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Wish upon a starfish by Dadey, Debbie, author.

Wish upon a starfish

Longing for onstage stardom, Pearl auditions for the third-grade play and gets the part of the evil sea witch while her best friend is cast in the lead, a situation that challenges their friendship.

Sep 28, 2015
Kid owner by Green, Tim, 1963-

Kid owner

"When Ryan learns his estranged father left him the Dallas Cowboys in his will, it is all Ryan can do to keep his dad's other son from snatching the team away"--

Sep 28, 2015
Dead Boy by Gale, Laurel

Dead Boy

Sep 28, 2015
Seven dead pirates by Bailey, Linda, 1948- author.

Seven dead pirates

When painfully shy Lewis and his family move into his great-grandfather's dilapidated seaside mansion, he discovers he's sharing his room with seven rowdy pirate ghosts, who expect Lewis to help them retake their ship, now stored in a local museum.

Sep 28, 2015
A script for danger by Keene, Carolyn, author.

A script for danger

When an old friend invites Nancy and her friends to visit the set of a new movie he is directing in River Heights, Nancy uses her detective skills to discover who is sabotaging the production.

Sep 28, 2015
The Taken by Iserles, Inbali

The Taken

Sep 28, 2015
Sewing in circles by Taylor, Chloe, author.

Sewing in circles

Selling hand-sewn crafts at an indoor market, Zoey confronts a difficult choice when a new crush with a style very unlike her own asks if he can display his paintings in her market booth.

Sep 28, 2015
The naughty list by Fry, Michael, 1959- author, illustrator.

The naughty list

"Twelve-year-old Bobbie travels to the North Pole to remove her brother from Santa's unimpeachable Naughty List in this Christmas adventure"--

Sep 28, 2015
Party Drama! by Siegal, Ida

Party Drama!

Sep 28, 2015
My Dog Is Better Than Your Dog by Greenwald, Tommy

My Dog Is Better Than Your Dog

Sep 28, 2015
Monsters on the run by Sherry, Kevin, author, illustrator.

Monsters on the run

Yeti Blizz Richards and his gang of cryptids set out to find a friend for Vanessa, the Loch Ness Monster, even though it means traveling back in time to the dangerous age of the Cretaceous looking for plesiosaurs--unfortunately Vanessa proves to be rather timid about meeting other dinosaurs.

Sep 28, 2015
Mia the mouse by Small, Lily.

Mia the mouse

Mia is in the middle of telling a story to her sick grandmother when her mother asks her to run an errand, but, distracted by what may come next in the story, all Mia can remember is that she is to fetch something that starts with "B". Includes activities.

Sep 28, 2015
Marion takes charge by Barkley, Callie.

Marion takes charge

When Marion finally gets the chance to babysit her little sister, she finds that the task is harder than she expected, especially when she gets called to the Critter Club to help with a stray cat and must bring Gabby along.

Sep 28, 2015
Louise Trapeze is totally 100% fearless by Ostow, Micol.

Louise Trapeze is totally 100% fearless

"Six-year-old Louise Trapeze lives at the circus and can't wait to fly on the trapeze until she discovers that she is afraid of heights"--

Sep 28, 2015
Paddy the puppy by Small, Lily.

Paddy the puppy

Paddy the Pollen Puppy is so excited about today being his birthday that he causes all sorts of trouble. Includes activities.

Sep 28, 2015
Operation twin trouble by O'Ryan, Ray.

Operation twin trouble

"Zack's twin sisters are best friends, but when the two get into an argument while visiting another planet, Zack finds himself stuck in the middle of a tricky twin situation"--

Sep 28, 2015
Pumpkin spice by Meyerhoff, Jenny, author.

Pumpkin spice

Kaya, Anna, and Reed hope their pumpkin, Herbert, will take home first prize at the Windy City Pumpkin Fest, but when Herbert suddenly disappears, the friends must catch the thief in time for the festival.

Sep 28, 2015
The spider siege by Patton, Jack, author.

The spider siege

Max must return to Bug Island and help the Battle Bugs defeat General Komodo and his fleet of fearsome horned lizards.

Sep 28, 2015
The accidental hero by Myklusch, Matt.

The accidental hero

Twelve-year-old Jack, freed from a dismal orphanage, makes his way to the elusive and impossible Imagine Nation, where a mentor saves him from dissection and trains him to use his superpower, despite the virus he carries that makes him a threat.

Sep 28, 2015
Goosebumps movie novel / Movie Novel by Stine, R. L. (EDT)

Goosebumps movie novel / Movie Novel

When Zach moves next door to the mysterious Mr. Shivers, he discovers his neighbor is secretly horror novelist R.L. Stine, and that all of the monsters in his books are real.

Sep 28, 2015