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Attack on Titan. Before the fall. 6 by

Attack on Titan. Before the fall. 6

"Fifteen years ago, humanity led a last-ditch attempt to discover the Titans' weakness--a survey expedition to capture one of the beasts. But the ten-meter Titan who appeared during the capture attempt threw the expedition into chaos. Among those who escaped behind Wall Maria was the genius craftsman Angel, a weapon-developer who was participating in the expedition as a researcher. What would he conjure up from this failure?" --

Feb 7, 2016
Attack on Titan. Junior high, 4 by Nakagawa, Saki, author, illustrator.

Attack on Titan. Junior high, 4

As winter nears, a legend spreads through the student body about a mysterious "Snow Titan." When a sudden cold snap hits Attack Junior High, the story turns out to be more than legend! Later, what do you get humanity's strongest soldier on his birthday? And the peace of the campus comes to depend on the wiles of the one least in touch with reality, Armin!

Feb 8, 2016
Attack on Titan. No regrets. 1, The thief and the soldier by Isayama, Hajime, 1986-, creator.

Attack on Titan. No regrets. 1, The thief and the soldier

"The young Erwin Smith is a rising star in the Survey Corps, humanity's only hope of defeating the man-eating monsters knows as Titans. Ruthless and dispassionate, Erwin's mind is devoted to strategies and intrigue. But beneath Erwin's feet is another world, the Underground, where humans are born and die surrounded by the garbage the Capital throws away. Here, the criminal Levi survives on his wits and agility. But when these two ambitious men cross paths who will prove himself stronger? The lon

Feb 8, 2016
Bacchus 1 - Omnibus Edition by Campbell, Eddie

Bacchus 1 - Omnibus Edition

Feb 2, 2016
Bacchus. Volume one by Campbell, Eddie, 1955- author, illustrator.

Bacchus. Volume one

In Bacchus, the visionary behind From Hell (with Alan Moore) and ALEC: The Years Have Pants presents his version of "an American-style comic book," filtered through his own brilliant, whimsical, and wide-ranging sensibility. With a fine blend of action, comedy, suspense, and an ear for a great story, Bacchus brings the gods and myths of ancient Greece to modern life, as if they had never left.

Feb 8, 2016
Baltimore. 6, The cult of the Red King by Mignola, Michael, author

Baltimore. 6, The cult of the Red King

"Continuing his quest to destroy the Red King, Lord Baltimore heads to the icy Baltic Sea and to northern Russia, but he finds witchcraft in the streets of St. Petersburg and evil in its shadows. With new allies and fearsome new enemies, Baltimore continues his battle to save the world from the Red King. But as his path grows darkers, he may not only lose his way, but those closest to him. Collects Baltimore: The Cult of the Red King #1-#5"--

Feb 8, 2016
Batman '66. Vol. 4 by

Batman '66. Vol. 4

"Back to the Swingin' 60s as DC Comics reimagines the classic Batman TV series in comics form. These all-new stories portray The Caped Crusader, The Boy Wonder and their fiendish rogues gallery just the way viewers remember them. In this volume, the Dynamic Duo team-up with Barbara Gordon to take on The Bookworm, a deranged zombie creating Professor, The Queen of Diamonds, Lord Death Man and The Joker."--

Feb 8, 2016
Batman - the Jiro Kuwata Batmanga. Volume 3 by Kuwata, Jirō, 1935- author, illustrator.

Batman - the Jiro Kuwata Batmanga. Volume 3

"In the 1960s, during the height of Bat-mania, mangaka (comic book creator) Jiro Kuwata was commissioned to write and draw a series of original Batman comics for the Japanese market. Many Western readers were only recently introduced to the existence of this unique take on the Caped Crusader. Now DC Comics presents the series in its entirety for the first time, fully translated and unabridged! Collects Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga digital Chapters 39-52"--

Feb 8, 2016
Batman and Robin Eternal. Volume 1 by Snyder, Scott/ Seeley, Tim

Batman and Robin Eternal. Volume 1

"Five years ago, Batman and Robin worked the most disturbing case of their crimefighting careers--bringing down the organization of the ultimate human trafficker, the mysterious woman known only as Mother. At the time, Dick Grayson never quite understoodthe scope of that case, but now its darkest secrets are coming back to haunt him and everyone else who ever worked with Batman! With Bruce Wayne now lost to them, Dick and all his allies are out in the cold! Who can they trust? Is someone among

Feb 8, 2016
Batman by Ed Brubaker by Brubaker, Ed, author.

Batman by Ed Brubaker

"The killer known as Zeiss is prepared for every trick Batman might try. And with experimental surgeries enhancing his eyes and reflexes, Zeiss can react at lightning speed, blocking any punch with ease. Batman is one of the most skilled fighters on the planet, but can even he defeat an enemy who can anticipate his every move?"--

Feb 8, 2016
Batman. Volume 8, Superheavy by Snyder, Scott, author.

