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A gift for Mama by Lodding, Linda Ravin.

A gift for Mama

A little boy is on a search for the perfect gift for his mother, navigating the streets of 1890s Vienna, meeting new people, and continuing to trade one gift for another.

Apr 16, 2014
A is for awesome by Clayton, Dallas, author, illustrator.

A is for awesome

"Alliterative and rhyming words of wisdom surrounded by all new art fill this energetic alphabet book by Dallas Clayton. Bursting with color and life, each spread offers a rhythmic phrase and an abundance of artwork illustrating the featured letter. The message of dreaming big and living life to its fullest permeates every page, inviting readers to "learn some new letters that you can use to make magical words and share big ideas"" --

Apr 10, 2014
A Mountain of Friends by Schoene, Kerstin

A Mountain of Friends

Apr 16, 2014
A taste of freedom - Gandhi and the great salt march by Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody.

A taste of freedom - Gandhi and the great salt march

An old man in India recalls how, when he was a young boy, he got his first taste of freedom as he and his brother joined the great Muhatma Gandhi on a march to the sea to make salt in defiance of British law.

Apr 16, 2014
A walk in Paris by Rubbino, Salvatore, 1970- author, illustrator.

A walk in Paris

A child's-eye walking tour of Paris.

Apr 10, 2014
Alice from Dallas by Sadler, Marilyn.

Alice from Dallas

Two young cowgirls in Dallas, Pennsylvania, have a showdown on the school playground.

Apr 16, 2014
Amy's three best things by Pearce, Philippa.

Amy's three best things

"Amy, who has never spent a night away from home, declares that she wants to spend not one night but three nights at her grandma's house. So she packs a bag, and off she goes. She and Grandma have a lovely time until Amy is alone in her bed and starts to worry. Luckily she has brought three things from home to help her get through the night in remarkable ways"--Page [2] of cover.

Apr 16, 2014
An amazing snowman by Hicks, Barbara Jean, author.

An amazing snowman

"Olaf is a snowman who walks, talks, and even dances. But the things that make Olaf special are his caring heart and endless imagination"--

Apr 16, 2014
Another monster at the end of this book by Stone, Jon.

Another monster at the end of this book

Grover worries about getting closer to the monster at the end of the book, but Elmo can't wait to see him.

Apr 16, 2014
Archie's vacation by Gordon, Domenica More, author, illustrator.

Archie's vacation

In need of a break from his wildly successful clothing design business, Archie the fashionable dog packs for a vacation at the beach, then keeps thinking of more items to bring until his suitcase is bursting at the seams.

Apr 16, 2014
Baby penguins love their mama! by Guion, Melissa.

Baby penguins love their mama!

A mother penguin stays very busy taking care of her many babies and teaching them important lessons about such things as sliding, waddling, preening--and love.

Apr 16, 2014
Baby penguins love their mama! by Guion, Melissa.

Baby penguins love their mama!

A mother penguin stays very busy taking care of her many babies and teaching them important lessons about such things as sliding, waddling, preening--and love.

Apr 14, 2014
Baby's got the blues by Shields, Carol Diggory, author.

Baby's got the blues

The author gives a tip of the hat to B.B. King in an ode to the blues and babyhood.

Apr 10, 2014
Bad bye, good bye by Underwood, Deborah.

Bad bye, good bye

Illustrations and simple, rhyming text follow a family as they move to a new town.

Apr 16, 2014
Bang! Boom! Roar! - a busy crew of dinosaurs by Evans, Nate.

Bang! Boom! Roar! - a busy crew of dinosaurs

While designing and constructing a playground, a building crew of dinosaurs introduces the letters from A to Z.

Apr 16, 2014
Bear and Bee - too busy by Ruzzier, Sergio.

Bear and Bee - too busy

Bear wants to have fun with his friend Bee, but Bee is too busy.

Apr 16, 2014
Bear and Bird by Skofield, James.

Bear and Bird

"An old bear and a young bird become friends and spend several years together until the bear's death. The young bird is comforted by memories of their time together"--

Apr 16, 2014
Bear flies high by Rosen, Michael, 1946-

Bear flies high

Bear usually spends his days on the beach, singing and watching birds, but when he leaves to visit a carnival, his dream of flying may just come true.

Apr 16, 2014
Bear flies high by Rosen, Michael, 1946-

Bear flies high

Bear usually spends his days on the beach, singing and watching birds, but when he leaves to visit a carnival, his dream of flying may just come true.

Apr 14, 2014
Bear's big bottom by Smallman, Steve.

Bear's big bottom

"Bear was friendly. Bear was sweet. He was the nicest bear you'd ever meet! He had little paws and little feet and a very big bottom, which gets him into big trouble. Can he ever make it up to his friends?"--From publisher's description.

Apr 16, 2014
Boa's bad birthday by Willis, Jeanne.

Boa's bad birthday

Boa is hoping to enjoy his best birthday ever, but most of his friends' gifts are very disappointing.

