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Barrington Street Blues by Emery, Anne

Barrington Street Blues

Mar 5, 2015
Bonecrack by Francis, Dick.


Mar 5, 2015
Borrowed Crime by Cass, Laurie

Borrowed Crime

Feb 28, 2015
Borrowed crime by Cass, Laurie, author.

Borrowed crime

When Minnie loses a grant that was supposed to keep the bookmobile running, she's worried her pet project could come to its final page. But she's determined to keep her patrons -- and Eddie's fans --happy and well read. She just needs her boss, Stephen to see things her way, and make sure he doesn't see Eddie. The library director doesn't exactly know about the bookmobile's furry co-pilot.

Mar 5, 2015
By book or by crook - a lighthouse library mystery by Gates, Eva, author.

By book or by crook - a lighthouse library mystery

Mar 4, 2015
Camille by Lemaitre, Pierre


Mar 5, 2015
Cat out of hell by Truss, Lynne.

Cat out of hell

"For people who both love and hate cats comes the tale of Alec Charlesworth, a librarian who finds himself suddenly alone: he’s lost his job, his beloved wife has just died, and to top it all off, his sister has disappeared. Overcome by grief, he stands in his sister’s kitchen staring at the only witness to what’s happened to her – her cat, Roger. Who then speaks to him. It takes a while for Alec to realize he’s not gone mad from grief, that the cat is actually speaking . . . and that much of wh

Mar 5, 2015
Criminal confections by London, Colette, author.

Criminal confections

"Hayden Mundy Moore is an expert on everything chocolate, helping clients develop new products and revamp recipes until they're irresistible. But sometimes, a dash of murder finds its way into the mix... Hayden Mundy Moore has bushwhacked through African jungles and haggled in exotic markets to find the finest cacao beans and the most flavorful blends. It's thrilling work but rarely dangerous--until a colleague turns up dead at the exclusive chocolate-themed Lemai^tre resort spa in San Francisco

Mar 5, 2015
Cry uncle by McLean, Russel D., author.

Cry uncle

"Working undercover on behalf of the police, McNee’s mission is to get close to aging gangster David Burns and uncover his secrets. In his role as Burns’ new right hand man, he’s expected to follow orders and get his hands dirty. But how far can he go before he crosses the line? With the murder of Burns’ nephew – supposedly under McNee’s protection at the time – the tension ratchets up to breaking point, and McNee finds himself in the midst of a vicious turf war. His cover at risk of being blown

Mar 5, 2015
Dark rooms by Anolik, Lili, author.

Dark rooms

"Death sets the plot in motion: the murder of Nica Baker, beautiful, wild, enigmatic, and only sixteen. The crime is solved, and quickly--a lonely classmate, unrequited love, a suicide note confession--but memory and instinct won't allow Nica's older sister, Grace, to accept the case as closed. Dropping out of college and living at home, working at the moneyed and progressive private high school in Hartford, Connecticut, from which she recently graduated, Grace becomes increasingly obsessed with

Mar 5, 2015
Darned if you do by Ferris, Monica.

Darned if you do

"The USA Today bestselling Needlecraft Mysteries have shown that when it comes to murder, Betsy Devonshire, owner of the Crewel World needlework shop, doesn't mess around. But when a local hoarder is murdered, she'll need all her wits to dig a new friend out of a heap of trouble... After a tree falls on Tom Riordan's house, landing him in the hospital, the police discover a mountain of junk piled high in his home. Locals in Excelsior, Minnesota--including Betsy and her Crewel World Monday Bunch-

Mar 4, 2015
Deadfall - a Ryan Moar mystery by Hartley, Michael D., 1936-

Deadfall - a Ryan Moar mystery

Mar 1, 2015
Deadly Desire at Honeychurch Hall - A Honeychurch Hall Mystery by Dennison, Hannah

Deadly Desire at Honeychurch Hall - A Honeychurch Hall Mystery

Mar 5, 2015
Death & the redheaded woman - an Auction block mystery by Ross, Loretta, 1966-

Death & the redheaded woman - an Auction block mystery

When auctioneer Wren Morgan begins cataloging the contents of the Campbell mansion, she's unprepared to find something that can't be appraised - a dead man. When the body turns out to be a criminal with ties to a recent jewel heist, Wren meets Death Bogart, a private eye and part-time bounty hunter. Death is searching for the stolen jewels needed to convict a murderer. Death finds a friend and willing ally in Wren, but they aren't the only ones searching for treasure. Two ruthless men are also

Mar 5, 2015
Death of a liar by Beaton, M. C., author.

Death of a liar

"Sergeant Hamish Macbeth is alarmed to receive a report from a woman in the small village of Cronish in the Scottish Highlands. She has been brutally attacked and the criminal is on the loose. But upon further investigation, Hamish discovers that she was lying about the crime. So when the same woman calls him back about an intruder, he simply marvels at her compulsion to lie. This time, though, she is telling the truth. Her body is found in her home and Hamish must sort through all of her lies t

Mar 4, 2015
Death wears a beauty mask and other stories. by Clark, Mary Higgins.

Death wears a beauty mask and other stories.

Mar 5, 2015
Definitely dead - an empty nest mystery by Winston, Lois.

Definitely dead - an empty nest mystery

"When her career is outsourced to Asia, fledgling romance author and empty-nester Gracie Elliott wants a job that will allow her time to write. So she opens Relatively Speaking, becoming a wing woman to the senior set. Since her clients need several hours each morning to find their teeth, lube their creaky joints, and deal with lower GI necessities, and they always turn in after the early bird specials, she has plenty of time to pen her future bestsellers. Gracie deliberately avoids mentioning h

Mar 5, 2015
Doctor Death by Kaaberbøl, Lene, author.

Doctor Death

"Centered around Madeline Karno, an ambitious young woman eager to shatter the confines of 1890s France, this novel is a gripping mystery that takes the reader on a captivating journey to find the cause behind a series of suspicious deaths"--

Mar 5, 2015
Double fudge brownie murder - a Hannah Swensen mystery with recipes by Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author.

Double fudge brownie murder - a Hannah Swensen mystery with recipes

"Life in tiny Lake Eden, Minnesota, is usually pleasantly uneventful. Lately, though, it seems everyone has more than their fair share of drama--especially the Swensen family. With so much on her plate, Hannah Swensen can hardly find the time to think about her bakery--let alone the town's most recent murder. . . Hannah is nervous about the upcoming trial for her involvement in a tragic accident. She's eager to clear her name once and for all, but her troubles only double when she finds the judg

Mar 5, 2015
Drawing conclusions by Verne, Deirdre, 1965-

Drawing conclusions

"Estranged from her wealthy parents, freegan CeCe Prentice lives off the grid with her roommates in her inherited old harbor master's home on the North Shore of Long Island. CeCe spends her time dumpster-diving for food, tending to her organic farm, and sketching portraits. Her life is shattered when Det. Frank DeRosa informs her that her twin brother, Teddy, has been killed and that it may be related to his genetics work at their father's company. Then an attempt on CeCe's life is made, and she

Mar 5, 2015