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12 reasons why I love her by Rich, Jamie S.

12 reasons why I love her

Feb 10, 2016
1872 - Warzones by Duggan, Gerry, author.

1872 - Warzones

"In the Battleworld zone of 1872, Sheriff Steve Rogers faces corruption and fear in the boom town of Timely. Can Anthony Stark pull Rogers' fat from the fire? Probably not, since the only thing he seems capable of pulling is the cork from a bottle. Things in Timely are bad, and getting worse--and when a stranger named Red Wolf is brought into town, Timely will be changed forever...for anyone left standing when the dust clears, that is! Can justice trump the Dead Man's Hand composed of Bullseye,

Feb 10, 2016
1872 / Warzones! by Duggan, Gerry/ Virella, Nik (ILT)

1872 / Warzones!

Feb 4, 2016
750 years in Paris by Mahé, Vincent, artist.

750 years in Paris

"If you could stand still for 750 years, what could you learn about the world? It's time to find out. Focusing on one single building in Paris, beginning in the 13th century and making its way towards today, this historically stunning story is the eagerly anticipated debut from Vincent Mahe´."--

Feb 10, 2016
A girl on the shore by Asano, Inio, 1980- author, artist.

A girl on the shore

Feb 10, 2016
A Silent Voice 6 by Oima, Yoshitoki

A Silent Voice 6

Feb 10, 2016
A silent voice. 5 by Ōima, Yoshitoki, author, artist.

A silent voice. 5

Despite their tense pasts, Shoya begins to embrace the friend group that used to terrorize Shoko because she couldn't hear. Now that summer vacation is in full swing, the crew can work together to film Tomohiro's eccentric movie. Each fun-filled day lazily passes by, but doubt tugs at Shoya's heavy heart and he is desperate to cling on to meaningful moments before they are gone...

Feb 10, 2016
Akame ga kill! Vol. 5 by Takahiro, 1981- author.

Akame ga kill! Vol. 5

Feb 10, 2016
Akira. Book 5 by Ōtomo, Katsuhiro, 1954-

Akira. Book 5

With Akira and his mad prime minister ruling the Great Tokyo Empire, the world at largeis gathering its military strength to take on the Empire.

Feb 10, 2016
Apollo - the brilliant one by O'Connor, George, author.

Apollo - the brilliant one

"Mighty Apollo is known by all as the god of the sun, but there's more to this Olympian than a bright smile and a shining chariot"--

Feb 10, 2016
Archie 1 by Waid, Mark/ Staples, Fiona (ILT)

Archie 1

Feb 10, 2016
Assassination classroom. 7, On island time by Matsui, Yūsei, 1981- author, artist.

Assassination classroom. 7, On island time

"The 3-E students hope to kill on their final exams to win not only respect but a special reward. Over summer break, Nagisa, Sugino, and Maehara play amateur entomologist witha girl? After rigorous training with the greatest assassin of all, the class launches their best assassination plan yet! Now who will save our would-be assassins from a myserious biological weapon?"--

Feb 10, 2016
Assassination classroom. 8, Time for an opportunity by Matsui, Yūsei, 1981- author, artist.

Assassination classroom. 8, Time for an opportunity

The 3-E students storm the enemy, who has launched a deadly biological attack. Their path is blocked by three master assassins.

Feb 10, 2016
Astro City - family album by Busiek, Kurt.

Astro City - family album

"A family album is a collection not just of faces, but of moments. Of treasured memories. And Astro City's family album is no exception. Acclaimed creators Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson and Alex Ross invite you into a world of superheroes, monsters and other wonders, to let you walk the streets, breathe the air, share in some of the city's greatest moments ... and make them your treasured memories, too. A new family's first day in town. A world-famous hero takes on the fourth grade. A crimefighter

Feb 10, 2016
Attack on Titan 18 by Isayama, Hajime

Attack on Titan 18

Feb 10, 2016
Attack on Titan Before the Fall 7 by Isayama, Hajime (CRT)/ Suzukaze, Ryo

Attack on Titan Before the Fall 7

Feb 10, 2016
Attack on Titan. 17 by Isayama, Hajime, 1986- author, artist.

Attack on Titan. 17

"Thanks to Rod Reiss, Eren finally knows the terrible truth behind how he acquired his Titan powers, and the depth of his father's crimes. The king orders his daughter Historia to kill Eren and restore the power of the Titans to its rightful place, but she chooses her own selfish path: survival. As the cavern crumbles around the Survey Corps, Eren must make another last-minute decision, with the lives of all his friends in the balance"--

Feb 10, 2016
Attack on Titan. Before the fall. 5 by

Attack on Titan. Before the fall. 5

"Saved from exile, Kuklo and Cardina meet the hero Jorge Pikale, the first man ever to defeat a Titan in combat, and they learn how he did it: a mysterious gas-powered grappling machine known only as "the device." Jorge believes Kuklo might just have the agility and reflexes to master this startling weapon and take the Survey Corps to a new level. But Kuklo has his doubts, and what will Sharle think?"--

Feb 10, 2016
Attack on Titan. Before the fall. 6 by

Attack on Titan. Before the fall. 6

"Fifteen years ago, humanity led a last-ditch attempt to discover the Titans' weakness--a survey expedition to capture one of the beasts. But the ten-meter Titan who appeared during the capture attempt threw the expedition into chaos. Among those who escaped behind Wall Maria was the genius craftsman Angel, a weapon-developer who was participating in the expedition as a researcher. What would he conjure up from this failure?" --

Feb 7, 2016
Attack on Titan. Junior high, 4 by Nakagawa, Saki, author, illustrator.

Attack on Titan. Junior high, 4

As winter nears, a legend spreads through the student body about a mysterious "Snow Titan." When a sudden cold snap hits Attack Junior High, the story turns out to be more than legend! Later, what do you get humanity's strongest soldier on his birthday? And the peace of the campus comes to depend on the wiles of the one least in touch with reality, Armin!

Feb 10, 2016