Bylaws of Monroe County Public Library Board


The activities of the Monroe County Public Library Board shall be governed by the 1947 Indiana Library Law (IC 36-12) as amended and these Bylaws.  In the event of conflict between the provisions of any Indiana Laws and these Bylaws, the former shall apply and be followed by the Board.


The Monroe County Public Library Board shall consist of seven (7) members chosen in accordance with the provisions of 1947 Library Law as amended for their fitness for public library trusteeships.


SECTION 1.  The officers shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary and a treasurer.

SECTION 2.  The officers shall be elected at a February meeting for a term of one year.  Vacancies in office shall be filled at the next regular meeting of the board after the vacancy occurs.

SECTION 3.  The duties of the officers shall be such as by custom and law and the rules of this board usually devolve upon such officers in accordance with their titles.


SECTION 1.  The library board shall meet at least once a month at a regularly scheduled meeting at the Monroe County Public Library.

SECTION 2.  Special meetings may be called by the President, or upon written request of two (2) members, for the transaction of business as stated in the call.  Notice stating the time and place of any special meeting and the purpose for which it is called shall be given to the public, the media, and each member of the board at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of such meeting.

SECTION 3.  A quorum for transaction of business shall consist of a simple majority.

SECTION 4.  Order of business shall be:

  • Call to order
  • Approval of minutes
  • Approval of bills
  • Personnel report
  • Report of the director
  • Old business
  • New business
  • Public comment
  • Adjournment

SECTION 5.  Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, last revised edition, shall govern the parliamentary procedure of the board.


Special committees for carrying out projects passed by the board, and for study and investigation of proposed projects, may be appointed by the president as occasion demands, such committees to serve until completion of the work for which they were appointed.


SECTION 1.  The Director shall be appointed by the Board in accordance with the Certification Law of Indiana.

SECTION 2.  The Director shall be considered the chief executive officer of the Board and shall have responsibility for the administration of the Library under the direction and review of the Board.  The Director shall be held responsible for the care of the buildings and equipment, for the employment and direction of the staff, for the efficiency of the library's service to the public, and for the operation of the Library under the financial conditions set forth in the annual budget.  The Director shall attend all Board meetings, except those at which his/her appointment, salary, or performance is to be discussed and decided.

SECTION 3.  Appointments on the staff shall be recommended by the Director and approved by the Board.  All appointments shall conform to the Indiana Library Certification Board Rules and existing personnel policies which have been approved by this Board. 


It shall be the policy of the Board not to employ any close relative of any member of the Board or the Director.


SECTION 1. Board members, in the capacity of trust imposed upon them, shall observe high ethical standards and abide by the library's Values as adopted by the Board.


SECTION 2. Board members shall avoid situations in which personal interests might be served or financial benefits gained at the expense of library users, colleagues, or the institution.


SECTION 3. Board members shall complete the Uniform Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form annually and declare any conflict of interest between their personal or business interests and their position on the Board.  Board members will recuse themselves from voting immediately whenever the appearance of a conflict of interest exists.


These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Library Board with a quorum present, by a majority vote of the members present, providing the Amendment was either read at the last previous regular meeting or was stated in the call for the meeting.

Revised February 22, 1980; January 20, 2010; and September 19, 2012