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The fires of Calderon by Cummings, Lindsay, author.

The fires of Calderon

"Eleven-year-old Albert Flynn is trained to restore balance to the hidden earthly realms that have fallen into chaos and threaten to destroy the world"--

Oct 20, 2014
The forbidden flats by Eddleman, Peggy, author.

The forbidden flats

When an earthquake causes the deadly band of air that covers the post World War III Earth to begin to sink over the town of White Rock, twelve-year-old Hope must lead a team through the Bomb's Breath and across the Forbidden Flats to obtain the mineral which will save the town.

Oct 20, 2014
The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie by Murray, Kirsty.

The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie

"The room was full of moon shadows and dancing light. But it was the wall around the window that Lucy couldn't stop staring at, the one with the painting of Spring. It was as bright as a sunny day and the tiny yellow flowers that covered the fields were moving, as if a breeze had blown through the painting and set all the petals dancing." Lucy McKenzie can walk through walls. Sent to stay with her Aunt Big in a hidden valley, Lucy discovers the old house is full of mysteries. One hot night, she

Oct 20, 2014
The future door by Lethcoe, Jason.

The future door

When Charlotte, a long-term fan of Sherlock Holmes, moves into his former apartment on Baker Street then disappears along with a special invention, her neighbors and fellow detectives Griffin and his uncle try to find her in a race against the clock thatbends time itself.

Oct 20, 2014
The Ghost Backstage by Butler, Dori Hillestad/ Damant, Aurore (ILT)

The Ghost Backstage

Oct 20, 2014
The girls of Gettysburg by Miller, Bobbi.

The girls of Gettysburg

"Pickett's Charge, one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, is the climax of this Civil War adventure, told from the perspective of three girls: a Union loyalist, a free Black, and a girl from Virginia who disguised herself as a boy to fight in the Confederate Army"--

Oct 20, 2014
The good, the bad, and the beagle by Burns, Catherine Lloyd.

The good, the bad, and the beagle

Shy eleven-year-old Veronica Louse Morgan of New York City is not happy about having to attend Randolf School for Girls, but by the end of her first year she not only has some new friends, she may have finally convinced her parents that she is ready to own a dog.

Oct 20, 2014
The Great Escape by Egan, Kate/ Lane, Mike/ Wight, Eric (ILT)

The Great Escape

Oct 20, 2014
The Grimjinx Rebellion by Farrey, Brian/ Helquist, Brett (ILT)

The Grimjinx Rebellion

Oct 20, 2014
The haunted cave by Pike, Christopher, 1955-

The haunted cave

There is a famous cave located just outside of Spooksville. A lot of stories surround the dark place-scary ones as well as exciting ones. Adam decides to explore the cave with his friends Watch, Sally and Cindy. But the moment they step inside the cave, the entrance closes behind them. Trapped, in the dark, they walk deeper and deeper into the cave, frantically searching for a way out. But the batteries in their flashlights begin to run low. And then they realize something is following them. So

Oct 20, 2014
The hotel mystery by Widmark, Martin, 1961- author.

The hotel mystery

When the Braeburn family stays at the local hotel and their valuable dog disappears, Jerry and Maya attempt to find the missing dog.

Oct 16, 2014
The junkyard bot by Richards, C. J. author.

The junkyard bot

When George Gearing's personal robot Jackbot gets hit by a car, George rebuilds him into something amazing, only to have him disappear just as darkness threatens the town, leaving George and his new friend Anne Droid to find out what happened.

Oct 20, 2014
The king of Scotland's sword by Stevenson, Steve, author.

The king of Scotland's sword

Agatha Mistery heads to the Highlands to investigate the disappearance of a priceless sword said to have belonged to a legendary Scottish king.

Oct 20, 2014
The Land of the Silver Apples by Farmer, Nancy, 1941-

The Land of the Silver Apples

After escaping from the Sea of Trolls, the apprentice bard Jack plunges into a new series of adventures, traveling underground to Elfland and uncovering the truth about his little sister Lucy.

Oct 20, 2014
The madman of Piney Woods by Curtis, Christopher Paul, author.

The madman of Piney Woods

Even though it is now 1901, the people of Buxton, Canada (originally a settlement of runaway slaves) and Chatham, Canada are still haunted by two events of half a century before--the American Civil War, and the Irish potato famine, and the lasting damage those events caused to the survivors.

Oct 20, 2014
The magic box by Falcone, L. M. (Lucy M.), 1951- author.

The magic box

Max Monroe, after discovering a detective agency in his grandfather's backyard, befriends the ghost of his great-uncle and the two join forces to solve the mystery of a missing birthday girl.

Oct 20, 2014
The magnificent Lizzie Brown and the devil's hound by Lockwood, Vicki, author.

The magnificent Lizzie Brown and the devil's hound

Lizzie is now an established member of Fitzy's Circus, but when the circus arrives in Kensal Green they are plagued by accidents and sickness--and Lizzie needs to put her psychic talents to use to solve the mystery of a graveyard haunted by a devil hound.

Oct 20, 2014
The magnificent Lizzie Brown and the mysterious phantom by Lockwood, Vicki, author.

The magnificent Lizzie Brown and the mysterious phantom

In nineteenth-century London Lizzie Brown wants nothing more than to escape from the slums and her drunk, abusive father, so finding work and friends in a passing circus seems like a dream come true--but when she starts to have visions she finds herself confronting the mysterious phantom of London.

Oct 20, 2014
The Map to Everywhere by Ryan, Carrie/ Davis, J. P.

The Map to Everywhere

Oct 20, 2014
The Mystery of the Missing Lion - A Precious Ramotswe Mystery for Young Readers by McCall Smith, Alexander/ McIntosh, Iain (ILT)

The Mystery of the Missing Lion - A Precious Ramotswe Mystery for Young Readers

Oct 20, 2014