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The Fateful Day by Rowe, Rosemary

The Fateful Day

Dec 21, 2014
The firebird's feather by Eccles, Marjorie, author.

The firebird's feather

After her mother's murder, Kitty Challoner investigates to find out the truth about her death, uncovering dangerous family secrets.

Dec 21, 2014
The forgotten girls by Blædel, Sara.

The forgotten girls

Dec 21, 2014
The ghost and Mrs. Mewer by Davis, Krista, author.

The ghost and Mrs. Mewer

Sugar Maple Inn owner Holly Miller investigates when the TV show Apparition Apprehenders descends on Wagtail's annual Halloween festivities and their investigation of supernatural local legends leads to murder.

Dec 21, 2014
The Grimswell curse by Siciliano, Sam, 1947- author.

The Grimswell curse

Dec 20, 2014
The Hangman's Song by Oswald, James

The Hangman's Song

Dec 21, 2014
The honest folk of Guadeloupe by Williams, Timothy.

The honest folk of Guadeloupe

"April 1990: French-Algerian judge Anne Marie Laveaud has been living and working in the French Caribbean departement of Guadeloupe for more than a decade, but her days are still full of surprises--for example,the fact that every witness Anne Marie interviews grills her about when she's going to get remarried. She is only just starting to investigate the increasingly suspicious suicide of a high-profile environmental activist and media personality when she is pulled off the case. Is it because s

Dec 21, 2014
The ice queen - a novel by Neuhaus, Nele.

The ice queen - a novel

Dec 21, 2014
The iris fan by Rowland, Laura Joh, author.

The iris fan

"Amid the ever-treacherous intrigue in the court, Sano Ichiro¯ has been demoted from chamberlain to a lowly patrol guard. His relationship with his wife Reiko is in tatters, and a bizarre new alliance between his two enemies Yanagisawa and Ienobu has left him bewildered and wary. Yet Sano's dedication to the way of the warrior--the samurai code of honor--is undiminished. Then a harrowing, almost inconceivable crime takes place"--

Dec 21, 2014
The Kings of London by Shaw, William

The Kings of London

Dec 21, 2014
The Last Coyote by Connelly, Michael

The Last Coyote

Dec 16, 2014
The last coyote by Connelly, Michael, 1956- author.

The last coyote

Harry attacked his commanding officer and is suspended indefinitely, pending a psychiatric evaluation. At first he resists the LAPD shrink, but finally recognizes that something is troubling him and has for a long time. In 1961, when Harry was twelve, his mother, a prostitute, was brutally murdered, and no one has ever been accused of the crime. With the spare time a suspension brings, Harry opens up the thirty-year-old file on the case and is irresistibly drawn into a past he has always avoided

Dec 21, 2014
The laws of murder by Finch, Charles (Charles B.)

The laws of murder

"It's 1876, and Charles Lenox, once London's leading private investigator, has just given up his seat in Parliament after six years, primed to return to his first love, detection. With high hopes he and three colleagues start a new detective agency, the first of its kind. But as the months pass, and he is the only detective who cannot find work, Lenox begins to question whether he can still play the game as he once did. Then comes a chance to redeem himself, though at a terrible price: a friend,

Dec 17, 2014
The Long and Faraway Gone by Berney, Lou

The Long and Faraway Gone

Dec 21, 2014
The Lost Treasures of R&B by George, Nelson

The Lost Treasures of R&B

Dec 21, 2014
The murder of Harriet Krohn by Fossum, Karin, 1954-

The murder of Harriet Krohn

"On a wet, gray night in early November, Charlo Torp, a former gambler who's only recently kicked the habit, makes his way through the slush to Harriet Krohn's apartment, flowers in his hand. Certain that paying off his debt is the only path to starting a new life and winning his daughter Julie's forgiveness, Charlo plans to rob the wealthy old woman's antique silver collection. What he doesn't expect is for her to put up a fight. The following morning Harriet is found dead, her antique silver m

Dec 17, 2014
The plot against hip hop - a novel by George, Nelson.

The plot against hip hop - a novel

In a novel set in the hip hop world, bodyguard and security expert D Hunter reluctantly investigates the murder of his mentor, respected music critic Dwayne Robinson, whose killing has been dismissed by the NYPD as a gang initiation.

Dec 21, 2014
The puppeteer by Williams, Timothy, author.

The puppeteer

"Northern Italy, 1982: Inspector Piero Trotti is breakfasting at a cafe when gunmen drive up and shoot the man sitting at the next table. Was Trotti their actual target? He can't be sure. The case falls under the jurisdiction of the local Carabinieri and their detective branch, the Nucleo Investigativo, but Trotti decides to make his own inquiries. The Puppeteer is the follow-up to CWA Dagger-winner Timothy Williams's dazzling crime fiction debut, Converging Parallels. This tautly written novel

Dec 21, 2014
The Sins of the Fathers - The First Matthew Scudder Crime Novel by Block, Lawrence

The Sins of the Fathers - The First Matthew Scudder Crime Novel

Dec 16, 2014
The sins of the fathers - the first Matthew Scudder novel by Block, Lawrence.

The sins of the fathers - the first Matthew Scudder novel

Dec 21, 2014