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Kentucky Kentucky

Jan 28, 2015
Peaks on the horizon - two journeys in Tibet. Peaks on the horizon - two journeys in Tibet.

"Charlie Carroll's obsession began with his chance discovery of 'Seven Years in Tibet' in the Adult Reading section of his grade school library. The battered hardcover with faded gold lettering sparked a twenty-year fascination with Tibet, and after combing through every book, article, and documentary on the mysterious and controversial nation, Charlie finally decided it was time to stop reading other people's records and thoughts. A high school English teacher by then, he took a sabbatical and

Jan 28, 2015
Place hacking - venturing off limits Place hacking - venturing off limits

Leaping from the Eiffel Tower in a wingsuit. Scaling Shanghai Tower, one of the world's tallest buildings. Camping on the roof of Philadelphia's abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary. These scenarios are real examples of explorations, adventures, and infiltrations of the built environment. Thousands of people around the globe engage in the recreational activity of place hacking: climbing, wading, jumping, or even ironing their way into prohibited or obscure spaces.

Jan 29, 2015