposite, the disciplined martinet Jock L

  • Indestructible - one man's rescue mission that changed the course of WWII

  • An Irish country love story

    "For decades, ever since the war, Number One Main Street, Ballybucklebo, has housed O'Reilly and his practice ... It is to Number One that patients young and old come when they need a doctor's care, for everything from the measles to a rare and baffling blood disease. An unexpected turn of events threatens to drive O'Reilly from his home for good, unless the entire village can rally behind their doctor and prove that love really can conquer all"--

  • The French chef in America - Julia Child's second act

    "Julia Child is synonymous with French cooking, but her legacy runs much deeper. Now, her great-nephew and My Life in France coauthor vividly recounts the myriad ways in which she profoundly shaped how we eat today. He shows us Child in the aftermath of the publication of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, suddenly finding herself America's first lady of French food and under considerable pressure to embrace her new mantle. We see her dealing with difficult colleagues and the challenges of fam

  • The trespasser - a novel

    "Being on the Murder Squad is nothing like Detective Antoinette Conway dreamed it would be. Her partner, Stephen Moran, is the only person who seems glad she's there. The rest of her working life is a stream of thankless cases, vicious pranks, and harassment. Antoinette is savagely tough, but she's getting close to the breaking point. Their new case looks like yet another by-the-numbers lovers' quarrel gone bad. Aislinn Murray is blond, pretty, groomed to a shine, and dead in her catalog-perfect

  • Pilgrimage - My Search for the Real Pope Francis

  • The case of the missing Morris dancer - A WISE Enquiries Agency mystery

    "The Anwen Morris Dancers are to play a pivotal role in the imminent nuptials of Henry, eighteenth Duke of Chellingworth. But it looks as though the wedding plans might go awry unless Mavis, Annie, Carol and Christine can help Althea, the Dowager Duchess, by finding a missing Morris man and a set of ancient and valuable artefacts in time for her son's wedding. Anwen-by-Wye might look like an idyllic Welsh village where family values reign and traditions still mean something in a modern world, bu

  • Practice Of The Presence of God

  • Books of a feather - a bibliophile mystery

    "From the New York Times bestselling author of Ripped from the Pages ... San Francisco book-restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright's latest project is for the birds, but it may have her running for her life. Brooklyn's friend Ian runs the Covington Library, which is hosting an exhibit featuring John James Audubon's massive masterpiece, Birds of America, currently on loan from an Arab sheik. During the gala celebrating the book, she is approached by Jared Mulrooney, the president of the National

  • The whistler - a novel

    Lacy Stoltz is an investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct. She is a lawyer, not a cop, and it is her job to respond to complaints dealing with judicial misconduct. After nine years with the Board, she knows that most problems are caused by incompetence, not corruption. But a corruption case eventually crosses her desk. A previously disbarred lawyer is back in business with a new identity. He now goes by the name Greg Myers, and he claims to know of a Florida judge who has stolen m

  • Wintering

    A highly acclaimed novelist now gives us a true epic: a love story that spans sixty years, generations worth of feuds, and secrets withheld and revealed. The two principal stories at play in "Wintering "are bound together when the elderly, demented Harry Eide escapes his sickbed and vanishes into the forbidding, northernmost wilderness that surrounds the town of Gunflint, Minnesota instantly changing the Eide family, and many other lives, forever. He d done this once before, more than thirty yea

  • I will send rain

    "Annie Bell can't escape the dust. It's in her hair, covering the windowsills, coating the animals in the barn, in the corners of her children's dry, cracked lips. It's 1934 and the Bell farm in Mulehead, Oklahoma is struggling as the earliest storms of The Dust Bowl descend. All around them the wheat harvests are drying out and people are packing up their belongings as storms lay waste to the Great Plains. As the Bells wait for the rains to come, Annie and each member of her family are pulledin

  • Irena's children - the extraordinary story of the woman who saved 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto

    The "extraordinary and gripping account of Irena Sendler--the "female Oskar Schindler"--who took staggering risks to save 2,500 children from death and deportation in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II"--Dust jacket.

  • Tumbledown Manor

    "The windows rattle. The roof leaks. Every surface cries out to be stripped, painted, or polished. But for writer Lisa Trumperton, the dilapidated manor house that once belonged to her great-grandfather is far more than the sum of its battered parts. It's the chance for a new start on her own terms. The fact that it's in the Melbourne countryside of her Australian homeland, far from the deceitful ex-husband she just left behind in New York...well, that's a bonus. Lisa sets to work refurbishing T

  • Think better, live better - a victorious life begins in your mind

    Think Better, Live Better offers a simple yet life-changing strategy for erasing the thoughts that keep you down and reprogramming your mind with positive thinking to reach a new level of victory. When you train yourself to tune out the negativity and tune into your calling, you'll begin to live the wonderful plans God has made for you.

