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Won Ton and Chopstick - a cat and dog tale told in haiku by Wardlaw, Lee, 1955-

Won Ton and Chopstick - a cat and dog tale told in haiku

Won Ton and his boy are enjoying a fine life until "Doom" arrives--a dog that is smelly and steals his dinner, but soon the disgruntled cat learns that his new family member might have some good points, too.

Mar 24, 2015
The adventure begins / The Adventure Begins by Brenner, Andrew, author.

The adventure begins / The Adventure Begins

Tells the story of how Thomas the Tank arrived on the Island of Sodor, befriends the other residents of the train station, and became a useful engine.

Mar 24, 2015
Glamourpuss by Weeks, Sarah.


Glamourpuss loves being the center of attention. So when an unwelcome guest (a dog, no less!) steals the spotlight with some tasteless bow-wowing and undignified tail-wagging, Glamourpuss worries that she's going to fall out of fashion. Is there room for only one superstar in this mansion? When Glamourpuss makes her most majestic move to find out, the result is pure purrfection.

Mar 25, 2015
The Somethingosaur by Mitton, Tony, author.

The Somethingosaur

Hatching out of a little egg, a mysterious baby creature searches for his absent family and elusive home while learning astonishing things about who and what he really is.

Mar 25, 2015
When the wind blows by Sweeney, Linda Booth, 1963-

When the wind blows

A boy has fun outside with his family as a storm approaches, and inside when the rain arrives.

Mar 25, 2015
Crinkle, crackle, crack - it's spring! by Bauer, Marion Dane, author.

Crinkle, crackle, crack - it's spring!

Invites the reader to join a bear and other woodland animals on a cold, moonlit walk to investigate strange noises and observe the arrival of spring.

Mar 25, 2015
Count with Maisy, cheep, cheep, cheep! by Cousins, Lucy, author, illustrator.

Count with Maisy, cheep, cheep, cheep!

In an interactive farmyard game of hide-and-seek, intrepid little mouse Maisy searches beneath lift-flaps to locate Mommy Hen's missing chicks.

Mar 25, 2015
Home by Ellis, Carson, 1975- author, illustrator.


A whimsical tribute to the myriad possibilities of home depicts homes in different real-world environments as well as fantastical settings.

Mar 25, 2015
How do dinosaurs stay safe? by Yolen, Jane, author.

How do dinosaurs stay safe?

A young dinosaur takes precautions in order to stay safe throughout the day, both at home and at play.

Mar 25, 2015
Monty's magnificent mane by O'Neill, Gemma, author, illustrator.

Monty's magnificent mane

Becoming disgruntled when his meerkat friends muss his beautiful golden mane, Monty the lion stomps off to the waterhole and is flattered by a big green crocodile who may be looking for a tasty supper.

Mar 25, 2015
Nobody's perfect by Elliott, David, 1947- author.

Nobody's perfect

A young boy reflects on the idea that nobody is perfect, including the other members of his family, but decides that, on the whole, with a little patience, they come close.

Mar 25, 2015
Just Itzy by Krumwiede, Lana, author.

Just Itzy

Tired of being called "Itzy Bitzy," Itzy tries to catch his own lunch on the first day of spindergarten to prove he is a big spider, but a girl sitting on a tuffet, a dangerous waterspout, and other nursery rhyme characters get in his way.

Mar 25, 2015
Little Sleepyhead by Mcpike, Elizabeth/ Barton, Patrice (ILT)

Little Sleepyhead

Mar 27, 2015
I Feel Sick! by Ross, Tony

I Feel Sick!

Mar 27, 2015
Elmer and Butterfly by McKee, David

Elmer and Butterfly

Mar 27, 2015
Chu's day at the beach by Gaiman, Neil.

Chu's day at the beach

"Chu the panda goes to the beach!"--

Mar 27, 2015
Ben draws trouble by Davies, Matt (Matthew Keiland Parry), 1966-

Ben draws trouble

Ben loves to draw and does so in all of his classes, but his drawings of people are so good he is afraid to let his classmates see them, until the day he loses his notebook and his talent is revealed.

Mar 27, 2015
Have You Seen My Monster? by Light, Steven

Have You Seen My Monster?

Mar 27, 2015
Everybody sleeps (but not Fred) by Schneider, Josh, 1980- author, illustrator.

Everybody sleeps (but not Fred)

Allthough animals everywhere are sleeping, a youngster with an active imagination and a hefty to-do list resists bedtime with adventurous flair.

Mar 27, 2015
Mama Seeton's Whistle by Spinelli, Jerry/ Pham, Leuyen (CON)

Mama Seeton's Whistle

Mar 27, 2015