Automotive Repair

  • MCPL provides resources in print and online to assist you in making repairs to your car. And if you decide it's time to give up on making that old car run, the library has resources to help you choose a new or used car to replace the one that just won't go any farther.

    Jim G.


  • Tony Candela
    629.254 Can

    Table Of Contents: Understanding electronic principles and simple circuits -- The right tools for the job -- The fundamentals of automotive wiring -- Ignition switches, wiring harnesses and controllers -- Power accessories and the charging system -- Wiring aftermarket equipment and upgrading components -- Troubleshooting -- Advanced installations and interfaces -- Building a wiring harness.

  • Leonard Davis, Frank Keytanjian (Ed.)
    629.28 Ch

    A representative title from this series covering many years, makes and models of cars and trucks. These are available in the circulating and non-circulating collections at call # 629.28 Ch.

  • The Editors Of Mustang Monthly
    629.2872 Mustang Cla

    This is a compilation of more than 50 restoration and maintenance projects for Mustangs built from 1964 through 1973, the most popular collectible Mustangs. Includes how-to projects on engine and drivetrain, electrical, body-work, interior, chassis and suspension.

  • David Vizard
    629.25 Chevy Viz

    David Vizard is a revered engine builder, technical writer, and author. He has authored more than 30 highly respected engine building and automotive titles.

    Table of Contents: Why a big-block? -- Block tech -- Rotating assembly geometry -- Rotating assembly components -- Cylinder head tech -- Selecting cylinder heads -- Valvetrain requirements -- carbs and intake -- Exhaust system -- Ignition system -- Nitrous oxide -- Sample builds -- Source guide.

  • Eddie Paul
    629.26 Pau

    California customizer Eddie Paul has built everything from mechanical sharks, to spectacular hot rods, to movie cars for the Fast & Furious. But long before he was a custom car whiz, Paul was a basic paint and bodywork man, honing his craft through thousands of hours in his shop, cutting, grinding, welding, sanding priming and painting. And it was his mastery of the basics that eventually led to him becoming one of the most accomplished car builders in the business.

  • Kris Palmer
    629.26 Pal

    This book provides step-by-step projects anyone at any skill level can accomplish to help keep their car looking its best. From buffing a scratch to popping a dent, doing it yourself has never been easier.

  • Jim Allen
    629.283 All

    Four-wheeling expert and fanatic Jim Allen has long been four-wheelers' most respected and reliable guide.  This new edition of Allen's bestselling Four-Wheeler's Bible includes all the basics for getting the most out of  your four-wheeler, along with updates on new vehicles, projects, events, and opportunities.  The book begins with basic modifications--such as increasing ground clearance and traction with larger wheels and tires--then gathers speed for more advanced and radical mods, from installing lift kits to increasing suspension articulation.  Step-by-step photo sequences guide you through whatever modifications suit your vehicles and your needs. 

  • Lindsay Porter
    629.26 Por

    This book is the complete practical guide to repairing and renovating classic car bodywork for the amateur repairer. Illustrated throughout with step-by-step photo sequences, it describes how to undertake high-quality repairs at a fraction of the cost of that charged by an automotive bodyshop or restoration specialist -- from removing a scratch to fitting a new body panel. The techniques shown demystify the 'black art' of bodywork repair, using commonly available tools and materials to achieve professional results. An essential guide for anyone looking to restore or maintain a classic car on a budget.

  • Gerry Burger
    629.2878 Bur

    Hot rod veteren Gerry Burger explains how to identify, buy, or build a period correct hot rod that encapsulates the time period - a rod that you will be proud of and will earn accolades.

  • Motor Information Systems
    629.28 Mot

    A representative title from this series covering many years, makes and models of cars and trucks. These are available in the circulating and non-circulating collections at call # 629.28 Mot.

  • Mitchell Manuals, Inc.
    629.28 Mi

    A representative title from this series covering many years, makes and models of cars and trucks. These are available in the circulating and non-circulating collections at call # 629.28 Mit.


  • Available on the library's website. May be used on library computers or from home with your library card #.

    Extensive advice and ratings from an independent, non-profit organization on New and Used cars, car-buying advice, tires, car safety and car repairs.

    Available here to MCPL library card holders.

  • Available on the library's website. This database may only be used on the library's computers.

    Mitchell is the premier provider of automotive repair and estimating information to the automotive industry. A single source look-up to locate any year, make, model and product as it relates to a repair procedure, wiring diagram, spec, parts and labor estimating, a TSB or factory recall.

Web Resources

  • Created in 1999 to help people by providing independent advice about your car repair. Website answers thousands of Free car repair questions.  Also features auto repair information, giving you easy to understand instructions and illustrations that detail every step of the repair.

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  • One of the first auto information websites providing new and used car information including comparisons, car reviews and road tests, tips and advice on buying or leasing a car, how-to articles and much more.

  • Car reviews, car values, information on auto financing and insurance, incentives and rebates.

  • One of the best car websites which covers new cars, reviews and photos, videos, used car for sale, auto shows and more.