Local Recreation Research Guides


  • Are you looking for a place to experience some physical activity? Are you looking for some exciting spectator sports venues? This guide lists places you can leisurely explore a nature preserve, swim some laps or hike over rugged terrain. Are you more of an armchair athlete, enjoy raising your heart rate without jogging? Local amateur sports teams and Indiana University can provide some exciting moments in sports.

  • Monroe County and Bloomington have a variety of museums and other venues showcasing the history and culture of the community. From ancient archaeology to a Tibetan monastery, these museums and venues offer a look into the local past as well as other cultures.

  • Bloomington offers many opportunites to experience music. The Indiana University Jacobs School of Music offers musical productions year round that are open to the public. Many amateur and professional musical groups also perform at various venues throughout the year. Check the local newspaper for reviews, time and places for performances.

  • Monroe County and the City of Bloomington offer many and varied opportunities to enjoy plays and motion pictures. From the Indiana University Department of Theatre and Drama to professional level local theater to amateur productions, running the gamut from traditional Shakespeare to avant garde new playwrights there is always something being staged.

  • Bloomington has a rich culture of visual art, from painting, sculpture, traditional folk art, as well as many decades of varying architectural styles throughout town.The Indiana University Department of Fine Arts gives students and faculty a venue to express their arts. The venues listed in this guide are free and open to the public.