A Pirate Life For Me

A Pirate Life For Me

Pirates and life on the high seas have long been the stuff of romance and swashbuckling adventures. Lately, pirates have returned to the news with their brazen attacks off the coasts of Africa and Europe. Join us for this look at pirates -- in both fact and fiction.

Keith C.
Bold in her Breeches     Bold in her Breeches    
Jo Stanley
    910.45 Bol

An overview of women involved in piracy from ancient times to modern. Covers the social and economic conditions of the the times that lead women down to the sea in ships.

Captain Blood     Captain Blood    
Rafael Sabatini

A classic pirate tale. Irish Doctor Peter Blood is falsely accused of a crime and sent beyond the seas to toil in the Caribbean. From there he escapes and becomes the honorable pirate Captain Blood. Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHavilland starred in the 1935 film.

Everything Pirates Book     Everything Pirates Book    
Barb Karg
    910.45 Kar

Full of little known facts on pirates from Roman times to the 19th century. A fun, quick read.

Requiem Shark     Requiem Shark    
Nicholas Griffin

High seas adventure finds young Welshman, William Williams, pressed into service by the notorious Black Bart Roberts, one of history's most successful pirates. Williams becomes the captain's right hand man keeping the ledgers and beginning a journal chronicling their adventures. Plenty of action and horrific thrills set inside a story with a sense of dread.

Sea Rovers Practice     Sea Rovers Practice    
Benerson Little
    910.45 Lit

This book describes in detail how pirates sought out and attacked vessels and towns. Will appeal to readers interested in naval and maritime history, tacticians and military analysts, readers of historical fiction and the adventurer in all.

Sweet Trade     Sweet Trade    
Elizabeth Garrett

Fictionalized story of Anne Bonny, Mary Read and Calico Jack Rackham who sailed the Caribbean together as pirates and sometimes lovers. As with many pirate stories, it ends badly for the characters.

Villains of all Nations     Villains of all Nations    
Marcus Rediker
    910.45 Re

Rediker places pirates and piracy within the context of the social, political and economic setting of the 18th century. While pirate life was brutal and heartless, many pirates did often create a subculture with their own rules and taboos.