Batman. Volume 8, Superheavy

"After his deadliest battle to date, Batman is bruised, battered and scarred. And forever changed. Now, on the streets of Gotham, in place of the cape and cowl roams an 8-foot mechanized suit of armor. More powerful than ever before, Batman's pursuit ofjustice has never been more swift or efficient. But who is the new Dark Knight? And why is he... or she here? In the most shocking chapter in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's #1 New York Times best-selling series, comics' greatest creative team t

Feb 8, 2016
Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman - Trinity, the deluxe edition by Wagner, Matt, author, illustrator.

Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman - Trinity, the deluxe edition

"When Batman's greatest nemesis, Ra's al Ghul, recruits Bizarro and an Amazon warrior to aid him in his plan to create global chaos, the Dark Knight Detective suddenly finds himself working with the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess. Looking to thwart the madman's plot to simultaneously destroy all satellite communications as well as all of the world's oil reserves, Earth's greatest heroes reluctantly band together. But if Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are to have any hope of stopping Ra

Feb 8, 2016
Bee and PuppyCat. Vol. 2 by Allegri, Natasha, 1986-

Bee and PuppyCat. Vol. 2

"Bee just wants to enjoy the good things in life like delicious food and the sweet entertainment of television, too bad money gets in the way. Join Bee and PuppyCat as they take up magical temp jobs, lose library books, and learn the importance of cleaning up after themselves in this cute collection of stories."--

Feb 8, 2016
Blue exorcist. 14 by Katō, Kazue, 1980- author, illustrator.

Blue exorcist. 14

Imprisoned by Professor Gedoin, the exwires must fight to survive and rescue Izumo.

Feb 7, 2016
Carnage. Family feud by Wells, Zeb.

Carnage. Family feud

Marvel's fan-favorite villain is back from the dead, as industrialist Michael Hall attempts to exploit the symbiote - engineering the next generation of prosthetic limbs and outfitting his own paramilitary security force, the Iron Rangers, in suits of hybrid battle armor. But when the alien intelligence asserts control of Hall's derivative tech, only Spider-Man and Iron Man stand in the way of an unprecedented wave of rioting and mass murder. And Carnage has brought some friends!"--Page 4 of cov

Feb 8, 2016
Cartoons for victory by

Cartoons for victory

Feb 8, 2016
Catwoman. Volume 1, Trail of the Catwoman by Brubaker, Ed, author.

Catwoman. Volume 1, Trail of the Catwoman

"For years, Selina Kyle has prowled the skyline of Gotham City as its most famous thief, Catwoman. But now presumed dead and without any cash, Catwoman must find a way to make a quick score to set herself up in Gotham again. Learning of a train loaded with unmarked cash headed to Canada, the sultry cat burglar gathers some old friends and devises a plan. But when one of her former allies sells her out to the mob, Catwoman's simple train robbery becomes a desperate gambit for survival. As word sp

Feb 8, 2016
Catwoman. Volume 2, No easy way down by Brubaker, Ed, author.

Catwoman. Volume 2, No easy way down

The Black Mask, long time foil of Batman, has his sights set on Gotham City's East End to house his drug trafficing empire. When Selina Kyle discovers the Black Mask's intentions, she begins to wage a vigilante war against his operation in Gotham. Selina continues to frustrate the Black Mask at every turn, and when she uses funds stolen from Black Mask henchmen to fund a youth center, the Black Mask is enraged and vows to make her pay an awful price.

Feb 7, 2016
Catwoman. Volume 3, Under Pressure by Brubaker, Ed, author.

Catwoman. Volume 3, Under Pressure

"Ed Brubaker continues his noir style look at Selina Kyle and the growing criminal element in Gotham City, along with new artist Paul Gulacy. An outbreak of gangwar in the streets of Gotham City leads to a kidnapping that affects one of Selina's friends--but when she tries to trace the kidnappers, she ends up fighting the Penguin and a ruthless, cybernetically enhance Mafia enforcer known as Zeiss"--

Feb 8, 2016
Citrus - secret love affair with sister. Volume 4 by Saburouta (Manga author), author, artist.

Citrus - secret love affair with sister. Volume 4

"Yuzuko Aihara, a high school girl whose main interests are fashion, friends, and having fun, is about to get a reality check. Due to her mom's remarriage, Yuzu has transfered to a new, all-girls school that is extemely strict. Her real education is about to begin. From Day One, happy-go-lucky Yuzu makes enemies, namely the beautiful yet stern Student Council President Mei. So what happens when a dejected Yuzu returns home and discovers the shock of her life: that Mei is actually her new step-si

Feb 7, 2016