Apr 16, 2014
Boom, Snot, Twitty by Cronin, Doreen/ Liwska, Renata (ILT)

Boom, Snot, Twitty

Apr 16, 2014
Breathe by Magoon, Scott, author, illustrator.


A young whale enjoys its first day of independence.

Apr 16, 2014
Brother Hugo and the bear by Beebe, Katy.

Brother Hugo and the bear

After painstakingly handcrafting a replacement copy of a library book, a medieval monk tries to protect it from a hungry bear with a taste for literature. Includes historical note on illuminated manuscripts.

Apr 16, 2014
Camp Rex by Idle, Molly Schaar.

Camp Rex

Cordelia and her troup of dino-scouts enjoy a camping trip in the great outdoors.

Apr 16, 2014
Churchill's tale of tails by Sandu, Anca, author, illustrator.

Churchill's tale of tails

Churchill the pig gets help from his friends when he loses his tail, but soon forgets about his friends because of the fun he has trying on new tails.

Apr 16, 2014
Count on the subway by Jacobs, Paul DuBois.

Count on the subway

Illustrations and rhythmic text describe the sights and sounds of a subway ride in New York City as a mother and child go uptown, counting their way from one to ten and back again.

Apr 16, 2014
Cowy cow by Raschka, Christopher, author, illustrator.

Cowy cow

Cowy Cow has one hundred ideas, and some might even be good ones.

Apr 16, 2014
Coyote run by Dorémus, Gaëtan, 1976- author, illustrator.

Coyote run

Apr 16, 2014
Crabby Crab by Raschka, Christopher, author, illustrator.

Crabby Crab

Crabby Crab, unhappy about the way he looks and moves, is surprised to learn that he is loved just the way he is.

Apr 16, 2014
Cuckoo! by Roberton, Fiona, author, illustrator.


When Cuckoo hatches and does not speak the same language as the rest of his family, he bravely sets out to find someone who can understand him.

Apr 16, 2014
Digger Dog by Bee, William/ Johansson, Cecilia (ILT)

Digger Dog

Apr 16, 2014
Digger to the rescue by Archer, Mandy.

Digger to the rescue

On a busy day at the building site, Bear uses Digger to dig a hole, lay pipes, and even rescue a forklift that is stuck in the mud.

Apr 16, 2014
Dinner with the Highbrows by Holt, Kimberly Willis.

Dinner with the Highbrows

The first time a friend invites Bernard to dinner, his mother gives him a long list of rules to follow, such as keeping his elbows off the table and not speaking with his mouth full, but he soon sees that being well-to-do does not mean one has the best manners.

Apr 16, 2014
Dinosaur Vs. School by Shea, Bob/ Shea, Bob (ILT)

Dinosaur Vs. School

Apr 16, 2014
Duck & Goose go to the beach by Hills, Tad, author, illustrator.

Duck & Goose go to the beach

"Duck wants to go on an adventure. Goose doesn't. He doesn't see the point. After all, why would they go anywhere when they're happy right where they are? But then Goose sees the ocean and loves it. Who doesn't? Well, Duck, for one"--

Apr 16, 2014
Early bird by Yuly, Toni, author, artist.

Early bird

Early Bird wakes up before the sun. She is hungry. What will she have for breakfast? With language that emphasizes action words, this is a fun story for morning, nighttime, any time.

Apr 11, 2014
Elmer and the whales by McKee, David, author, illustrator.

Elmer and the whales

When Elmer the patchwork elephant and his cousin Wilbur decide to go whale-watching, as their grandfather Eldo did at their age, their journey becomes far more of an adventure than they anticipated.

Apr 16, 2014
Everything's better with a beard by Robertson, Si, 1948-

Everything's better with a beard

When asked if they would ever shave their beards, the Robertsons explain why they would never do that.

Apr 16, 2014
Extraordinary Jane by Harrison, Hannah E., author, illustrator.

Extraordinary Jane

"Jane the dog doesn't have a unique talent in the circus like the rest of her family, until the ringmaster discovers what is truly special about her"--Provided by publisher.

Apr 16, 2014
Fancy Nancy and the wedding of the century by O'Connor, Jane.

Fancy Nancy and the wedding of the century

"Fancy Nancy can't wait to attend her uncle's wedding. She envisions the most exquisite celebration to take place--after all, she's never been to a wedding before. But when Nancy learns that her uncle and his fiance´e, Dawn, are taking a more nontraditional route, she's afraid it won't be the fancy wedding she had hoped for. Fans of Fancy Nancy will delight in this story of how Nancy learns that sometimes a simple celebration can turn out to be more magnificent than she ever imagined!" --

Apr 16, 2014
Ferry tail by Kenah, Katharine.

Ferry tail

"Fed up with Cupcake the cat, Walter the dog leaves his ferry-boat home. Unwanted and unfamiliar with his island surroundings, [he] relies on none other than Cupcake to guide him home"--

Apr 16, 2014
Flight school by Judge, Lita.

Flight school

Little Penguin, who has the "soul of an eagle," enrolls in flight school.

