Online Challenge Question—Week 4

Week #4: The world in a box

Question: Back in the 1830s, doctor and amateur botanist Nathanial Ward was at the end of his rope with trying to keep his ferns alive in his London garden. The coal smoke and sulphuric acid in the city's air was poisoning his plants. He noticed that the bottles he was using to keep cocoons of moths were also growing ferns if there happened to be a bit of soil in them, so he had a carpenter build him a closely-fitted glazed wooden case and began to grow ferns in it. This case came to be known as a Wardian case, and was an early forerunner of an enclosed object we now use to grow plants. What is this object called?

  1. Terrarium
  2. Aquarium
  3. Diorama
  4. Camera obscura

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