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Fives and twenty-fives by Pitre, Michael.

Fives and twenty-fives

"It's the rule--always watch your fives and twenty-fives. When a convoy halts to investigate a possible roadside bomb, stay in the vehicle and scan five meters in every direction. A bomb inside five meters cuts through the armor, killing everyone in the truck. Once clear, get out and sweep twenty-five meters. A bomb inside twenty-five meters kills the dismounted scouts investigating the road ahead. Fives and twenty-fives mark the measure of a marine's life in the road repair platoon. Dispatched

Sep 2, 2014
For Her Son's Sake by Garbera, Katherine

For Her Son's Sake

Sep 2, 2014
Forest of fortune by Ruland, Jim.

Forest of fortune

Sep 2, 2014
Forged by desire by McMaster, Bec, author.

Forged by desire

Ten years ago, Perry fled her thrall contract to find sactuary among the Nighthawks. In that time, she's become a respected woman of the Guard, and she's wanted Garrett Reed for as long as she can remember. But when a new case takes a chillingly familiar turn, Perry finds herself once again in the path of a madman...only this time, there's nowhere left to run.

Sep 2, 2014
Forty loads by Cogburn, Brett. author.

Forty loads

When the beautiful McGaffney twins hire Faro Wells to escort them to New Mexico to claim their inheritance, Faro thinks his luck has finally turned. But a world of trouble stands between him and the supposed fortune: a raging war, hostile Indians, and every raider on the wild frontier. Not to mention the South's most infamous villain, the Black Knight, is hard on Faro's trail. And the twins may be the worst touble of all.

Sep 2, 2014
Frankenstein - the 1818 text, contexts, criticism by Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, 1797-1851.

Frankenstein - the 1818 text, contexts, criticism

This extensively revised Norton Critical Edition includes new texts and illustrative materials that convey the enduring global conversation about Frankenstein and its author. The text is that of the 1818 first edition, published in three volumes by Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor, and Jones. It is accompanied by an expansive new preface, explanatory annotations, a map of Geneva and its environs, and seven illustrations, five of them new to the Second Edition.

Sep 2, 2014
Frayed by Karr, Kim.


"He didn't think, he didn't question-he just acted. What she wanted, she took-without regard. It was only one night, but it changed everything. After losing his fiancee, Ben Covington is unsure he'll ever love again. But he's so deeply drawn to Bell Wilde that he's thrown for a loop. Maybe it's purely sexual chemistry that's igniting their spark; or maybe it's his second chance at love. Bell Wilde has just gotten her life back on track and may not be up the challenge of Ben Covington coming back

Sep 2, 2014
Frenzy by Lutz, John


Sep 2, 2014
Friday night love by McCollors, Tia.

Friday night love

"Zenja Maxwell is ready to call it quits with her husband when God's Word gives fresh hope for their hearts--but will it be enough to save their marriage?"--

Sep 2, 2014
Friends at Thrush Green by Read, Miss.

Friends at Thrush Green

There had been general dismay when Miss Watson and Miss Fogerty retired to Barton-on-the-Sea after many years of devoted service teaching the children of Thrush Green, so their visit to see old friends in the village brings great pleasure. The new headmaster, Alan Lester, is cautiously accepted, but rumor is rife about his wife's health. Meanwhile, Farmer Percy Hodge is also the subject of local speculation: Is his strange behavior the result of an infatuation with the young Doreen Lilly? As for

Aug 27, 2014
Full steam ahead by Witemeyer, Karen.

Full steam ahead

"In this 1850s romance Darius Thornton is not the sort of man debutante Nicole Renard could ever marry. But can she stop her heart from surging full steam ahead?"--

Sep 2, 2014
Gentlemen Prefer Curves by Jamison, Sugar

Gentlemen Prefer Curves

Sep 2, 2014
Ghost layer by Owens, Robin D., author.

Ghost layer

Clare Cermak's adjusting to a new man in her life and a lot of ghosts. The passing of Clare's aunt gave way to a sizeable inheritance of not only money, but also the ability to communicate with the dead. At the same time, she met Zach Slade, a private detective with a rough past, and just like Clare, he's not yet ready to accept her gift or his own. But Clare has another matter to look into. A multimillionaire needs her help after relocating an old ghost town to his mountain estate. The bones of

Sep 2, 2014
Glimmerglass - a novel by Youmans, Marly.

Glimmerglass - a novel

Sep 2, 2014
Glitz by Leonard, Elmore, 1925-2013.


Psycho mama"s boy Teddy Magyk has a serious jones for the Miami cop who put him away--but he wants to hit Vincent Mora where it really hurts before killing him. So when a beautiful Puerto Rican hooker takes a swan dive from an Atlantic City high-rise, and Vincent naturally shows up to investigate the questionable death of his "special friend," Teddy figures he's got his prey just where he wants him.

Sep 2, 2014
Going Gone by Sala, Sharon

Going Gone

Sep 2, 2014
Great Lakes skipper by Stark, Jim

Great Lakes skipper

Sep 2, 2014
Great tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe by Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849.

Great tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe

Sep 2, 2014
Grimm - The Killing Time by Waggoner, Tim

Grimm - The Killing Time

Sep 2, 2014
Harbor Island by Neggers, Carla, author.

Harbor Island

While tracking down stolen artifacts from Boston to Ireland to the coast of Maine, Emma Sharpe, the granddaughter of a world-renowned art detective, and her fiance´, FBI deep-cover agent Colin Donovan, must outwit one of the smartest, most ruthless killers they have ever encountered.

Sep 2, 2014