Apr 16, 2014
Flight School by Judge, Lita/ Judge, Lita (ILT)

Flight School

Apr 14, 2014
Following Papa's song by Marino, Gianna, author, illustrator.

Following Papa's song

"Little Blue, a young humpback whale, has never made the long migration up the coast, and he is worried about his first long journey with Papa"--

Apr 16, 2014
Froggy's day with Dad by London, Jonathan, 1947-

Froggy's day with Dad

Froggy and his dad celebrate Father's Day with a game of miniature golf, among other things.

Apr 16, 2014
Gazpacho for Nacho by Kyle, Tracey, author.

Gazpacho for Nacho

Nacho won't eat anything but gazpacho soup until his mother takes him to the supermarket and he sees the many piles of different vegetables there.

Apr 16, 2014
Go! go! go! stop! by Harper, Charise Mericle.

Go! go! go! stop!

"Little Green only knows one word: 'Go!' It's the perfect thing to get the construction site moving, but how will they stop?"--Provided by publisher.

Apr 10, 2014
Going places by Reynolds, Peter H., 1961- author, illustrator.

Going places

Rafael has looked forward to the Going Places contest and builds his go-cart from a kit in record time, but his neighbor, Maya, has a much more interesting and creative idea for her entry and Rafael decides to help.

Apr 16, 2014
Good-bye, Bumps! - Talking to What's Bugging You by Dyer, Wayne W./ Dyer, Saje/ Budnick, Stacy Heller (ILT)

Good-bye, Bumps! - Talking to What's Bugging You

Apr 16, 2014
Grumpy groundhog by Wright, Maureen, 1961- author.

Grumpy groundhog

It's Groundhog's Day, and everyone is gathered to find out if it's time for spring. But Groundhog does NOT want to leave his cozy bed in his cozy den. Will the townspeople be able to coax him outside to do his job?

Apr 16, 2014
Hannah's night by Sakai, Komako, 1966-, author, illustrator.

Hannah's night

When everyone is asleep, Hannah wakes up and discovers the quiet, exciting night-time world. When Hannah wakes suddenly in the night, she discovers a whole new world of adventure. With nobody awake to tell her off, she can do just as she pleases. The book combines simple language with beautifully textured images, capturing the innocence and wonder of young children at play.

Apr 16, 2014
Hannah's Night by Sakai, Komako/ Hirano, Cathy (TRN)/ Todd, Penelope (EDT)

Hannah's Night

Apr 14, 2014
Have you seen my dragon? by Light, Steve, author, illustrator.

Have you seen my dragon?

Invite young readers to practice counting to twenty while helping a small boy search the city for his pet dragon.

Apr 16, 2014
Here comes Destructosaurus! by Reynolds, Aaron, 1970- author.

Here comes Destructosaurus!

Destructosaurus lays waste to a city, but he really is just looking for his teddy bear.

Apr 16, 2014
Hot Rod Hamster - monster truck mania! by Lord, Cynthia.

Hot Rod Hamster - monster truck mania!

Fearless Franco's famous Monster Truck Mania has come to town, and Hot Rod Hamster and his friends are searching for the very best ride at the fair.

Apr 16, 2014
How to cheer up Dad by Koehler, Fred, author, illustrator.

How to cheer up Dad

"A young elephant sees his dad is in a bad mood and tries to cheer him up, not realizing his own mischief caused the bad mood in the first place"--

Apr 16, 2014
How to lose a lemur by Preston-Gannon, Frann, author, illustrator.

How to lose a lemur

When a lemur takes a fancy to him one day and begins following him everywhere, a little boy is pursued by a growing number of animals despite his efforts to lose them by jumping on a train, climbing a mountain, and flying away in a balloon.

Apr 16, 2014
I am - why two little words mean so much by Dyer, Wayne W.

I am - why two little words mean so much

Describes how God is ever-present, not just in a temple or church, is the source of all inspiration and joy, and a part of every person, encouraging readers to look within oneself to make wishes come true.

Apr 14, 2014
I didn't do my homework because... by Calì, Davide, 1972- author.

I didn't do my homework because...

A humorous story about the absurd excuses for not doing homework.

Apr 16, 2014
I wonder by Harris, Annaka, author.

I wonder

Eva takes a walk with her mother and encounters a range of mysteries: from gravity, to life cycles, to the vastness of the universe. She learns that it's okay to say "I don't know", and she discovers that there are some things even adults don't know mysteries for everyone to wonder about together!

Apr 16, 2014
If I Had a Raptor by O'Connor, George/ O'Connor, George (ILT)

If I Had a Raptor

Apr 16, 2014
Is that my cat? by Allen, Jonathan, 1957- author, illustrator.

Is that my cat?

Presents a story about a cat that is chubby, greedy, and lazy.

Apr 16, 2014
Jake at Gymnastics by Isadora, Rachel/ Isadora, Rachel (ILT)

Jake at Gymnastics

Apr 16, 2014
Joseph Fipps by Robert, Nadine.

