Drug War

If you are looking for a good, modern crime thriller, and are not averse to subtitles, this new Johnnie To movie is definitely worth checking out. A contemporary of filmmakers like John Woo and Tsui Hark, Johnnie To has been known for making good (crime) pictures in China for awhile now, but this new one is a great blend of action and plot. Reviews I have read compare it to Infernal Affairs (which Martin Scorsese's The Departed was based on), though the plot here is not THAT convoluted.

It's all Cops and Robbers (with the robbers being drug lords) and includes a couple of amazingly, indescriabably complex gun battles. Johnnie To regular Louis Koo plays the "Drug" part and Sun Hong-Lei ("one of the best actors in China", according to his IMDB page) plays the "War" (meaning law enforcement) part, as these two face off against each other in a way that is exciting to watch and certain to turn out badly. It is a movie that makes its violence exciting, but is intelligent enough to know what it is doing to us. Here's the least spoiler-y trailer I could find (without English subs, though):