"Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama" reviewed by KG on June 10, 2013

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Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama
Alison Bechdel
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After I read cartoonist Alison Bechdel's memoir _Fun Home_, I was delighted to learn she had written a follow-up sequel to it. In _Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama_, Bechdel explores the nuances of her uneasy relationship with her mother in light of the loss they both experience in the wake of her father's suicide. Like _Fun Home_, _Are You My Mother_ is also a graphic novel-type of memoir, and here, the author's carefully crafted frames so richly reveal the same self-awareness and self-censorship she articulates in the dialogue. The charm of Bechdel's drawings and engaging narrative was so spellbinding that I stayed up late into the wee hours to finish the book. By turns darkly depressing, psychologically insightful, and absolutely hilarious, _Are You My Mother?_ is sure to resonate with adult readers interested in family relationships and questions of self-identity.
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