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To helvetica and back by Shelton, Paige, author.

To helvetica and back

"Star City is known for its slopes and its powder. But nestled in the valley of this ski resort town is a side street full of shops that specialize in the simple charms of earlier eras. One of those shops is the Rescued Word, where Chester Henry and his adult granddaughter Clare lovingly repair old typewriters and restore old books. When a stranger to town demands they turn over an antique Underwood typewriter they're repairing for a customer, Clare fears "she" may need to be rescued. A call to

Feb 3, 2016
Sweet pepper hero by Cook, J. J, author.

Sweet pepper hero

"Called in to investigate a local moonshine distillery that was set ablaze, fire chief Stella Griffin, while preparing to judge the annual recipe contest, turns to the town's elders for answers and discovers a revived whiskey war that could cause her town to go down in flames. Includes recipes."--

Feb 3, 2016
A second chance at murder by Orgain, Diana, author.

A second chance at murder

After Love or Money made them reality TV stars, former cop Georgia Thornton and her new boyfriend Scott were supposed to live happily ever after. Unfortunately as their fifteen minutes of fame came to an end, actual reality kicked in and their prize money quickly evaporated. So Georgia and Scott agree to appear in a new program, pitting them against other teams in an athletic journey across the countryside of Spain for a chance to win $250,000. But the fierce competition turns frightening when S

Feb 3, 2016
One foot in the grove by Lane, Kelly. author

One foot in the grove

"After a personal scandal, Eva returns to her family's olive farm to regroup, but when a dead body is unearthed in the farm's olive grove, she becomes the prime suspect in the murder investigation being conducted by a man she jilted at the altar."--

Feb 3, 2016
Kingdom come by Jensen, Jane.

Kingdom come

"Amish country in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has always been a place of quiet beauty--until a shocking murder shatters the peace, and leaves a troubled detective picking up the pieces... After her husband is murdered, Detective Elizabeth Harris turns in her NYPD badge and moves back home, hoping that a quiet life in remote Pennsylvania Dutch country will help her overcome the dark memories of her ten years in New York. But when a beautiful, scantily clad "English" girl is found dead in the

Feb 3, 2016
A wee dose of death by Stewart, Fran, 1947- author.

A wee dose of death

"While business is booming at the ScotShop in Hamelin, Vermont, proprietor Peggy Winn doesn't have time to toast her good fortune thanks to her hot-tempered, fourteenth-century Scottish companion. Being thrust into the modern world hasn't been easy for Dirk, but Peggy is at her wit's end trying to keep the ghostie galoot in line. But when the local police chief finds the body of Peggy's friend Karaline's college professor in a deserted mountain cabin, everyone is thrown for a loop... Now Peggy a

Feb 3, 2016
Copy cap murder by McKinlay, Jenn, author.

Copy cap murder

"For Scarlett Parker, part of the fun of living in London is celebrating the British holidays, and she's excited to share her first Bonfire Night with her cousin Vivian Tremont. Invited to a posh party by their friend Harrison Wentworth, Scarlett and Viv decide to promote their hat shop, Mim's Whims, by donning a few of their more outrageous creations... It's a cold clear night, perfect for the British tradition of tossing a straw stuffed effigy of Guy Fawkes, traitor to the crown, onto the bonf

Feb 3, 2016
Daisies for innocence by Cattrell, Bailey, author, alternate identity.

Daisies for innocence

"Ellie's life has blossomed in Poppyville, California, since she opened Scents & Nonsense, a custom-made-perfume store. Her skills with aromas and botanical essences--some from her very own garden--seem almost...supernatural. Her perfumes can evoke emotions, bring about change, or simply make people happy. Customers are flocking to the store to buy her wares or just to sit in her beautiful garden, sip tea and enjoy homemade cookies. But she smells trouble when she learns that her part-time assis

Feb 3, 2016
Death of a bad apple by Pike, Penny, author.

Death of a bad apple

Anxious to take a break from bustling San Francisco, Darcy and her Aunt Abby pack up the food truck and head for the apple festival at Apple Valley, California. Aunt Abby is sure her almond apple tarts will be a hit and Darcy wants to collect more recipes for her food truck cookbook. They soon discover that murder is in attendance when the body of a fellow festival-goer is found, and they must try to stop a killer who is rotten to the core.

Feb 3, 2016
Foreign éclairs / July Hyzy. by Hyzy, Julie A., author.

Foreign éclairs / July Hyzy.

