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100 Anos Compay by Grupo Compay Segundo.

100 Anos Compay

This commemorative album was recorded in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of legendary Cuban musician Compay Segundo. Grupo Compay Segundo, composed of musicians selected by the great man himself to continue to bring his music to the world after his death, brings together the sound of a symphony orchestra and that of the typical son cubano.

Sep 3, 2015
180 Grados by

180 Grados

Salvador Diaz is a skilled conman. For most of his years, he cheated others for a living - until he cheated the wrong man. After getting involved with Martin Soto, Salvador's life now lies in the hands of Gasparotto, an injured sports star whose flawlessness in the playing field becomes the most important factor not only for 'bringing in the big bucks,' but for claiming his life back.

Sep 3, 2015
A Quien Quiera Escuchar by Martin, Ricky.

A Quien Quiera Escuchar

The tenth studio album showcases Martin's vocal maturity and depth of artistry. A collection of standalone singles creates a beautiful compelling story as a full album.

Sep 3, 2015
Al son del amor by Logan, Nikki

Al son del amor

"La exbailarina Eleanor Patterson era la princesa de la sociedad de Manhattan, hasta que descubrió que su linaje era una farsa. Eso fue lo que la llevó al tranquilo pueblo de Larkville en busca de respuestas. El sheriff Jed Jackson nunca se imaginó tener que rescatar a una impresionante mujer de un rebaño de bueyes ni quedar tan fascinado por la vulnerabilidad que se ocultaba bajo la fachada cosmopolita de Ellie. Verla desinhibirse y relajarse le resultó irresistible y, mientras la ayudaba a apr

Sep 3, 2015
Amor de adolescencia by McClone, Melissa.

Amor de adolescencia

"Lucy Martin estaba decidida a hacer realidad la mayor ilusio´n de su sobrino: convertirse en futbolista. Eso significaba pedirle al hombre del que habi´a estado enamorada en el instituto, el famoso as del fu´tbol Ryland James, que hiciera de entrenador. De baja tras haberse lesionado, Ryland estaba buscando algo con lo que distraerse. Entrenar a unos muchachos podi´a ser ma´s trabajoso de lo que le habri´a gustado, ¡pero mereci´a la pena a cambio de que la hermosa Lucy les llevara la merienda!

Sep 3, 2015
Camina Sin Mirar Atras by El Chapo De Sinaloa.

Camina Sin Mirar Atras

Latin Grammy winner El Chapo de Sinaloa is back with a new album. The first single, Tranquilito, showcases the traditional sound of banda Sinaloense while achieving outstanding results in terms of interpretation.

Sep 3, 2015
Coleccion De Oro - Con Banda by Sebastian, Joan.

Coleccion De Oro - Con Banda

One of the legendary top selling Regional Mexican artist. Tracks include: Ojitos de Golondrina; La Venganza de Tina; El Postre and many more.

Sep 3, 2015
Como Fui a Enamorarme De Ti by Cristina.

Como Fui a Enamorarme De Ti

Two time Latin Grammy nominee Cristina is an artist in every sense of the word, a performer who does not go unnoticed. Her latest release presents herself as a mature woman who has struggled to achieve her dreams.

Sep 3, 2015
Cuatro En La Mira by Grupo Escolta.

Cuatro En La Mira

With youth, talent, and determination, Grupo Escolta is quickly becoming one of the leaders in Regional Mexican music. Through their new sound, they make a powerful delivery on every track, including the single El Peque.

Sep 3, 2015
Dios Me Ama by Roberto, Thalles.

Dios Me Ama

The first Spanish language album from the Brazilian singer.

Sep 3, 2015
Discover Caribbean music with ARC Music by

Discover Caribbean music with ARC Music

Sep 3, 2015
Discover Salsa by

Discover Salsa

Originating from Afro-American rhythms of the Caribbean and Latin America, salsa has become one of the world's most popular dance forms. This 'sauce' is hot and spicy, a mixture of ingredients which gives it great versatility. Elements of jazz, funk, rap, as well as further Caribbean influences such as soca and merengue, have recently been included, forming a newly distinctive and further adaptively resilient salsa.

Sep 3, 2015
Disney junior. by

Disney junior.

Sep 3, 2015
Ego Sum Sathanas by Goat Semen.

Ego Sum Sathanas

Whipping and frenzied black metal from the Peruvian underground maniacs, Goat Semen.

Sep 3, 2015
El Amor by Trevi, Gloria.

El Amor

One of Latin music's greatest pop divas creates an album that shows her point of view in a female/male perspective by illustrating the way she wants to be love and the way she loves.

Sep 3, 2015
El Mismo by Chocquibtown.

El Mismo

With their seventh album, Chocquibtown mixes Latin flavor with diverse rhythms from the worlds of hip-hop, pop, and club music. The first single, Cuando Te Veo, was written by all three members.

Sep 3, 2015
El padrino de bodas - la felicidad de su mejor amigo = A Marriage in trouble by

El padrino de bodas - la felicidad de su mejor amigo = A Marriage in trouble

"For successful friends meet after several years of not seeing, since one of them is by marriage. Future boyfriend asks one of them to be his godfather of weddings, since it is considered as his best friend. The situation becomes complicated when presented to the bride; he is surprised because it's his ex-girlfriend ..."--Container.

Sep 3, 2015
El Padrino De Bodas by

El Padrino De Bodas

The best man at his best friend's wedding is surprised to find out the bride is his ex-girlfriend, the love of his life.

Aug 30, 2015
En El Ombligo Del Cielo by

En El Ombligo Del Cielo

A young workaholic executive, Andrea, gets trapped during a weekend on the roof of a corporate building where she works, accompanied by Gualberto, the janitor of the same company. Stuck and surrounded by only concrete and glass, these strangers are forced to get along to get help. As they reflect on their lives and their values, each will reassess what is important to maintain the balance between their work and their personal lives.

Sep 3, 2015
En Esto Creo by Hillsong.

En Esto Creo

Hillsong Worship's new album has songs in Spanish from their 2014 release, No Other Name. Hillsong continues to resource churches around the globe with brand new songs that consistently make up the most anticipated worship album year after year.

Sep 3, 2015