Creating Saved Searches

Do you have the new book on...?

Would you like to receive emails that let you know when new books of interest to you are added to the library catalog? You can do that with Saved Searches.

Follow these steps to save a search:

  1. Search the catalog for the author, title, or subject in which you are interested. For example, if you are interested in books by a popular author, enter the author's name. Then use the Search by dropdown menu to select 'Author'. Use the Limit by dropdown menu to select 'Book'. Then click the 'Go' button to perform the search. Note: you can also use the 'Author' option to designate popular actors, actresses, film directors, audiobook narrators, musicians, and musical groups.

  2. Once you have performed your search, look in the upper-left corner for the button titled 'Save Search' and click on it.

    save search

  3. If you have not logged into your library patron account, you will be prompted to do so.

  4. You should now see a screen with your account information at the top and a number of fields related to your saved search in the middle.

  5. You must give your search a name. If you have done an author search, you may just want to use the author's name.

    name search

  6. If you want to make a note about the search for yourself, type it into the Note field. The step is optional.

  7. Check that your email address is correct.

  8. Let the system know whether or not you want to be notified even if there are no new titles added to the collection by checking (or un-checking) the appropriate box.

  9. Choose how often you would like the system to run the search—weekly or monthly. Note: after 100 searches have been run, you will need to save your search again. The system limit is 100.

  10. If you want to set the search to run fewer than 100 times, indicate that in the last field on the screen.

  11. Click the Save Search button.

Now, when the library adds an item to the collection that meets the conditions of the search you saved, you will be sent an email informing you of this. This email will include a link to the item record in the catalog. You can click on this link and place a hold on the title if you choose.