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Circles by Borth, Teddy, author.


May 3, 2016
Clap, clap! by Matoso, Madalena.

Clap, clap!

"A book of sounds where your hands make the noise! Flap, flap, flap and a butterfly flaps its wings. Knock, knock, knock|who is at the door? Boom, boom, boom... a boy plays a drum with all his energy! Help tell a story of noise and sound|no batteries required, just your hands on each side of the cover." --Amazon.

May 3, 2016
Hexagons by Borth, Teddy, author.


May 3, 2016
How much does a ladybug weigh? by Limentani, Alison, author, illustrator.

How much does a ladybug weigh?

Introduces readers to counting, wildlife, and comparison by exploring the weight of animals.

May 3, 2016
How to pee - potty training for girls by Spector, Todd.

How to pee - potty training for girls

"Making potty training a game instead of a chore, this time for girls!"--

May 3, 2016
One day on our blue planet - the Antarctic by Bailey, Ella, author, illustrator.

One day on our blue planet - the Antarctic

"From breakfast to dinner, dusk to dawn, children will love spending the day with this curious penguin chick. The One Day on Our Blue Planet series by Ella Bailey is a new set of children's books focused on the way our young animal friends spend a day. This time we head to the biting cold of Antarctica to meet a curious penguin chick!"--Pubilsher.

May 3, 2016
One thousand things by Kövecses, Anna, author, illustrator.

One thousand things

Find out what one thousand really looks like in this visual encyclopedia of first words to see and say. Search-and-find Little Mouse on every page and discover new words with every turn of the page. Stylishly laid out, the book is arranged by theme and features fully illustrated collections of "things", each clearly labelled and easy to recognise. This value-packed 80 page book covers everything from space, to the human body, to the world around us, bringing contemporary appeal to a classic subj

May 3, 2016
Ovals by Borth, Teddy, author.


May 3, 2016
Rectangles by Borth, Teddy, author.


May 3, 2016
Squares by Borth, Teddy, author.


Presents the square shape and introduces examples of squares found in everyday life, including signs, waffles, and computer keyboards.

May 3, 2016
The world of Mamoko in the time of dragons by Mizielińska, Aleksandra, author, illustrator.

The world of Mamoko in the time of dragons

Imagines the land of Mamoko during the time of fair maidens, kings, and courtiers, inviting young children to make discoveries and piece together stories on intricately detailed spreads.

May 3, 2016
Triangles by Borth, Teddy, author.


Presents the triangle shape and introduces examples of triangles found in everyday life, including windows, slices of pie, and sails on a boat.

May 3, 2016