  • Twenty-six seconds - a personal history of the Zapruder film

    The family story behind Abraham Zapruder's film footage of the Kennedy assassination and its lasting impact, told by Zapruder's granddaughter, draws on personal records and previously sealed archive sources to trace the film's role in the media, courts, government, and arts community.

  • Dark road home - a Gin Sullivan mystery

    "Twenty years after her sister, Lily, disappeared, Gin Sullivan is living in Chicago, working as a medical examiner when Lily's body is found in the woods outside her small hometown. As Gin examines her sister's remains, she uncovers a shocking truth that could change everything, if it doesn't kill her first"--

  • Under the Harrow

  • Last Girl Before Freeway - The Life, Loves, Losses, and Liberation of Joan Rivers

  • Reckless creed

    "Ryder Creed, his K-9 search-and-rescue dogs, and FBI agent Maggie O'Dell find themselves at the center of a dire and mysterious case. In Chicago, a young man jumps from his thirtieth-story hotel room; along the Missouri river, a hunter and his son stumble upon a lake whose surface is littered with snow geese, all of them dead; and in southern Alabama, Ryder Creed and his search-and-rescue dog Grace find the body of a young woman who went missing in the Conecuh National Forest ... and it appears

  • Darktown

    "Responding to orders from on high, the Atlanta Police Department is forced to hire its first black officers, including war veterans Lucius Boggs and Tommy Smith. The newly minted policemen are met with deep hostility by their white peers: they aren't allowed to arrest white suspects, drive squad cars, or set foot in the police headquarters. When a black woman who was last seen in a car driven by a white man turns up dead, Boggs and Smith suspect white cops are behind it. Their investigation set

  • The Fifth Avenue Artists Society

  • Dodgers

    Beverly (On the Lam: Narratives of Flight in J. Edgar Hoover's America) makes his fiction debut with a dazzling crime novel that's equal parts coming-of-age tale a` la Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye and travelogue a` la Kerouac. East, a 15-year old gang member from South L.A., sets out for Wisconsin with three other teenage boys at the behest of his uncle, on a mission to kill a key witness in an upcoming trial. Along for the ride is East's brother, Ty, an emotionless killer at 13. The revela

  • Because I'm watching

    "When neighbor Madeline Hewitson drives her car through the front wall of Jacob Denisov house's, recognizes a kindred spirit. He's a veteran contemplating suicide and she's the survivor of a college dorm massacre, a woman accused of her lover's murder, haunted by ghosts and tormented by a killer only she can see"--

  • Trimmed wtih murder - a Seaside Knitters mystery

    All Izzy Chambers Perry wants for Christmas is to keep her brother out of jail in this holiday yarn from the "USA Today" bestselling author of "Murder at Lambswool Farm." The Seaside Knitters are in the midst of creating tiny decorations for Sea Harbor s first annual tree-trimming contest when Izzy s younger brother, Charlie Chambers, unexpectedly arrives to volunteer at a local clinic along with outspoken hitchhiker Amber Harper, who is returning to Sea Harbor to claim an inheritance. The two a

  • Surprised by Joy

  • Elizabeth and Michael - the queen of Hollywood and the king of pop--a love story

    "An eye-opening and unique biography of two larger-than-life legends--Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson--and their unlikely yet enduring friendship"--

  • The killing game

    "Andi Wren is fighting to keep her late husband's company safe from vindictive competitors when she becomes the focus of a killer's warped game of revenge and murder"--

  • Seashell season

    Every year on March 26th, Verity Peterson visits Ogunquit Beach, where she puts a handwritten message into a bottle and launches it into the waves. It's a ritual of remembrance for the daughter she hasn't seen in sixteen years--not since her baby's father, Alan, took two-month-old Gemma and disappeared. Verity keeps searching and hoping, sustained by the thought that someday she might get to be a mother to her own child. And finally, one phone call may change everything...

