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Katie, sprinkled secrets by Simon, Coco, author.

Katie, sprinkled secrets

Katie is about to burst when the rest of the Cupcake Club entrusts her with their secrets, but this group of best friends soon realizes that sharing and keeping secrets is what friends are for.

Jun 24, 2015
You're invited by Malone, Jen, author.

You're invited

When twelve-year-old Sadie is fired from her mother's wedding planning company after a disastrous mishap, she starts her own party planning business and recruits her three best friends.

Jun 24, 2015
Billy Sure, kid entrepreneur and the stink spectacular by Sharpe, Luke, author.

Billy Sure, kid entrepreneur and the stink spectacular

Discovering that he has been exchanging emails with a corporate spy from a rival company, seventh-grade innovator Billy Sure and his best friend set a trap to catch the culprit before he reveals Sure Things, Inc.'s valuable secrets.

Jun 24, 2015
The curse of the ancient emerald by Dixon, Franklin W, author.

The curse of the ancient emerald

When a string of high-end robberies hits Bayport, Joe and Frank Hardy look for the main suspect, an old thief named the Phantom, whose next target could be the valuable Emerald of Astara.

Jun 24, 2015
A new friend by Green, Poppy, author.

A new friend

Eight-year-old Sophie Mouse is excited to return to school after the long winter break, but there is a new student--a snake--and Sophie and the other animals are afraid to sit near him, much less ask him to play with them, because they have heard snakes are awful.

Jun 24, 2015
Dressed to frill by Taylor, Chloe, author.

Dressed to frill

After being asked to make Libby's bat mitzvah dress, Zoey must compromise when the dress is deemed inappropriate by Libby's mom, and Zoey has to choose between her brother and Allie when the two's relationship is on the rocks.

Jun 24, 2015
The mummy mystery by Widmark, Martin, 1961- author.

The mummy mystery

When a night watchman claims that he saw the mummy at the art museum walking around on the same night a valuable painting was stolen, Jerry and Maya are summoned by the chief of police to get to the bottom of the spooky mystery.

Jun 24, 2015
May the best twin win by Payton, Belle, author.

May the best twin win

Placed on opposing teams for their school's flag football game during Homecoming Week, twins Ava and Alex confront their escalating rivalry, feelings of jealousy, and a substitute teacher's refusal to give Ava extra time for science tests.

Jun 24, 2015
Liz and the sand castle contest by Barkley, Callie.

Liz and the sand castle contest

As her friends in the Critter Club animal shelter care for colorful aquarium fish, second-grader Liz and her family spend a long weekend at the beach, where Liz rescues a baby octopus and competes with an unfriendly young neighbor in a sand castle contest.

Jun 24, 2015
Becca and the Prisoner's Cross by Abbott, Tony

Becca and the Prisoner's Cross

Jun 24, 2015
The witch's revenge by Pike, Christopher, author.

The witch's revenge

Confronting Spooksville's most powerful citizen, whom their friend believes is a witch, Adam and his companions visit the castle of Ms. Ann Templeton, where they encounter a variety of wonderful and terrifying elements.

Jun 25, 2015
Last Stand on the Ocean Shore - The Mystery of Herobrine- Book Three- a Gameknight999 Adventure- an Unofficial Minecrafter's Adventure by Cheverton, Mark

Last Stand on the Ocean Shore - The Mystery of Herobrine- Book Three- a Gameknight999 Adventure- an Unofficial Minecrafter's Adventure

Jun 25, 2015
Puppy Love! by Mercer, Sienna

Puppy Love!

Jun 25, 2015
The dark cauldron by Blade, Adam, author.

The dark cauldron

The reader's choices determine the outcome of Tom and his companions' battles with Aldroim, a shapeshifter, and Cornix, a crow-like beast.

Jun 25, 2015
Cooking club chaos! by Hiranandani, Veera.

Cooking club chaos!

"Because Phoebe and Camille's best friend Sage has the same lunch every day, they come up with the idea of a cooking club to show Sage how many exciting foods there are.

Jun 25, 2015
A royal pain in the burp by Krulik, Nancy E., author.

A royal pain in the burp

"George and his classmates are giving reports on their family trees, and their presentations will be broadcast on the local news. George is excited, but when he discovers he's related to the king of Arfendonia--a place no one has ever heard of--he panics. What if he makes a fool of himself on live TV? And even worse, what if his burp decides to make a guest appearance? Then George will be a total royal embarrassment!" --

Jun 25, 2015
Taffy trouble by Perelman, Helen.

Taffy trouble

When a troll disturbs the seawater and endangers all the taffy treats, Cocoa the Chocolate Fairy travels to the North Sea to assist her friend, Nellie the seahorse, to restore the water's salt balance.

Jun 25, 2015
Tail spin by Mercer, Sienna, author.

Tail spin

Justin begins taking dance classes with his girlfriend and tries to keep the football team from finding out, while the father of Daniel's girlfriend is suspicious of Daniel--and is convinced that werewolves exist.

Jun 25, 2015
Of enemies and endings by Bach, Shelby, author.

Of enemies and endings

"Rory Landon and her friends are determined to stop the Snow Queen once and for all in this final book in The Ever Afters series!"--

Jun 26, 2015
The cold people by Pike, Christopher, 1955- author.

The cold people

Discovering hugh blocks of ice inside the woods of Spooksville, Adam and his friend inadvertently set free the "Cold People," who soon after ravage the town, freezing everybody they touch.

Jun 26, 2015