Job Search

  • Job Search resources are collected to aid those thinking about applying for their first job, contemplating a career change, rebounding after a job loss and everything in between.  Collected here are books and websites to help in resume building, job searching, networking, writing cover letters, preparing for an interview, career exploration and much more.  Also provided are referrals to local organizations who also work to support job seekers.

    Sarah B.


  • 331.702 Ez

    This book is ideal for anyone in the early stages of career exploration or for people in need of short, easy-to-read career information. This updated book gives succinct one-page overviews of more than 260 jobs, including those in the latest Occupational Outlook Handbook and green careers.

  • Alan De Back
    650.14 Deb

    Learn how to pitch yourself in one minute to potential employers so they'll never forget you.  Learn how to maximize contacts and leverage social networks.  This book is filled with worksheets, templates, checklists, and examples to provide leadership and support along the way. 

  • Linda K. Rolie
    650.14 Rol

    Learn how to manage emotions and stress while searching for a new job, identify transferable skills, knowledge, abilities, and qualifications, and how to answer the "why did you get laid off?" and "aren't you overqualified?" questions in an interview.

  • Martha E. Mangelsdorf
    650.1409 Man

    To help you navigate the challenges, pitfalls, and rewards of career transition, this book will show you how to: align your professional life with your personal goals, identify your transferable skills, strengths, and constraints, explore possible new careers in low-risk ways, and change careers while still paying the bills.

  • Mary Susan Ryan-Flynn
    331.702 Top

    Rapid changes in the world of work, from new technologies to the effects of globalization, mean that up-to-date information on today's job market is increasingly essential.     

  • David F. Noble
    650.142 Nob

    Resume writing expert, Noble has created one of the best guides for job seekers without a four year degree.  Different types of resumes are outlined and this book is filled with a wide variety of examples.

  • Pat Criscito
    650.142 Cri

    This book shows job seekers exactly how to create distinctive and creative résumés that reflect the unique personality of their owners.  In addition to resume writing basics, examples of different kinds of résumés are included. The author also shows job-seekers how to create and use electronic versions of their résumé, from e-mailable and scannable résumés to LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

  • Donald Asher
    650.142 Ash

    This book is geared toward a professional audience who might already have some experience with business style writing.  Not the best beginning book, but instead focuses on tightening writing style to increase chances for an interview. 

  • Tony Beshara
    650.142 Bes

    Not just a basic resume writing book, this guide also includes sections on things like surprising facts about your résumé , increasing the chances your electronic résumé will get read and how to handle common résumé problems.

  • Michael Farr
    650.142 Far

    This book distills proven cover letter advice into six short chapters about writing and using cover letters and other job search correspondence. The book offers a collection of professionally written cover letter samples along with step-by-step advice for creating attention-getting letters of your own. Excellent for anyone in a hurry!

  • Wendy S. Enelow
    650.142 Ene

    Professional resume and cover letter writers reveal their inside secrets for creating phenomenal cover letters that get attention and land interviews. Features more than 130 sample cover letters written for all types of job seekers, including the Before-and-After transformations that can make boring letters even better.

  • Martin Yate
    650.142 Yat

    When competition for every job is intense, a cover letter can make a strong first impression and help an applicant stand out from the crowd. This book will show you the four kinds of cover letters--general, executive briefing, broadcast, and letters to recruiters and agencies--and how to craft each one.  Includes samples for every type of job hunter too, including those just out of college, long-term unemployed, and recently laid off.

  • Linda Matias
    650.144 Mat

    Increasingly, employers today are using a tough new kind of interview to evaluate candidates and determine how well they think on their feet. To be successful in these new competency-based interviews, job seekers must be prepared with situation-specific examples that highlight the accomplishments, knowledge, and abilities they have that employers need. Featuring a wide array of sample questions and winning answers.

  • Michael Farr
    650.144 Far

    Not much time to prepare for an interview?  This book distills proven interview advice into seven quick chapters covering self-assessment, computer research, key questions, a system for answering any question that might come up, unusual situations, follow up after the interview, salary negotiation, and more.

  • Oscar Adler
    650.144 Adl

    This book teaches you to translate your personal features (skills, experience, education, background) into direct benefits that meet the specific needs of the interviewer. This results-oriented workbook teaches the strategies employed by successful salespeople, such as being an excellent listener, asking questions skillfully, and delivering outstanding benefits.

  • Joshua Waldman
    650.14 Wal

    This book will show you how to easily harness social media sites, and gives advice on how to brand yourself online.  Covers all of the latest and most popular social media sites including Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Web Resources

  • State of Indiana's premier job search database.  Click on 'individuals' and browse jobs by category, key word and has options for limiting by local geographic region.  Includes options to build a resume and apply directly to job postings.

  • National job search database.  Includes searching capabilities and also options to browse jobs by company, location or categories & industries.

  • An up-to-date comprehensive blog that offers free advice from career experts.  Entries are timely, informative, and get right to the point.  Specific types of entries, say just on social networking, can be found using the categories on the right hand side. 

  • Tools to help job seekers, students, businesses, and career professionals.  Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.  This website includes self-assessments, employment trends, resume samples and templates, and information on planning your job search.

  • This website is a comprehensive guide to preparing for and excelling in job interviews.  Easy to follow and practical resources for all job seekers.  Covers the basics of interviewing tips, tough questions, behavioral interviews and questions to ask as well as some specific information for certain job sectors including sales, nursing, teaching, project manager and accounting.

Local Resources

  • WorkOne is a partner agency of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. The professional employees at the WorkOne offices are here to help Indiana citizens access their skills, improve their skills, and find the job to match those skills. WorkOne helps people find a new or better job, choose a career, find a good employee, access training, or get the information needed to succeed in today's ever-evolving workplace.

  • In addition to Adult Basic Education classes and GED training, Broadview Learning Center also frequently provides Career Pathways and Business Training programs to assist those looking to enter the career fields of Administrative Assistant or Computer Support. 

  • Shalom Community Center, Inc. is a safe, daytime resource center for people experiencing homelessness and poverty in South Central Indiana.  Hot breakfast and lunch are served daily.  In addition, Shalom provides employment assistance to guests, including job counseling and placement, on-site training, food service training, resume assistance, and transportation assistance in the way of bus tickets.

  • The mission of My Sister's Closet of Monroe County is to provide at-risk, low-income women pursuing employment with free workforce attire. My Sister's Closet also often provides regular interview preparation programs for job seekers.

  • Monroe County Public Library offers daily access to computers, printers, a large job search print collection, regularly scheduled computer classes and a monthly job search program.  Every third Thursday of the month, job seekers are welcome to stop in between 6:00-8:00 to meet with local HR and workforce experts to receive tips and feedback on interview skills, resumes, cover letters or general career exploration.