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A moon of my own by Rustgi, Jennifer, author. A moon of my own

"A young girl travels the world in a dream with her faithful companion, the moon, showing moon phases from iconic places on all seven continents. Includes resources and activities for teachers and facts about the moon and the places visited"--

Dec 9, 2016
Adrift - An Odd Couple of Polar Bears by Olien, Jessica Adrift - An Odd Couple of Polar Bears

Dec 9, 2016
All my treasures - a book of joy by Witek, Jo, 1968- author. All my treasures - a book of joy

"When a girl receives a beautiful porcelain box from her grandmother, she immediately wants something special to put inside it. What does she love best? She loves jumping in puddles on rainy days, blowing bubbles in the park, and watching her little sister's first steps. Life's most precious treasures cannot be contained in a box! Features a sparkly die-cut star on the cover, and flaps throughout reveal hidden surprises"--

Dec 9, 2016
Anna Sewell's Black Beauty by Brown, Ruth, 1941- author, illustrator. Anna Sewell's Black Beauty

In this picture book adaptation of Anna Sewell's classic novel, a horse in nineteenth-century England recounts his experiences with both good and bad masters.

Dec 9, 2016
Are pirates polite? by Demas, Corinne, author. Are pirates polite?

In rhyming text, this story demonstrates that even pirates can be polite, and say "please" and "thank you."

Dec 9, 2016
Bear's winter party by Hodge, Deborah, author. Bear's winter party

Feeling lonely in his forest home, Bear invites the other forest animals to a party before he hibernates for the winter.

Dec 9, 2016
Bedtime for Yeti by Vogel, Vin, 1972- author, illustrator. Bedtime for Yeti

"Yeti loves playing with his stuffed toy, but when it goes missing he has to find the courage to brave bedtime alone"--

Dec 9, 2016
Before You by Doughty, Rebecca Before You

Dec 9, 2016
Big bear, small mouse by Wilson, Karma, author. Big bear, small mouse

"A big bear and a small mouse discover all of the opposites between their animal friends"--

Dec 8, 2016
Brave as can be - a book of courage by Witek, Jo, 1968- Brave as can be - a book of courage

"An older sister explains to her younger sister all the things she used to be afraid of, along with some tricks to help, whether it's a special blanket for bedtime or singing during a storm"--

Dec 9, 2016
Bunny Bus by Paquette, Ammi-Joan, author. Bunny Bus

"All of the animals pile on board and then they tumble out to get the Bunny Bus gussied up for the big Easter Parade"--

Dec 9, 2016
Bunny slopes by Rueda, Claudia, author, illustrator. Bunny slopes

In this interactive picture book, the reader must help Bunny stay on course as he skies down the slope.

Dec 9, 2016
Calling the water drum by Redding, LaTisha, author. Calling the water drum

"A young boy loses both parents as they attempt to flee Haiti for a better life, and afterward is only able to process his grief and communicate with the outside world through playing the drums. Includes author's note"--

Dec 9, 2016
Cat knit by Grant, Jacob, 1984- author, illustrator. Cat knit

Cat struggles to adjust and find a way to overcome his disappointment when his best friend, Yarn, is transformed into an itchy, stuffy sweater that Cat initially despises.

Dec 9, 2016
Chicken story time by Asher, Sandy. Chicken story time

Storytime in the library becomes increasingly chaotic as first one chicken then a whole flock joins in and the librarian must come up with a creative solution so that everyone can enjoy the story.

Dec 9, 2016
Curious George dragon dance by Nuchi, Adah, author. Curious George dragon dance

George, Marco, and their new friend Lily get to dance in the dragon costume during the Chinese New Year parade.

Dec 9, 2016
Daniel goes to school by Friedman, Becky, adapter. Daniel goes to school

Daniel Tiger is excited to go to school -- but he is worried when his dad can't stay with him -- in this back-to-school story for fans of "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

Dec 9, 2016
Daniel goes to school by Friedman, Becky, author. Daniel goes to school

Daniel Tiger wishes his father could stay at school with him but his father assures his son that even if he must go to work now, grown-ups come back, and Teacher Harriet helps Daniel and his classmates enjoy the day even without their parents.

Dec 9, 2016
Egg by Henkes, Kevin, author, illustrator. Egg

Three little birds crack their way out of eggs and fly away, leaving one egg sitting all alone until the three chicks come back and discover a friendly baby alligator has finally hatched.

Dec 9, 2016
Every color by Kono, Erin Eitter, author, illustrator. Every color

"A girl teaches a polar bear to see the colors in his environment as they take a trip around the world"--

Dec 9, 2016