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Autumn by Hedlund, Stephanie F., 1977-


An introduction to the autumn season.

Sep 15, 2014
Ready, steady, grow! by Piper, Sophie.

Ready, steady, grow!

Illustrations and simple text reveal how children grow taller and describes good choices to make regarding diet, exercise, and hygiene that will help children grow. Includes a height chart attached to inside back cover.

Sep 15, 2014
Spring by Hedlund, Stephanie F., 1977-


Sep 13, 2014
Summer by Hedlund, Stephanie F., 1977-


Sep 15, 2014
Winter by Hedlund, Stephanie F., 1977-


Discusses the season of winter, including what the temperature is like, what happens to plants, and what kinds of activities people do.

Sep 15, 2014