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Para Elisa by

Para Elisa

Desperate for some post-graduation cash, party girl Ana answers a babysitting ad, but after arriving for an interview at the home of Diamantina, she's disturbed by the old woman's increasingly odd behavior and horrified to discover that her charge, Elisa, is not a child but rather a deranged woman her own age. Before Ana can act, she finds herself trapped in the house and made to serve as Elisa's new toy, a toy that like many others before it may well be broken.

Oct 3, 2015
Plaza Sesamo- La Escuela Es Divertida- Haciendo Amigos by

Plaza Sesamo- La Escuela Es Divertida- Haciendo Amigos

Join Elmo, Professor Grover, and company as they share silly stories and songs about making friends, taking turns, and sharing.

Oct 3, 2015
Por Amor En El Caserio by

Por Amor En El Caserio

Angelo is a new resident to the project, where his cousin is the drug lord of one of the sides. He falls in love with Cristal- the sister of the opposing drug lord enemy of his cousin. With lack of support from both sides, they meet secretly and their love grows deeper. The gangs are plotting one last war, a fight that will finally determine who controls the drug territories. Can a love of this magnitude overcome this environment?

Oct 3, 2015
Por Mis Pistolas by

Por Mis Pistolas

A man goes to claim a silver mine and suffers comedic misadventures and vicious gunmen along the way.

Oct 3, 2015
Presunto culpable = Presumed guilty by

Presunto culpable = Presumed guilty

"In December 2005 Ton~o Zuniga was picked up off the street in Mexico City, Mexico, and sentenced to 20 years for a murder he knew nothing about. A friend of Ton~o's contacted two young lawyers, Roberto Herna´ndez and Layda Negrete, who gained prominence in Mexico when they helped bring about the release of another innocent man from prison. Looking into Ton~o's case, Roberto and Layda managed to get a retrial--on camera--and enlisted the help of filmmaker Geoffrey Smith to chronicle the saga. S

Oct 3, 2015
Princesas by


Oct 3, 2015
Que Le Dijiste a Dios? by

Que Le Dijiste a Dios?

After their snobby boss Marcela forbids them from attending a wedding in town, housekeepers Martina and Lupita decide to 'borrow' Marcela's clothes and go anyway! With Marcela and her friend Marifer in hot pursuit, the two maids begin a laugh-filled journey in the name of love; one that forever changes the lives of all four women.

Oct 3, 2015
Reality boy - una novela by King, A. S. (Amy Sarig), 1970-

Reality boy - una novela

"Gerald tuvo una infancia muy peculiar. Cuando apenas tenía cinco años, su madre permitió que una televisora hiciera de su vida familiar un reality show. Con su turbulenta vida expuesta en la pantalla, Gerald crece con el estigma de estar loco, de ser violento, peligroso… Un tipo antisocial que debe reprimir cualquier deseo. Porque los deseos generan frustración, y la frustración desata lo peor de él. A nadie le importa que Gerald haya aprendido a controlarse; solo esperan que pierda la cabeza.

Oct 1, 2015
Rec 3 - genesis by

Rec 3 - genesis

A couple's wedding day is shadowed by horror as some of the guests show signs of a strange illness.

Oct 3, 2015
Rec 4 by

Rec 4

Several hours after the terrible events that ravaged the old building in Barcelona, elite soldiers infiltrated it to put an end to the nightmare. They thought the mission was a success. Angela Vidal, the young television reporter who entered the building with the firemen just hours before, managed to make it out alive, but no one knows that she carries the seed of the infection within her.

Oct 3, 2015
Reglas quebrantadas by Ellis, Lucy (Romance fiction writer)

Reglas quebrantadas

"El despiadado Serge Marinov pensaba que la deslumbrante sonrisa y el cuerpo voluptuoso de Clementine Chevalier podían provocar verdaderos disturbios. Era tan cautivadora que eran necesarias ciertas reglas: él le daría noches de placer, pero a la luz del día de San Petersburgo desaparecería. Serge era la fantasía secreta de Clementine hecha realidad, pero ella no estaba interesada en el dinero, así que puso ciertas condiciones: no sería su amante hasta que le demostrara que era algo más que un c

Oct 1, 2015
Regresa by Montero, Germán, 1979-


Oct 3, 2015
Salsa Legends by Tricoche, Hector.

Salsa Legends

Top selling salsa compilation featuring sixteen tracks.

Oct 3, 2015
Sand Dollars by

Sand Dollars

Every afternoon Noeli, a young Dominican girl, goes to the beaches at Las Terrenas with her boyfriend to look for ways to make a living at the expense of one of the many tourists that wander the beach. As people parade through her life, Noeli has a steady client; a mature French woman who, as time goes by, has found an ideal refuge on the island to spend her last years.

Oct 3, 2015
Seducing Mr. Perfect by

Seducing Mr. Perfect

Though always the idealistic loser on the battlefield of love, Min-jun accepts a dare to seduce her painfully handsome hotshot boss from the US. Will she succeed, or will she once again get her heart broken?

Oct 3, 2015
Stigma by


The death of Sebastian's father engenders in him pathological fears and hallucinations. His death wishes seem to cause horrible accidents, which he is unable to control. When his older brother dies, he feels that he has caused it. He undergoes hypnosis, but his apparent supernatural powers continue.

Oct 3, 2015
Tambolero by La Momposina, Toto.


In the Real World's vaults was a forgotten treasure of material: some 40 takes of twenty different songs. Not only a wealth of music that didn't make the original album, but a number of previously unreleased songs as well.

Oct 3, 2015
Tardes Utilisima- Lo Mejor De El Toque De Aquiles by

Tardes Utilisima- Lo Mejor De El Toque De Aquiles

Oct 3, 2015
Tardes Utilisima- Lo Mejor De Sabores De Familia by

Tardes Utilisima- Lo Mejor De Sabores De Familia

Oct 3, 2015
Tears and rumba by Xiomara.

Tears and rumba

Oct 3, 2015