Joseph Fipps

"Joseph Fipps is a very energetic little boy, so energetic that sometimes his mother has had enough. Here he gets angry at her and she suggests he find another mother, a walrus mother"--

Apr 16, 2014
Joy in Mudville by Raczka, Bob/ Dibley, Glin (ILT)

Joy in Mudville

Apr 16, 2014
Lamby Lamb by Raschka, Christopher, author, illustrator.

Lamby Lamb

The narrator uses reverse psychology to get a young sheep dressed.

Apr 16, 2014
Letter lunch by Gutiérrez, Elisa, 1972- author.

Letter lunch

Hoping for a tasty alphabet lunch, a hungry brother and sister forage for edible letters in their back yard, at the local market, and through the woods before cooking up a feast of vowel-seasoned consonants to share with friends.

Apr 16, 2014
Love you when-- by Kranz, Linda, 1955-

Love you when--

Verses on how the ones we love are always with us.

Apr 16, 2014
Lyle, Lyle, crocodile by Waber, Bernard.

Lyle, Lyle, crocodile

Lyle is perfectly happy living with the Primms on East 88th St. until irritable Mr. Grumps next door changes all that.

Apr 16, 2014
Matilda's cat by Gravett, Emily, author, illustrator.

Matilda's cat

Illustrations and simple text show Matilda's attempts to learn what her cat likes best, as well as the real answer.

Apr 16, 2014
May there always be sunshine - a traditional song by Gill, Jim.

May there always be sunshine - a traditional song

Using thoughts children have shared during concerts, the book expands on a traditional Russian folk song.

Apr 16, 2014
Monster chefs by Anderson, Brian, 1974-

Monster chefs

Tired of eating only eyeballs and ketchup, a horrible king sends his four monster chefs out to find something different for him to eat, with surprising results.

Apr 16, 2014
Moonbear's skyfire by Asch, Frank.

Moonbear's skyfire

When he sees a rainbow for the first time, Bear thinks that the sky is on fire and he is determined to put out the skyfire.

Apr 16, 2014
Moonbear's sunrise by Asch, Frank, author, illustrator.

Moonbear's sunrise

When Bear tries to see the sunrise but always oversleeps, Little Bird makes a suggestion.

Apr 16, 2014
Motordog by Cyrus, Kurt, author.


Flip orders a "perfect pet" from the Internet but neither the leash nor the remote control may be enough when Motor Dog decides to go after Scoot the Cat.

Apr 16, 2014
My dream playground by Becker, Kate M.

My dream playground

Dreaming of a day when there will be a real playground in her own neighborhood, a little girl is ecstatic when she learns that a local playground has been planned, in a story inspired by the construction of the first playground built by the KaBOOM! national nonprofit.

Apr 16, 2014
My humongous hamster by Freytag, Lorna, author, illustrator.

My humongous hamster

The imaginary antics of a hamster with a humongous appetite who grows to enormous size.

Apr 16, 2014
My humongous hamster by Freytag, Lorna, author, illustrator.

My humongous hamster

The imaginary antics of a hamster with a humongous appetite who grows to enormous size.

Apr 15, 2014
Naked! by Black, Michael Ian/ Ohi, Debbie Ridpath (ILT)


Apr 16, 2014
Naughty kitty by Stower, Adam, author, illustrator.

Naughty kitty

Lily learns that kitties can be almost as much trouble as dogs--but they can also be very comforting.

Apr 16, 2014
Number one Sam by Pizzoli, Greg.

Number one Sam

"A competitive race-car driving dog learns that some things are more important than being number one"--

Apr 16, 2014
Oliver's tree by Chase, Kit.

Oliver's tree

Oliver the elephant loves playing hide-and-seek but cannot tag his friends, Lulu and Charlie, when they hide in trees--their favorite spots--so they work together to find a tree where all three can play together.

Apr 16, 2014
On Kiki's reef by Malnor, Carol.

On Kiki's reef

"A green sea turtle hatches and grows up in the ocean, then moves to shallower water near a coral reef where she spends most of the rest of her life. Includes supplementary information about turtles, coral reef creatures, maps, and activities"--

Apr 16, 2014
Pig kahuna pirates! by Sattler, Jennifer Gordon, author, illustrator.

Pig kahuna pirates!

Pig brothers Dink and Fergus love playing at the beach, but when Dink wakes up from his nap in a grumpy mood, Fergus invites Dink to play with his new pirate ship of sand and gives him the starring role as pirate captain.

Apr 16, 2014
Pinkalicious - eggstraordinary Easter by Kann, Victoria, author.

Pinkalicious - eggstraordinary Easter

Waking up on Easter morning to discover a note from Edgar Easter Bunny, Pinkalicious embarks on an eggsciting, surprise-filled Easter scavenger hunt with her family.

Apr 14, 2014
Pip and Posy - the bedtime frog by Scheffler, Axel, author, illustrator.

Pip and Posy - the bedtime frog

Posy is sleeping over at Pip's house for the first time, but realizes she's forgotten her froggy.

Apr 10, 2014
Please, Louise by Morrison, Toni.

