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Carnival in a fix by Reeve, Philip, author. Carnival in a fix

"Emily must save her outer space amusement park home from being shut down by the funfair inspector"--

Feb 19, 2017
Catching the Jigglypuff thief by Polan, Alex. Catching the Jigglypuff thief

"Ethan, Devin, and Gianna are Poke´mon trainers, and with the help of their favorite Poke´mon and the Team Mystic gym leader, Carlo, they're ready to take on both the real world and the video game world in Poke´mon GO! But when someone breaks into the local doughnut shop and steals a valuable batch of doughnuts, it looks like the shop might close--taking Team Mystic's only gym down with it! The friends are determined to crack the case, especially when their first clue, found in Devin's Poke´dex,

Feb 18, 2017
Chasing Butterfree by Polan, Alex, author. Chasing Butterfree

"On a trip to the zoo, Team Mystic encounters plenty of rare Poke´mon. There are Abra, Mankey, and Butterfree everywhere, not to mention a gazillion Poke´Stops. How lucky can a group of Poke´mon GO players be?" -- p. [4] of cover

Feb 18, 2017
Cleo Edison Oliver in Persuasion power by Frazier, Sundee Tucker, 1968- author. Cleo Edison Oliver in Persuasion power

Successful businesswoman Fortune A. Davies has announced a new website where "kidpreneurs" can upload ads for their businesses and Cleo and her friend Caylee are sure this is the their big break to get funding for their personalized barrettes, Passion Clips--but producing an internet ad using their classmates is proving difficult, and Cleo is further distracted by her desire to find her birth parents.

Feb 18, 2017
Clone camp! by Frade, B. A., author. Clone camp!

Despite their rivalry, Kaitlin and Noah must work together when the counselors at Camp Redwood Vines are cloned and the Scaremonster seems to be in charge.

Feb 18, 2017
Cracking the Magikarp code by Polan, Alex, author. Cracking the Magikarp code

"In the fourth exciting installment in this hit series for players of Poke´mon GO, Team Mystic discovers a mysterious code--and it just might be the key to catching 'em all"--

Feb 18, 2017
Crushing it by Levy, Joanne, author. Crushing it

Seventh grader Kat struggles with awkwardness while trying to help her popular best friend and cousin, Olivia, get together with her own crush, Tyler.

Feb 18, 2017
Daisy's perfect word by Feder, Sandra. Daisy's perfect word

After much deliberation over the right present, Daisy decides to use her passion for words to give her newly engaged teacher a unique gift.

Feb 18, 2017
Diary of an 8-bit warrior. Crafting alliances by Cube Kid (Author of fan fiction), author. Diary of an 8-bit warrior. Crafting alliances

After the recent mob attacks, the entire village decides to prepare for the next offensive, and Runt increases his efforts to be one of the five best students in school and become the warrior of his dreams.

Feb 18, 2017
Dolphin rescue by Nichols, Catherine, author. Dolphin rescue

Looking forward to a summer of lobster trapping, helping with the family business, and volunteering at the aquarium in coastal Maine, siblings Maddie and Atticus are challenged to use their animal knowledge to rescue a trapped dolphin.

Feb 18, 2017
Double or Nothing With the Two and Only Kelly Twins by Hurwitz, Johanna/ Mourning, Tuesday (ILT) Double or Nothing With the Two and Only Kelly Twins

Feb 18, 2017
Dreamer - inspired by a true story by Hapka, Cathy. Dreamer - inspired by a true story

Cale and her father nurse an injured horse back to health and dream of winning a big horse race.

Feb 18, 2017
Elsie Piddock skips in her sleep by Farjeon, Eleanor, 1881-1965. Elsie Piddock skips in her sleep

Elsie Piddock has such a talent for rope skipping that he fairies on nearby Mount Caburn award her a magical rope and, may years later at the age of 109, Elie returns to skip again and save the mountain from the destructive plans of the greedy new owner.

Feb 15, 2017
Everything's Changed by Sternberg, Julie/ Wright, Johanna (ILT) Everything's Changed

Feb 19, 2017
Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang by Coe, Victoria J., author. Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang

"When Fenway's beloved short human, Hattie, brings home a rival pet in the form of a fluffy, twitching rabbit, Fenway's determined to oust the intruder--but doing so will cost him"--

Feb 18, 2017
Following Meowth's footprints by Polan, Alex, author. Following Meowth's footprints

"When the town librarian's cat goes missing, Ethan, Devin, Carlo, and Gianna grab their Poke´ Balls and Razz Berries and hit the streets to search for him. Along the way, they hope to catch a frisky Meowth, or even a legendary Mew or mythical Mewtwo. But Team Mystic's favorite Poke´mon are just as elusive as the lost cat. Plus, someone or something is throwing the friends off track with misleading clues. Now the Trainers-turned-sleuths have to choose which clues to follow--and which Poke´mon to

Feb 18, 2017
Freddie's shadow cards by Brody, Jessica, author. Freddie's shadow cards

"Freddie is the daughter of Dr. Facilier. She's got voodoo in her blood, a deck of shadow cards in her hands, and a song in her villain kid heart. When Freddie's dreams of joining the a cappella group at Auradon Prep fall apart, she uses her shadow cards to get her way . . . But dark magic always comes with a price." -- Publisher's description.

Feb 18, 2017
Gabriela - girl of the year 2017 by Harris, Teresa E, author. Gabriela - girl of the year 2017

When Gabby's beloved community arts center is threatened with closure, she makes a plan to use her spoken word poetry to overcome her stutter and save Liberty Arts.

Feb 18, 2017
Gabriela Speaks Out by Harris, Teresa E. Gabriela Speaks Out

Feb 18, 2017
Gasparilla's gold by Markle, Sandra, author. Gasparilla's gold

"It's an action-packed heart-tug with a good sprinkle of humor as twelve-year old Gus whose struggle to cope with his older brother's death has left him fearful is drawn into hunting for pirate treasure with a feisty girl and a zany movie prop creator. But, on the Florida island where Gus is spending the summer, there's something even more valuable than gold|a wild panther cub. The National Wildlife Federation reports less than 100 Florida panthers remain living wild and free. Will Gus regain hi

Feb 18, 2017