  • Plain dead

    "When a newspaperman is murdered in the Amish community of Stone Mill, Pennsylvania, Rachel Mast digs up the dirt to find out who wanted to bury the lead"--

  • Sweet breath of memory

    "Synopsis: With its tree-lined streets, vibrant downtown and curbside planters of spring bulbs, Amberley, Massachusetts, seems a good place for Cate Saunders to start over. It's been two years since her husband, John, was killed in Iraq and life has been a struggle. But when she meets a Holocaust survivor, Cate feels a deep connection and finds an unexpected way forward" --

  • Wonderland - How Play Made the Modern World

  • Lady cop makes trouble

    "The best-selling author of Girl Waits with Gun returns with another adventure featuring the fascinating, feisty, and unforgettable Kopp sisters. After besting (and arresting) a ruthless silk factory owner and his gang of thugs in Girl Waits with Gun, Constance Kopp became one of the nation's first deputy sheriffs. She's proven that she can't be deterred, evaded, or outrun. But when the wiles of a German-speaking con man threaten her position and her hopes for this new life, and endanger the hon

  • This is where you belong - the art and science of loving the place you live

  • Mystic summer

    When her career as an elementary teacher in Boston is suddenly put in jeopardy, Maggie Griffin returns home to small-town Mystic, Connecticut. There she reassesses her life, hoping to find comfort with family. Instead she finds Cameron Wilder, a man from her past whose own life puts her own struggles in perspective.

  • Slay bells - a St. Rose quilting bee mystery

    "Christmas is approaching, but it doesn't look like a good one for the St. Rose parishioners. First, Kathy Romelli and her son are murdered in their home. Before the Quilting Bee can recover from that devastating loss, Clare is frightened half to death by an attempted carjacking. Is it related to the thefts of items from parked cars also plaguing the area? And what about the parishioner charged with creating a Ponzi scheme?"--

  • When death draws near - a Gwen Marcey novel

    "Death has always been part of Gwen Marcey's job. But when faced with her own mortality, everything takes on a different hue"--

New Children's Materials

New Children's Picture Books

  • Mary had a little glam

    "Mary had a little glam that grew into a lot. And everywhere that Mary went, she wasn't hard to spot. But on the day she started school, she caught some by surprise. Sweet Mary shrugged and hugged her mom. "I must accessorize."'--Page 4 of cover.

  • Little penguins

    "During the first snowy day of winter, five little penguins bundle up and venture outside to play"--

  • Grumpy Bird

    Feeling too grumpy to fly, Bird begins to walk and finds that his mood changes as other animals join him.

  • The elephantom

    What's a little girl to do when a pesky elephantom turns up and just won't go away? Parents are no help at all, but a granny with ghost pets of her own might just have a solution.

  • Dinosaurs in disguise

    Did a comet kill off the dinosaurs, or are they masters of disguise, hiding in plain sight all along?

  • Click, clack, surprise!

    Little Duck celebrates his first birthday with the other animals on the farm by copying their examples, from shearing off all his feathers to taking a mudbath, before enjoying Farmer Brown's yummy frosted maple cake.

  • Rudas - Nino's horrendous hermanitas

    "Nin~o's little sisters get in on the wrestling action"--

  • Billions of bricks

    A counting book that leads readers through the day in the life of a construction worker building with bricks.

  • How to be a hero

    Gideon is a little boy who wants to be a hero and get his picture in the paper--but first he has to figure out just what a hero is.

  • Max at night

    "It's bedtime for Max the kitten, but something's wrong; when Max goes to say goodnight to the moon, it's nowhere to be found! Unable to go to sleep without closing his nighttime ritual, he embarks on a journey to find the moon and say goodnight"--

  • In plain sight

    "An ailing grandfather and his helpful granddaughter play a unique game of seek and find"--

  • Planet Kindergarten - 100 days in orbit

    A young child imagines kindergarten as a mission in space, with his fellow kindernauts, and this is their one hundredth day.

  • Monkey with a tool belt and the maniac muffins

    Chico the monkey has to step in and save the day when his friend Clark the elephant's cooking nearly destroys their town.

  • Welcome to Shopville!

    The Shopkins show off their sporting skills during the Shopville Games, where they compete in such events as the shopping cart sprint, the popsicle stick chop, and the frozen food climb.

  • Monkey - not ready for the baby

    Monkey is not ready to welcome a new baby to the family.

  • Clark the Shark loves Christmas

    Clark the Shark loves everything about Christmas, including his class's Secret Santa celebration. But when everyone opens their presents, Clark wishes he'd spent more time figuring out a thoughtful gift instead of trying to guess the identity of his own Secret Santa. Will Clark learn the true meaning of Christmas giving?

  • Lost and Found - Adèle & Simon in China

    "When Adele and Simon take a tour of China in 1905, Simon misplaces his belongings, one by one . . . but they all show up later, revealing their hiding places in Adele's souvenir photographs of the trip"--

  • The Bill the Cat story - a bloom county epic

    Thanks to the galactic pie-rats, thinking Earth would be a good spot for a potty break, Bill the Cat finds a place to belong.

  • Digger man

    A young boy imagines how he will use his digger to make a park where he and his little brother can play.

  • Biscuit - storybook collection

    A collection of ten previously published stories featuring Biscuit, a small and mischievous yellow dog.