Please, Louise

On a gray, rainy day, everything seems particularly frightening and bad to Louise until she enters a library and finds books that help her to know and imagine the beauty and wonder that have been there all along.

Apr 16, 2014
Pom and Pim by Landstrom, Lena/ Landstrom, Olof (ILT)

Pom and Pim

Apr 16, 2014
President Taft is stuck in the bath by Barnett, Mac, author.

President Taft is stuck in the bath

George Washington crossed the Delaware in the dead of night. Abraham Lincoln saved the Union. And President William Howard Taft, a man of great stature - well, he got stuck in a bathtub. Now how did he get unstuck? Author Mac Barnett and illustrator Chris Van Dusen bring their full comedic weight to this legendary story, imagining a parade of clueless cabinet members advising the exasperated president, leading up to a hugely satisfying, hilarious finale.

Apr 16, 2014
Princess Sparkle-Heart gets a makeover by Schneider, Josh, 1980-

Princess Sparkle-Heart gets a makeover

Amelia and her best friend, Princess Sparkle-Heart, do almost everything together, so when the Princess suffers an accident, Amelia's mother puts her sewing box to good use and makes the doll better than ever.

Apr 16, 2014
Queen Victoria's Bathing Machine by Whelan, Gloria/ Carpenter, Nancy (ILT)

Queen Victoria's Bathing Machine

Apr 16, 2014
Quiet Bunny & Noisy Puppy by McCue, Lisa.

Quiet Bunny & Noisy Puppy

Quiet Bunny's forest friends all hibernate or go south for the winter, but when he meets a puppy from a nearby farm the two become the best of friends, even though they are opposites in every way.

Apr 16, 2014
Rattletrap car by Root, Phyllis.

Rattletrap car

Various disasters threaten to stop Poppa and the children from getting to the lake in their rattletrap car, but they manage to come up with an ingenious solution to each problem.

Apr 16, 2014
Ready and waiting for you by Moreillon, Judi.

Ready and waiting for you

"Warm and friendly characters welcome a new student to the first day of school"--

Apr 16, 2014
Rules of summer by Tan, Shaun, author, illustrator.

Rules of summer

Two boys explain the occasionally mysterious "rules" they learned over the summer, like never eat the last olive at a party, never ruin a perfect plan, and never give your keys to a stranger.

Apr 16, 2014
Run, dog! by Boyer, Cécile, 1981- author.

Run, dog!

Wherever the bouncing red ball goes, a playful dog is close behind in this lift-the-flaps book with simple text.

Apr 16, 2014
Sally goes to heaven by Huneck, Stephen.

Sally goes to heaven

A beloved dog dies and goes to heaven where she lives happily and helps to find her family on earth a new pet.

Apr 16, 2014
Scarlatti's cat by Lachenmeyer, Nathaniel, 1969-

Scarlatti's cat

Reveals how Pulcinella, a cat, contributed to one of the most popular symphonies written by eighteenth-century composer Domenico Scarlatti, and the consequences for the pampered pet.

Apr 16, 2014
Share by Garland, Sally Anne, author, illustrator.


"When Bunny's little cousin visits, her mother tells her over and over that she must share. But her cousin wants to do everything Bunny does. He wants to play with Bunny's bear, but he pokes and pulls little Ted. He wants to play dress-up, but he spills Bunny's beads all over the floor. Bunny tries to watch TV, but he blocks her view of the screen, and when Bunny tries to paint, he scribbles all over her artwork! But by the end, an exasperated Bunny discovers the real value of sharing. As Bunny'

Apr 16, 2014
Shoe dog by McDonald, Megan, author.

Shoe dog

In order to stay in the warm and cozy home he has longed for, Shoe Dog must learn to stop chewing shoes.

Apr 16, 2014
Show time with Sophia Grace and Rosie by Brownlee, Sophia Grace, author.

Show time with Sophia Grace and Rosie

Cousins Sophia Grace and Rosie plan a show-stopping song and dance number for a talent show.

Apr 16, 2014
Silly doggy! by Stower, Adam.

Silly doggy!

When Lily discovers a bear in her garden, she mistakenly thinks it is a dog and wants to keep it for her pet.

Apr 16, 2014
Slam! - a tale of consequences by Stower, Adam, author, illustrator.

Slam! - a tale of consequences

A heedless little boy and his dog slam the door as they run out to complete an errand, unknowingly dislodging a red ball that bounces through the neighborhood and triggers an escalating series of mishaps.

Apr 16, 2014
Snoring Beauty by Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta.

Snoring Beauty

"A new spin on "Sleeping Beauty" told from the perspective of a little mouse who can't get to sleep because of the princess's very loud snoring"--

Apr 16, 2014
Sophie sleeps over by Russo, Marisabina, author, illustrator.

Sophie sleeps over

Sophie is nervous and excited about her first sleepover, but when she meets her best friend Olive's other best friend, Penelope, Sophie wants nothing more than to go straight home.

Apr 16, 2014
Spaghetti in a hot dog bun - having the courage to be who you are by Dismondy, Maria.

