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Green Arrow. Volume 2, Triple threat by

Green Arrow. Volume 2, Triple threat

Green Arrow battles King Leer, an evil genius who intends to rule the world after unleashing the chaos of his genetically modified animals.

Nov 25, 2014
Green Arrow. Volume 3, Harrow by

Green Arrow. Volume 3, Harrow

Nov 25, 2014
Green Arrow. Volume 4, The Kill Machine by

Green Arrow. Volume 4, The Kill Machine

"Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino begin their ground-breaking saga in the fourth volume of Green Arrow! A mysterious villian called Komodo knows Oliver's secrets and uses them to rob Oliver of all his wealth and his company. Now on the run from this seemingly unstoppable force, Oliver finds himself in a mystery involving the island where he first became Green Arrow and his father! Everything will change for the Emerald Archer in this new beginning for the character. This volume collects Green A

Nov 25, 2014
Green Arrow. Volume 5, The Outsiders War by

Green Arrow. Volume 5, The Outsiders War

"Oliver Queen thought he had it all figured out. As the heroic archer Green Arrow, he'd finally found a sense of purpose, friends to aid him, even a place on the Justice League of America. But now, he's not even sure where he came from... or who he came from. As Green Arrow discovers that his stranding on a desert island was more than just an accident, there seem to be more sinister forces at work behind all these sudden revelations. The Queen family is embroiled in a war generations old. A war

Nov 25, 2014
Green Lantern. Volume 3, The end by

Green Lantern. Volume 3, The end

Green Lantern Hal Jordan is no more. His power ring has passed to an unlikely new bearer: car thief and suspected terrorist Simon Baz. Though wrongfully accused, Simon is on the run from the U.S. government and the Justice League, hoping to use his new-found power to clear his name. But with the Green Lantern Corps's masters gone mad and turning against the Lanterns, Simon is largely on his own and way over his head. Can Earth's newest untrained Green Lantern pull off an incredible heist ...and

Nov 22, 2014
Guardians of the Galaxy. Prelude by

Guardians of the Galaxy. Prelude

"Who is Nebula? What tragic events forged her unbreakable allegiance to her dark lord? And how does Korath the Pursuer fit in? Then, as Gamora begins her quest for the Orb, see firsthand why she is the considered the most dangerous woman in the universe! Plus, relive the Guardians' individual debuts as Gamora and Star-Lord burst onto the scene, Drax and Iron Man take on Thanos, Rocket Raccoon meets the Hulk...and Groot tries to enslave the earth!"--P. [4] of cover.

Nov 25, 2014
Guardians of the galaxy. Tomorrow's Avengers. Vol. 1 by

Guardians of the galaxy. Tomorrow's Avengers. Vol. 1

"The Avengers of tomorrow face their baptism of fire! A thousand years from now, Vance Astro, Yondu, Martinex and Charlie-27 -- the Guardians of the Galaxy -- rise to retake Earth from reptilian raiders! But, they're not just building on the heroism of past centuries, they're recruiting from it! Captain America, Dr. Strange, the Thing, the Hulk and more join the star-spanning heroes in the greatest war the future ever saw! Then, as the Guardians help a planet in turmoil rebuild, threats rise fro

Nov 25, 2014
Guardians of the galaxy. Tomorrow's Avengers. Vol. 2 by

Guardians of the galaxy. Tomorrow's Avengers. Vol. 2

"The Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Avengers join forces but will even the combined might of two millennia be enough to stop the deranged demigod Michael Korvac? Then, the Guardians' adventures in the 20th century continue as they team up with Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, the Thing and Adam Warlock, encounter the High Evolutionary and meet the enigmatic Her! But when the team comes face-to-face with Vance Astro's younger self, will they accidentally change their own past-- and annihilate their time

Nov 25, 2014
Guardians of the galaxy/all-new X-Men. The trial of Jean Grey by Bendis, Brian Michael, author.

Guardians of the galaxy/all-new X-Men. The trial of Jean Grey

When an alien race decides to put Jean Grey on trial for the genocide committed by Dark Phoenix, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the All New X-Men must work to save her from the twisted intergalactic justice.

Nov 25, 2014
Haganai - I don't have many friends. Volume 8 by Itachi (Comic book artist).

Haganai - I don't have many friends. Volume 8

Kodaka's life hasn't been easy since joining the Neighbors Club, and while he's learning to go with the flow, that may not be the best approach when it seems like others are calling the shots for him.

