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A Dangerous Place by Winspear, Jacqueline

A Dangerous Place

Jan 27, 2015
A fine summer's day by Todd, Charles.

A fine summer's day

"New York Times bestselling author Charles Todd takes readers on a trip to Ian Rutledge's past, with the story of the last case the Scotland Yard detective tackles before he goes off to fight in World War I"--

Jan 27, 2015
A question of death - an illustrated Phryne Fisher treasury by Greenwood, Kerry, author.

A question of death - an illustrated Phryne Fisher treasury

The Honourable Phryne Fisher -- she of the Lulu bob, green eyes, Cupid's Bow lips, and diamante garters -- is the 1920's most elegant and irrepressible sleuth. This sparkling collection of Phryne short stories and other Phryne miscellany -- including Phryne's favourite shoes and hats, delicious cocktail recipes and her best tips for discouraging unwated admirers -- is a gorgeously collectable treat for all Phryne fans. Lavishly illustrated with divine colour illustrations by Beth Norling, A Ques

Jan 27, 2015
A quilt in time - a Harriet Truman/Loose Threads mystery by Sachitano, Arlene, 1951-

A quilt in time - a Harriet Truman/Loose Threads mystery

Pet quilts are the project of the day for Harriet Truman and the Loose Threads. Local veterinarian Aiden Jalbert decides to set up an animal kennel for the local battered women's shelter and asks the quilters to sew bedding for it. Harriet is soon drawn into the world of domestic violence when Loose Thread Sarah Ness calls from the emergency room, where she's landed as a result of a vicious beating by her fiance Seth Pratt. Sarah initially refuses to consider going to the shelter but is forced t

Jan 27, 2015
A Root Awakening by Collins, Kate

A Root Awakening

Jan 27, 2015
A seamless murder by Ramirez, Melissa Bourbon, author.

A seamless murder

"With a needle and thread, Harlow Jane Cassidy is capable of magic. Her neighbors in Bliss, Texas, on the other hand, are capable of murder.... Any garment Harlow stitches together has the power to grant the deepest desire of whomever wears it. So when she's asked to sew aprons for a local women's group, Harlow must get to know each member. First up is Delta Lee Mobley, who doesn't care much for Harlow's family--or anyone else in Bliss, for that matter. Granting Delta's greatest wish could only

Jan 27, 2015
A stitch in crime by Elliott, Cathy, 1950- author.

A stitch in crime

Jan 27, 2015
A ticket to oblivion by Marston, Edward, author.

A ticket to oblivion

Jan 27, 2015
Acts of faith by Wynn, Patricia.

Acts of faith

Jan 27, 2015
All the president's menus by Hyzy, Julie A.

All the president's menus

When a tour of the White House kitchen by a group of foreign chefs ends in murder, executive chef Olivia Paras makes sleuthing the special of the day. Includes recipes for a complete presidential menu.

Jan 27, 2015
An Early Wake by Connolly, Sheila

An Early Wake

Jan 27, 2015
Arsenic and old books by James, Miranda.

Arsenic and old books

"In Athena, Mississippi, librarian Charlie Harris is known for his good nature--and for his Maine coon cat, Diesel, whom he walks on a leash. Charlie returned to his hometown to immerse himself in books, but taking the plunge into a recent acquisition will have him in over his head... Lucinda Beckwith Long, the mayor of Athena, has donated a set of Civil War-era diaries to the archives of Athena College. The books were recently discovered among the personal effects of an ancestor of Mrs. Long's

Jan 27, 2015
As chimney sweepers come to dust - a Flavia de Luce novel by Bradley, C. Alan, 1938- author.

As chimney sweepers come to dust - a Flavia de Luce novel

"Youthful chemist and aspiring detective Flavia de Luce once again brings her knowledge of poisons and her indefatigable spirit to solve dastardly crimes -- but this time, she leaves behind her beloved English countryside, and takes her sleuthing prowess to the unexpectedly unsavory world of Canadian boarding schools!"--

Jan 27, 2015
At the Drop of a Hat by Mckinlay, Jenn

At the Drop of a Hat

Jan 27, 2015
Bittersweet by Albert, Susan Wittig


Jan 27, 2015
Blood of the south by Clare, Alys, author.

Blood of the south

In Autumn of 1093, Lassair encounters a veiled noblewoman on the quay at Cambridge, set on by an angry mob. She has no idea that the woman, alone but for her infant child, brings both mystery and peril. Then a devastating flood hits the fens, and among the wreckage washed up Aelf Fen is a body. Lassair, in the company of a sheriff's officer, wonders if she is dealing with murder. Meanwhile, in the south, Lassair's beloved Rollo is moving with relief towards the conclusion of his mission for King

Jan 27, 2015
Blood Sport by Francis, Dick

Blood Sport

Jan 22, 2015
Blood sport by Francis, Dick.

Blood sport

"Reluctantly agreeing to locate a missing priceless breeding stallion for his employer, Gene Hawkins suddenly finds himself the target of millionaire Dave Teller's socialite wife, as he falls in love with his own boss's daughter and becomes the prey of a vicious gang of horse thieves"--NoveList.

Jan 27, 2015
Blue Avenue by Wiley, Michael, 1961- author.

Blue Avenue

Summoned by his old friend, homicide detective Daniel Turner, to identify the trussed-up, naked body of a woman, found wrapped in cellophane amongst a pile of garbage on Blue Avenue, a down-at-heel area of Jacksonville, Florida, businessman William Byrd or "BB" is in for a shock. He recognises the dead woman as Belinda Mabry, the girl with whom he spent an intense and passionate summer twenty-five years before. What's more, as Daniel informs him, she's the third victim to have met such a hideous

Jan 27, 2015
Board stiff by Lynn, Kendel, author.

Board stiff

Elliott Lisbon encounters a mystery at the Ballantyne Foundation on Sea Pine Island, SC, involving the board chair, Jane Hatting, who is accused of murder. After investigating all the criminal schemes involved in the scandal, she realizes she may be the next victim.

Jan 27, 2015