Spaghetti in a hot dog bun - having the courage to be who you are

Even though she is teased by a boy at school for being different, Lucy has the courage to be herself and comes to the boy's aid when he is in need of help.

Apr 16, 2014
Sparky! by Offill, Jenny, 1968-


A child takes a sloth named Sparky as a pet.

Apr 12, 2014
Splat! - starring the vole brothers by Schwartz, Roslyn, 1951-

Splat! - starring the vole brothers

The vole brothers encounter trouble when a passing pigeon drops a splat on them.

Apr 16, 2014
Spot bakes a cake by Hill, Eric, 1927-

Spot bakes a cake

Spot and his mother bake a cake for his father's birthday.

Apr 16, 2014
Sprout helps out by Winstead, Rosie, author, illustrator.

Sprout helps out

"Sprout loves to help her mom clean up around the house and take care of her baby sister, but she sometimes makes a bigger mess than she started with. Fortunately, Sprout has the best intentions and is so sweet that even Mama doesn't mind"--

Apr 16, 2014
Starring me and you by Côté, Geneviève, author, illustrator.

Starring me and you

"While preparing to put on a play, two very different friends explore how they each express emotions in their own special way... and discover that despite a misunderstanding the show can still go on!"-- From publisher's description.

Apr 16, 2014
Stella's Starliner by Wells, Rosemary, author, illustrator.

Stella's Starliner

Stella is unnerved by a bullying group of weasels who say mean things about her humble home until her mother offers words of comfort and her father drives the trailer to a new location where kind friends are found.

Apr 16, 2014
Tap tap boom boom by Bluemle, Elizabeth, author.

Tap tap boom boom

"It's a mad dash for shelter as rain sweeps into an urban neighborhood. Where to go? The subway! It's the perfect place to wait out the wind and weather. Strangers share smiles and umbrellas and take delight in the experience of a city thunderstorm."-- Dust jacket.

Apr 16, 2014
The adventures of Beekle - the unimaginary friend by Santat, Dan, author, illustrator.

The adventures of Beekle - the unimaginary friend

An imaginary friend waits a long time to be imagined by a child and given a special name, and finally does the unimaginable--he sets out on a quest to find his perfect match in the real world.

Apr 16, 2014
The almost fearless Hamilton Squidlegger by Ering, Timothy Basil.

The almost fearless Hamilton Squidlegger

Hamilton Squidlegger is fearless! Well, almost. During the day he can best all the frackensnappers, skelecragons, and bracklesneeds in the swamp, but at night he quakes in terror. Will his father be able to help Hamilton remain fearless in his own mud all night?

Apr 16, 2014
The big book of slumber by Zoboli, Giovanna.

The big book of slumber

"All creatures of the world find time to rest. In this lullaby book, countless cozy animals settle down in their beds"--

Apr 16, 2014
The construction crew by Meltzer, Lynn.

The construction crew

A construction crew tears down an old building and builds a new house in its place.

Apr 16, 2014
The dandelion's tale by Sheehan, Kevin.

The dandelion's tale

A sparrow selflessly relates Dandelion's story to the world in this tale of friendship, the power of memories, and the cycle of life.

Apr 10, 2014
The family Christmas treasury - tales of anticipation, celebration, and joy. by

The family Christmas treasury - tales of anticipation, celebration, and joy.

A collection of beloved Christmas stories featuring some of the world's favorite characters.

Apr 16, 2014
The geese march in step by Dumont, Jean-Francois, 1959- author, illustrator.

The geese march in step

"Zita just can't seem to march to the same beat as the rest of the geese, but before long, she realizes, as do the other barnyard animals, that her own special rhythm is just right"--

Apr 16, 2014
The Girl and the Bicycle by Pett, Mark/ Pett, Mark (ILT)

The Girl and the Bicycle

Apr 16, 2014
The girl who never made mistakes by Pett, Mark.

The girl who never made mistakes

Beatrice is so well-known for never making a mistake that she is greeted each morning by fans and reporters, but a near-error on the day of the school talent show could change everything.

Apr 16, 2014
The Good-Pie Party by Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton.

The Good-Pie Party

Posy Peyton and her friends are very sad that she will be moving away, but when they try to cheer themselves up by baking a pie, they realize that Posy's leaving does not have to mean saying goodbye.

Apr 16, 2014
The great day by Gomi, Tarō, author, illustrator.

The great day

In simple text this book follows the daily activities of a young boy who is always the first in every activity--waking up, eating breakfast, playing, and getting ready for bed.

Apr 16, 2014
The Grudge Keeper by Rockliff, Mara.

The Grudge Keeper

"No one in the town of Bonnyripple ever kept a grudge, except old Cornelius, the Grudge Keeper. When Cornelius is nearly buried under all of the grudges, the townspeople must put their differences aside to save him"--

Apr 16, 2014
The highest number in the world by MacGregor, Roy, 1948- author.

The highest number in the world

When young hockey enthusiast Gabriella gets a nine on her jersey instead of her favorite player's number, she loses her enthusiasm for the game until she learns the stories of great players who have worn the number.

