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The job by Evanovich, Janet.

The job

The FBI had one demand when they secretly teamed up Special Agent Kate O'Hare with charming con man Nicolas Fox, bring down the world's most-wanted and untouchable felons. This time it's the brutal leader of a global drug smuggling empire. The FBI doesn't know what their target looks like, where he is, or how to find him, but Nick Fox has a few tricks up his sleeve to oust this particular Knipschildt chocolate-loving drug lord.

Dec 18, 2014
The Last American Vampire by Grahame-Smith, Seth

The Last American Vampire

Dec 18, 2014
The lawman's Oklahoma sweetheart by Pleiter, Allie, 1962-, author.

The lawman's Oklahoma sweetheart

Dec 18, 2014
The magician's land by Grossman, Lev.

The magician's land

Dec 18, 2014
The marshal's ready-made family by Shackelford, Sherri, author.

The marshal's ready-made family

Dec 18, 2014
The midwife by Petersheim, Jolina.

The midwife

Dec 18, 2014
The missing place by Littlefield, Sophie.

The missing place

" When two young men vanish from an oil rig in North Dakota, no one seems in a hurry to find them...except their mothers, two women from very different worlds who must work together to find their sons"--

Dec 18, 2014
The people by Hague, Harlan, author.

The people

"In this retelling of the frontier story, the western tribes put aside ancient enmities and form a confederation to oppose the invasion of their lands by the American army and settlers. The confederation has advantages: control of gold mines and superior weapons supplied by a shadowy Asian people called the Celestials. The confederation of The People is led by the Beothuk who escaped extinction in their ancient homeland in eastern Canada and settled in the American western plains. This is a fanc

Dec 18, 2014
The red badge of courage - and other stories of the American Civil War by Crane, Stephen, 1871-1900, author.

The red badge of courage - and other stories of the American Civil War

Dec 13, 2014
The Sacrifice by Oates, Joyce Carol

The Sacrifice

Dec 18, 2014
The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy by Quinn, Julia

The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy

Dec 18, 2014
The stone wife - a Peter Diamond investigation by Lovesey, Peter.

The stone wife - a Peter Diamond investigation

Dec 13, 2014
The temporary gentleman by Barry, Sebastian, 1955-

The temporary gentleman

"In this highly anticipated new novel, Irishman Jack McNulty is a "temporary gentleman"--an Irishman whose commission in the British army in World War II was never permanent. Sitting in his lodgings in Accra, Ghana, in 1957, he's writing the story of his life with desperate urgency. He cannot take one step further without examining all the extraordinary events that he has seen. A lifetime of war and world travel--as a soldier in World War II, an engineer, a UN observer--has brought him to this p

Dec 18, 2014
The universal tone - bringing my story to light by Santana, Carlos, author.

The universal tone - bringing my story to light

An intimate account by the rock music artist traces his hardscrabble youth in Mexico and early days as a promising guitarist through his influential collaborations with fellow Latin stars.

Dec 12, 2014
The Whispering by Rayne, Sarah

The Whispering

Dec 18, 2014
The wild truth by McCandless, Carine, author.

The wild truth

"The ... story of Chris McCandless, who gave away his savings, hitchhiked to Alaska, walked into the wilderness alone, and starved to death in 1992, fascinated not just ... Jon Krakauer, but also the rest of the nation. Krakauer's book, Into the Wild, became an international bestseller ... and Sean Penn's ... film by the same name further skyrocketed Chris McCandless to global fame. But the real story of Chris's life and his journey has not yet been told--until now. The missing pieces are finall

Dec 13, 2014
The winter guest - a novel by Jenoff, Pam, author.

The winter guest - a novel

"A stirring novel of first love in a time of war and the unbearable choices that could tear sisters apart"--

Dec 18, 2014
Three bargains by Malik, Tania.

Three bargains

Dec 18, 2014
Tom Clancy Full Force and Effect by Clancy, Tom, 1947-2013. creator.

Tom Clancy Full Force and Effect

Dec 18, 2014
Trapped at the altar by Feather, Jane.

Trapped at the altar

Dec 18, 2014