  • Thomas & friends. Sodor's legend of the lost treasure

    BABY BOOKS. Buried treasure, a lost ship, and a wily modern-day pirate are the exciting elements of a brand-new Thomas & Friends movie, "Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure." This Little Golden Book retelling will thrill train-obsessed little boys and girls ages 2 to 5. Ages 0+

  • I Am Mixed

  • Henry & Leo

    "Leo isn't just a stuffed toy, he is Henry's best friend and brother. But when the two are accidentally separated, no one in Henry's family believes Leo is real enough to find his way home"--

  • This book is out of control!

    Ben wants to show Bella how his remote controlled fire engine works, but the buttons are not working properly and strange things are happening to Bella's dog.

  • If you give a mouse a brownie

    If you give a mouse a brownie, he's going to ask for some ice cream to go with it. When you give him the ice cream, he'll probably ask you for a spoon. He'll start drumming on the table. Drumming will get him so excited he ll want to start a band. . . .

  • Ada Twist, scientist

    Ada Twist is a very curious girl who shows perseverance by asking questions and performing experiments to find things out and understand the world.

  • Pug Man's 3 Wishes

  • The darkest dark

    "Young Chris loves pretending he's a brave astronaut, exploiring the universe. Only one problem--at night, he's afraid of the dark. Only when he watches the moon landing on TV does he realize how exciting the unknown can be. Inspired by the childhood of real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield"--

  • We found a hat

    Two turtles find a hat that looks good on both of them, but, with fairness in mind, they decide to leave it be, until night falls and one of the turtles changes its mind.

  • A hat for Mrs. Goldman - a story about knitting and love

    Sophia knits a special hat for her elderly neighbor and knitting teacher, Mrs. Goldman.

  • The very fairy princess - Attitude of gratitude

    "Gerry, the very fairy princess, learns the importance of gratitude even in the face of disappointment over the course of Gratitude Day at school"--

  • A small thing ... but big

    Lizzie meets an elderly man and his companion, Cecile, at the park, but Lizzie is afraid of dogs, so she relies on her new friend to help her take things one step at a time.

  • A family is a family is a family

    "When a teacher asks the children in her class to think about what makes their families special, the answers are all different in many ways -- but the same in the one way that matters most of all. One child is worried that her family is just too different to explain, but listens as her classmates talk about what makes their families special. One is raised by a grandmother, and another has two dads. One is full of stepsiblings, and another has a new baby"--Publisher.

  • Hooray for today!

    Owl wakes up and is ready to play, but all his friends are sleeping.

  • Samson in the snow

    When friendly giant mammoth Samson falls asleep and wakes up in the middle of a blizzard, he finds and shelters a little red bird and a flower-loving mouse, beginning new friendships for all.

  • PAW patrol. Little golden book favorites.

  • Railroad John and the Red Rock run

    Lonesome Bob and Granny Apple Fritter have to get to Red Rock by two o'clock or Lonesome will miss his wedding, but Railroad John has never been late so nothing will keep him from pulling the train in by 1:59.

  • Pete the cat and the missing cupcakes

  • A voyage in the clouds - the (mostly) true story of the first international flight by balloon in 1785

    "A picture book inspired by the true story of how the first international flight was an Englishman and a French man who rode in a balloon across the English Channel"--

  • Sleep tight farm - a farm prepares for winter

    It is December, and there are many things for the family to do around the farm to get it ready for winter.

  • Penguin problems

    "A penguin whines about the uncontrollable problems in his life."--

  • The ugly vegetables

    A little girl thinks her mother's garden is the ugliest in the neighborhood until she discovers that flowers might look and smell pretty but Chinese vegetable soup smells best of all. Includes a recipe.

  • A well-mannered young wolf

    "A young wolf must fulfill his prey's last wishes before he devours them"--

  • Give please a chance

    "In this illustrated book written by bestselling authors Bill O'Reilly and James Patterson, a collection of artists each contribute a piece of art demonstrating why the word 'please' makes all the difference in the world"--

  • Frida and Bear play the shape game!

    Frida and Bear love to draw. When Bear runs out of ideas, Frida suggests they play the shape game.

  • Footloose

    In this version of the pop rock song "Footloose," zookeeper Jack joins the zoo animals in an all-night dance party.

  • A bike like Sergio's

  • 5 little ducks

    Each day, Papa Duck goes out with his ducklings but on Monday only four come back, on Tuesday only three, but on Saturday all return when he calls and on Sunday, they stay home and rest.

  • Stowaway in a sleigh

    Late one night, Slipper the cat awakens to find a furry-booted man in her home and, like any curious cat would, climbs into his big red sack.

  • It Is Not Time for Sleeping