Apr 10, 2014
The hug by Grossman, David, author.

The hug

"In The Hug, internationally renowned author David Grossman tells the moving story of the moment when Ben realizes that no two living creatures are alike--not his mother and father, their beautiful dog Miracle or the ants who march side by side at his feet and appear identical--and the loneliness he feels knowing that there is no one else quite like him in the whole world. But just as he is feeling the most alone he has ever felt, he is soothed by his mother's loving hug" --

Apr 16, 2014
The line by Bossio, Paula, illustrator.

The line

A little girl stumbles onto a line ... and endless possibilities for fun! With a twist and a shake of the line, it becomes a slide, a giant bubble or even a jungle vine. But what -- or who -- could be at the other end?

Apr 16, 2014
The little house by Burton, Virginia Lee, 1909-1968.

The little house

A country house is unhappy when the city, with all its buildings and traffic, grows up around her.

Apr 16, 2014
The Loch Mess monster by Lester, Helen.

The Loch Mess monster

Angus, a very messy monster who lives with his parents in Loch Ness, learns an important lesson about picking up after himself.

Apr 16, 2014
The mermaid and the shoe by Campbell, K. G. (Keith Gordon), 1966- author, illustrator.

The mermaid and the shoe

Apr 16, 2014
The most magnificent thing by Spires, Ashley, 1978-, author, illustrator.

The most magnificent thing

A little girl has a wonderful idea. With the help of her canine assistant, she is going to make the most magnificent thing! She knows just how it will look. She knows just how it will work. But making the most magnificent thing turns out to be harder than she thinks.

Apr 16, 2014
The new arrival by Nastanlieva, Vanya.

The new arrival

When a hedgehog named Sam settles into his new home in the forest, there's one important thing missing--will he find new friends there to welcome him?

Apr 16, 2014
The Numberlys by Joyce, William/ Joyce, William (ILT)/ Ellis, Christina (ILT)

The Numberlys

Apr 16, 2014
The pigeon needs a bath! by Willems, Mo, author, illustrator.

The pigeon needs a bath!

The Pigeon is dirty and he needs a bath, but he won't go willingly.

Apr 16, 2014
The poem that will not end - fun with poetic forms and voices by Graham, Joan Bransfield, author.

The poem that will not end - fun with poetic forms and voices

Ryan O'Brian is riding a wave of inspiration with no shoreline in sigh--he can't STOP writing poetry. In the cafeteria with french fries. In the bathroom with toothpaste. Even on the soccer field with mud!

Apr 16, 2014
The quayside cat by Forward, Toby, 1950- author.

The quayside cat

Jim, the quayside cat, having heard many tales of life at sea from Old Tregarn, persuades the former ship's cat to join him on a voyage of his own.

Apr 16, 2014
The Quayside Cat by Forward, Toby/ Brown, Ruth (ILT)

The Quayside Cat

Apr 14, 2014
The three ninja pigs by Schwartz, Corey Rosen.

The three ninja pigs

In this twist on "The Three Little Pigs," Pig One and Two neglect their ninja school martial arts training and are no match for the wolf, but Pig Three's practice and dedication saves the day. Includes glossary of Japanese martial arts terms.

Apr 16, 2014
The tiny king by Miura, Tarō, 1968- author, illustrator.

The tiny king

Feeling lonely in a well-guarded, oversized castle where he eats sumptuous meals he cannot finish alone, rides on a horse that throws him, and sleeps poorly at night, a tiny king marries a big princess.

Apr 16, 2014
The Tweedles go electric by Kulling, Monica.

The Tweedles go electric

Feeling less than enthusiastic when her eccentric family buys an electric car, avid reader Frances endures taunts by owners of gas-fueled vehicles before driving an injured neighbor to the hospital, an adventure that changes her mind about automobile travel.

Apr 16, 2014
The very fairy princess - graduation girl! by Andrews, Julie, author.

The very fairy princess - graduation girl!

As the school year draws to an end, Gerry has a hard time finding her sparkle knowing that she will say goodbye to her teacher, Miss Pym, and class pet Houdini, and start anew in a classroom where she may not be recognized as a very fairy princess.

Apr 16, 2014
The very tiny baby by Kantorovitz, Sylvie.

The very tiny baby

A very young boy tells his teddy bear about his mixed feelings over the premature birth of his new sibling, and his guilty resentment at the adult's preoccupation with the tiny baby.

Apr 16, 2014
There once was a cowpoke who swallowed an ant by Ketteman, Helen.

There once was a cowpoke who swallowed an ant

An illustrated version of the cumulative folk song in which the solution proves worse that the predicament when a cowpoke swallows an ant with a sting the size of Texas.

Apr 16, 2014
This Is a Moose by Morris, Richard T./ Lichtenheld, Tom (ILT)

This Is a Moose

Apr 16, 2014
Thomas the toadilly terrible bully by Levy, Janice.

Thomas the toadilly terrible bully

After feeling ignored in his new town, a young toad tries to act like a bully but learns the value of being a good friend instead.