Nov 25, 2014
Haganai - I don't have many friends. Volume 9 by Itachi (Comic book artist), illustrator.

Haganai - I don't have many friends. Volume 9

Kodaka challenges Rika to create a unique invention, while the club members take a trip to the amusement park where a roller coaster riding competition ensues.

Nov 25, 2014
Harbinger Wars. Volume 3 by Dysart, Josh, author.

Harbinger Wars. Volume 3

"Before the Harbinger Foundation, before Project Rising Spirit, Toya Harada spent decades circling the globe, recruiting empowered individuals to his cause through coercion, intimidation, and influence. But how is one deal brokered in secret between Harada and Rising Spirit Securities forty years ago now wreaking havoc in the modern day? And when the past comes roaring back, how will Peter Stanchek and the rest of Harada's most wanted react to the revelation of Rising Spirit's secret mission and

Nov 25, 2014
Harley Quinn. Volume 1, Hot in the city by Conner, Amanda, author.

Harley Quinn. Volume 1, Hot in the city

"Fresh from BATMAN: DEATH OF THE FAMILY and SUICIDE SQUAD, Harley Quinn returns to her first solo series in the New 52! The writing team of Jimmy Palmiotti (ALL STAR WESTERN) and Amanda Conner (BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE) unleashed Harley on an unsuspecting DC Universe, as she encounters various heroes and villains ... and leaves no one unscathed in her wake! With art by Chad Hardin and a slew of comics' best artists including Darwyn Cooke, Sam Kieth, Tony S. Daniel, Paul Pope, Walter Simonso

Nov 25, 2014
Hawkeye. 3, L.A. woman by Fraction, Matt, author.

Hawkeye. 3, L.A. woman

Nov 22, 2014
Here was a man by Aaron, Jason, author.

Here was a man

Nov 25, 2014
How the world was - a California childhood by Guibert, Emmanuel, author.

How the world was - a California childhood

In 1994, French cartoonist Emmanuel Guibert befriended an American veteran named Alan Cope and began creating his new friend's graphic biography. Alan's War was the surprising and moving result: the story of Cope's experiences as an American GI in France during World War II. How the World Was is Emmanuel Guibert's moving return to documenting the life of his friend. Cope died several years ago, as Guibert was just beginning work on this book, but Guibert has kept working to commit his friend's s

Nov 25, 2014
JSA Omnibus, Volume 1 by Johns, Geoff, 1973- author.

JSA Omnibus, Volume 1

"Known for his groundbreaking work on Green Lantern, in 2000 Geoff Johns brought Justice Society of America characters rooted in the Golden Age of comics back to the forefront of comics. Mixing younger, edgier characters with the elder statesmen of superheroes, Johns created an action-packed series with compelling storylines that are now collected here in the JSA Omnibus Vol. 1. Collected here are JSA #1-25, JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice, JSA All-Stars #1-8, JSA Our Worlds at War #1, JLA/JSA Secret F

Nov 25, 2014
Judge. 5, It's time to clear the docket by Tonogai, Yoshiki, author, artist.

Judge. 5, It's time to clear the docket

Who could possibly be responsible for this game? That question swirls among the participants, who grow more desperate as they are forced to make one horrific choice after another. The game is to conclude when the requisite four survivors have been determined. For those fortunates, court will be adjourned... but what awaits them on the other side of the courthouse doors?

Nov 25, 2014
Kamisama kiss. Volume 16 by Suzuki, Julietta, author, artist.

Kamisama kiss. Volume 16

Back in feudal Japan, Akura-oh is getting frustrated with his best friend and rampage companion Tomoe. He correctly guesses that Tomoe is lovesick, and decides the best way to deal with it is to kill the object of his affection--Yukiji! And to make matters worse, when Nanami wears historical clothes, she looks an awful lot like Yukiji! Can she manage to preserve the past, save Tomoe, protect Yukiji and keep from getting killed?!

Nov 25, 2014
Kick-Ass. 3, #1-8 by

Kick-Ass. 3, #1-8

With Hit-Girl now in prison, Kick-Ass must step up to lead the demoralized crime-fighting team Justice Forever just as the police have outlawed superheroes. Kick-Ass must hold the group together as the terrifying mafia boss Rocco Genovese returns from exile with a grand plan to unite all the East Coast crime families.

Nov 25, 2014