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Airplanes take off and land by McBriarty, Patrick T, author.

Airplanes take off and land

Illustrations featuring Pilot Stacey--a sheep--her nephew, and animal airport workers, airplane crew, and passengers introduce airplanes, how they work, and the events of a scheduled airplane flight.

Jul 4, 2015
Bee dance by Chrustowski, Rick, author, illustrator.

Bee dance

"A honeybee searches for nectar, then returns to the hive to tell the other bees. She does a waggle dance, moving in a special figure-eight pattern to share the location of the foodsource with her hivemates. With vivid and active images, Rick Chrustowski brings these amazing bees to life!"--

Jul 4, 2015
Big bot, small bot - a book of robot opposites by Rosenthal, Marc, 1949- author.

Big bot, small bot - a book of robot opposites

Lift the flaps and discover opposites with these friendly robots!

Jul 4, 2015
Could you lift up your bottom? by Chang, Hee-jung, author.

Could you lift up your bottom?

"A gust of wind blows Frog's hat off her head--and it's stuck under Elephant's big bottom. Elephant is hungry, and he won't budge until Frog feeds him delicious foods that have unusual shapes. She brings him a round orange, a triangular sandwich, and a rectangular piece of chocolate"--Publisher.

Jul 1, 2015
Daylight starlight wildlife by Minor, Wendell, author.

Daylight starlight wildlife

"An introduction to diurnal (daytime) and nocturnal (nighttime) animals"--

Jul 4, 2015
Dinoblock by Franceschelli, Christopher/ Peskimo (ILT)


Jun 30, 2015
Edible numbers by Bass, Jennifer Vogel, author.

Edible numbers

"A colorful and delicious counting book featuring an array of familiar and unfamiliar fruits and vegetables."--

Jul 1, 2015
Harry Bear - and the super, awesome, fantastic, best, day ever! by

Harry Bear - and the super, awesome, fantastic, best, day ever!

"Mrs McAuley's first grade class of 2014-2015 collaborated and used their individual ideas to generate this book. Each one created a unique illustration to bring the book to life."--cover.

Jul 4, 2015
Minions - seek and find by King, Trey, author.

Minions - seek and find

Picture puzzles featuring the many Minions encourage readers to find such hidden items as a message in a bottle, a prehistoric turtle, a deck of playing cards, a juggling seal, and a freeze ray gun.

Jul 4, 2015
Shapes, shapes, shapes by Hoban, Tana.

Shapes, shapes, shapes

Photographs of familiar objects such as chair, barrettes, and manhole cover present a study of rounded and angular shapes.

Jul 4, 2015