Apr 16, 2014
Three Bears in a Boat by Soman, David

Three Bears in a Boat

Apr 16, 2014
Tippy- tippy - tippy, splash! by Fleming, Candace.

Tippy- tippy - tippy, splash!

Fed up with the constant presence of rabbits in his house and yard, Mr. McGreely goes to the beach for some fun but the pesky pufftails will not give him a break.

Apr 16, 2014
Tools rule! by Meshon, Aaron, author, illustrator.

Tools rule!

In a messy yard, a team of tools gets organized, then spends a busy day building a shed.

Apr 16, 2014
Two little birds by DePalma, Mary Newell, author, illustrator.

Two little birds

Two little birds make their first grand migration south, and later return home to start new families.

Apr 16, 2014
Two tough crocs by Bedford, David, 1969- author.

Two tough crocs

Sylvester and Arnold enjoy being big, tough crocodiles so when they finally meet they are about to fight until Betty, an enormous crocodile, comes hissing by to take over their swamp.

Apr 10, 2014
Tyler Makes a Birthday Cake! by Florence, Tyler/ Frazier, Craig (ILT)

Tyler Makes a Birthday Cake!

Apr 16, 2014
Tyler makes spaghetti! by Florence, Tyler.

Tyler makes spaghetti!

Tyler learns to make spaghetti and meatballs from the chef at his favorite restaurant and then makes it for his family at home.

Apr 16, 2014
Under the same sun by Robinson, Sharon, 1950-

Under the same sun

It is Grandmother Bibi's ninetieth birthday and when she travels to Tanzania from America to visit her son and grandchildren they surprise her with a birthday safari.

Apr 16, 2014
Under the Sparkling Sea by Begin, Mary Jane.

Under the Sparkling Sea

"The ponies travel to the underwater world of Aquastria"--

Apr 16, 2014
Underpants dance by Zapf, Marlena.

Underpants dance

Four-year-old Lily loves to show off her fancy pink underpants, but her older sister Marigold tells her she is not allowed to anymore.

Apr 16, 2014
Upside down babies by Willis, Jeanne.

Upside down babies

When the world tips upside down, baby animals tumble out of bed, landing in the arms of different mothers.

Apr 16, 2014
Wake up, Rupert! by Twohy, Mike, author, illustrator.

Wake up, Rupert!

"Rupert the rooster is tired from rising early to wake everyone on the farm up. Will his friend Sherman the sheep be able to do the job?"--

Apr 10, 2014
Way far away on a wild safari by Peck, Jan.

Way far away on a wild safari

When his grandmother bakes him animal cookies, a young boy imagines himself on a wild safari where he encounters a wide variety of exotic animals.

Apr 16, 2014
Weasels by Dolan, Elys, author, illustrator.


When a group of weasels plot to take over the world, they encounter some technical difficulties.

Apr 11, 2014
Whaley Whale by Raschka, Christopher, author, illustrator.

Whaley Whale

The reader is invited to find Whaley Whale's hiding place.

Apr 16, 2014
When Elephant Met Giraffe. by Gude, Paul.

When Elephant Met Giraffe.

Loud, boisterous Elephant learns how to be friends with calm, quiet Giraffe.

Apr 11, 2014
When the wind blew by Jackson, Alison, 1953-

When the wind blew

Can the old woman who lives in a shoe restore order when a strong wind blows away the possessions of the three little kittens, Jack and Jill, Little Bo Peep, and many other nursery characters?

Apr 16, 2014
Where's Waldo? - in Hollywood by Handford, Martin.

Where's Waldo? - in Hollywood

Apr 16, 2014
Winston & George by Miller, John, 1934-

Winston & George

Relates the special friendship between a rascally plover bird and a patient crocodile.

Apr 16, 2014
Without you by Côté, Geneviève.

Without you

Two friends have an argument and do things without each other, but they soon realize they miss each other.

Apr 16, 2014
Yoko finds her way by Wells, Rosemary.

Yoko finds her way

When Yoko gets lost in the airport, she uses her sign-reading skills to find her way back to her mama.

Apr 16, 2014
You can't have too many friends! by Gerstein, Mordicai.

You can't have too many friends!

When Duck's jellybeans win a prize at the fair, the king comes and "borrows" some but after much time passes Duck, accompanied by many of his friends, arrives at the castle to get them back.

Apr 16, 2014
Young Frank, architect by Viva, Frank, author, illustrator.

Young Frank, architect

"Young Frank is an architect. He lives in New York with his grandfather, Old Frank, who is also an architect, and their dog, Eddie. The two architects have very different views on what architects do for a living. This is the story of how a trip to The Museum of Modern Art in New York helps Young Frank feel older, and Old Frank feel younger-- and a little wiser."--Front jacket flap.

Apr 16, 2014
Zoom! zoom! - sounds of things that go in the city by Burleigh, Robert.

Zoom! zoom! - sounds of things that go in the city

From morning's joggers until night's last train, a boy notices and enjoys the many sounds made by people and things in a big city.

Apr 10, 2014