"Things are about to really heat up for Ollie. News of a bombing and attempted breakout at a federal prison reveals that the brother of a terrorist she helped defeat is back with a vengeance. And after she gets mugged on her way home from work, the Secret Service won't leave her side, fearing she is now a target. When a White House staff member is murdered, officials rush to action over a possible security breach. It may be time for Ollie to trade in her apron for a bullet-proof vest as she beco

Feb 3, 2016
A tangled thread by Fraser, Anthea.

A tangled thread

"Three widely separated households -- one in Scotland, one in the north of England and one in the south -- have known the pain of losing a loved one; losses which, over the years, have shaped the characters of those left behind. Gradually, however, they each come to realize that those deaths might not have been as they seemed, adding doubt and uncertainty to their grief. It take the death of a stranger in suspicious circumstances to untangle threads that will draw these families together in ways

Feb 4, 2016
Out comes the evil by Cameron, Stella, author.

Out comes the evil

Dust jacket.

Feb 4, 2016
Lights, camera, murder! by Celine, Marie, 1955-

Lights, camera, murder!

Feb 4, 2016
The jazz files - Poppy Denby investigates by Smith, Fiona Veitch, 1970- author.

The jazz files - Poppy Denby investigates

It is 1920. Twenty-two year old Poppy Denby moves from Northumberland to live with her paraplegic aunt in London. Aunt Dot, a suffragette who was injured in battles with the police in 1910, is a feisty and well-connected lady. Poppy has always dreamed of being a journalist, and quickly lands a position as an editorial assistant at the Daily Globe. Then one of the paper's hacks, Bert Isaacs, dies suddenly and messily. Poppy and photographer Daniel Rokeby (with whom Poppy has an immediate and mutu

Feb 4, 2016
The herald of Hell by Doherty, P. C., author.

The herald of Hell

May, 1381. The Great Revolt draws ever nearer. The Upright Men openly roam the streets of London, waiting for the violence to begin. Their mysterious envoy, the Herald of Hell, appears at night all over the city, striking terror into the hearts of those who oppose them. But who is he? When his chancery clerk is found hanged in a notorious Southwark brothel, the ruthless Thibault, John of Gaunt's Master of Secrets, summons Brother Athelstan to investigate. Did Amaury Whitfield really kill himsel

Feb 4, 2016
A ghoul's guide to love and murder - a ghost hunter mystery by Laurie, Victoria, author.

A ghoul's guide to love and murder - a ghost hunter mystery

"M.J., Heath, and Gilley, are back home in Boston, where their new film is sure to be a monster hit! To promote the film, the studio is sponsoring a special exhibit of supernatural artifacts at a local museum. Unfortunately, Gilley--whose mind is engaged with wedding plans--gets talked into donating to the exhibit the very dagger that keeps the dangerous ghost Oruc¸ and his pet demon locked down in the lower realms. Before M.J. can recover the bewitched blade, there's a murder and a heist at the

Feb 4, 2016
Fatal catch by Rowson, Pauline, author.

Fatal catch

"DI Andy Horton is called out to examine a gruesome catch by two fishermen: a human hand. Is it that of missing violent criminal, Alfie Wright--or is he the killer? And where is the rest of the corpse? Soon Horton finds himself immersed in a complex case where everyone has a reason to lie and no one is who they seem. Assailed by doubts both in his personal and professional life, Horton desperately tries to keep his emotional feelings under control and his focus on his work. His instincts tell hi

Feb 4, 2016
The death of a Mafia don by Giuttari, Michele, 1950-

The death of a Mafia don

Feb 4, 2016
Dead on course by Wilson, Glenis.

Dead on course

Champion jump jockey Harry Radcliffe, back in the saddle and race riding again after a severe fall, reckons his life is now on course. But while racing at Market Rasen, he's handed a note sent from Jake Smith, about to be released from prison after serving a sentence for GBH. Jo-Jo, Jake's sister, has died -- and Jake is convinced she was murdered. Because Harry discovered who killed his brother at Leicester race-course, Jake wants him to uncover the truth about what happened to Jo-Jo. He's

Feb 4, 2016
Chessman - a Jack Haldean mystery by Gordon-Smith, Dolores.

Chessman - a Jack Haldean mystery

When a mutilated corpse is discovered in the sleepy village of Croxton Ferriers, Jack Haldean finds an odd clue at the scene of the crime : a black marble chess knight with crystal eyes. Is murder just a game? It could be -- to a killer who calls himself The Chessman.

Feb 4, 2016