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Alabaster Shadows by Gardner, Matt/ Doucet, Rashad (ILT)

Alabaster Shadows

Feb 12, 2016
Apollo - the brilliant one by O'Connor, George, author.

Apollo - the brilliant one

"Mighty Apollo is known by all as the god of the sun, but there's more to this Olympian than a bright smile and a shining chariot"--

Feb 12, 2016
Archie Giant Comics Jackpot by Archie Superstars (COR)

Archie Giant Comics Jackpot

Feb 12, 2016
Asterix and the missing scroll by Ferri, Jean-Yves, author.

Asterix and the missing scroll

Asterix and the Missing Scroll is the brand new book featuring the further adventures of the ever-popular Asterix and Obelix.

Feb 10, 2016
Babymouse - monster mash by Holm, Jennifer L., author

Babymouse - monster mash

A graphic novel following the Halloween adventures of Babymouse, an imaginative young mouse.

Feb 12, 2016
Babymouse - the musical by Holm, Jennifer L.

Babymouse - the musical

As tryouts for the school musical begin, Babymouse takes the starring role in several imaginary Broadway productions, which also feature her debonair new classmate, Henry the hedgehog.

Feb 12, 2016
Babymouse 20 - Babymouse Goes for the Gold by Holm, Jennifer L.

Babymouse 20 - Babymouse Goes for the Gold

Feb 12, 2016
Batman '66. Vol. 4 by

Batman '66. Vol. 4

"Back to the Swingin' 60s as DC Comics reimagines the classic Batman TV series in comics form. These all-new stories portray The Caped Crusader, The Boy Wonder and their fiendish rogues gallery just the way viewers remember them. In this volume, the Dynamic Duo team-up with Barbara Gordon to take on The Bookworm, a deranged zombie creating Professor, The Queen of Diamonds, Lord Death Man and The Joker."--

Feb 10, 2016
Bee and PuppyCat. Vol. 2 by Allegri, Natasha, 1986-

Bee and PuppyCat. Vol. 2

"Bee just wants to enjoy the good things in life like delicious food and the sweet entertainment of television, too bad money gets in the way. Join Bee and PuppyCat as they take up magical temp jobs, lose library books, and learn the importance of cleaning up after themselves in this cute collection of stories."--

Feb 12, 2016
Bunny vs. Monkey by Smart, Jamie, author, artist.

Bunny vs. Monkey

When mean, selfish Monkey is sent into space, his spaceship crash-lands in Bunny's peaceful forest home, and Monkey, believing he is on a new planet, tries to claim it for his own.

Feb 12, 2016
Claudia and mean Janine [graphic novel] by Martin, Ann M., 1955-, creator.

Claudia and mean Janine [graphic novel]

"Claudia and her sister, Janine, may as well be from two different planets. Claudia, who pays more attention to her artwork and The Baby-sitters Club than her homework, feels like she can't compete with her perfect sister. Janine studies nonstop, gets straight As, and even takes college-level courses! But when something unexpected happens to the most beloved person in their family, will the sisters be able to put aside their differences?"--

Feb 12, 2016
Comics Squad - lunch! by

Comics Squad - lunch!

"A collection of comics about every kid's favorite school subject: lunch!"--

Feb 12, 2016
Feathers by Corona, Jorge, author.


Born covered in black feathers, abandoned as a baby in the slums of the Maze, Poe has lived his entire eleven-year-old life hidden away under the protection of his adoptive father, Gabriel. He spends his days secretly helping the Mice, bands of orphans who roam the slums, but there is a whisper of an altogether more sinister figure in the shadows, making street children disappear. When Bianca, an over-protected girl from the wealthy City beyond the Wall, escapes into the Maze in search of advent

Feb 12, 2016
Grimmiss Island by Baltazar, Art, author, artist.

Grimmiss Island

"When the Volcano Goddess threatens the Mama Woogees' tiny island, only little Grimmiss can save the day! When you're a little guy with a skull head, there's adventure around every corner!"--provided by publisher.

Feb 12, 2016
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - minicomic collection by

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - minicomic collection

Feb 12, 2016
LEGO Bionicle. [1], Gathering of the Toa by Windham, Ryder, author.

LEGO Bionicle. [1], Gathering of the Toa

On the mythical island of Okoto, the forces of darkness are on the move. To defeat evil, the island Protectors call on the help of six elemental heroes known as the Toa.

Feb 10, 2016
Little Dee and the Penguin by Baldwin, Christopher

Little Dee and the Penguin

Feb 12, 2016
Love - the fox by Brrémaud, Frédéric, author.

Love - the fox

A fox and the other animals that live on an island and in the seas surrounding it must struggle to survive when a volcano erupts, in a story in graphic novel format told without words.

Feb 12, 2016
Love - the tiger by Brrémaud, Frédéric, author.

Love - the tiger

Chronicles a day in the life of a tiger as it hunts prey and defends itself from other animals.

Feb 12, 2016
Lumberjanes 3 by Watters, Shannon/ Stevenson, Noelle/ Ellis, Grace/ Allen, Brooke a

Lumberjanes 3

Feb 12, 2016