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The lost years by Rudnick, Elizabeth, author. The lost years

Becoming lost in the forest, Pete, an abused orphan, forges an unforgettable friendship with a giant flying dragon named Elliott, with whom he shares fantastical woodland adventures.

Sep 30, 2016
The lucky snow leopard by Cobb, Amelia (Children's author) The lucky snow leopard

Zoe is delighted that her great uncle Horace has brought home two new animals for the Rescue Zoo: a beautiful snow leopard and her fuzzy cub Ali. Even more exciting is the news that soon there will be three snow leopards -- Ali is about to be a big brother!

Sep 30, 2016
The midnight ride of Flat Revere by Greenhut, Josh, author. The midnight ride of Flat Revere

After Dr. Dan comes up with a cure for flatness, Stanley, who is on vacation in Boston with his family, must decide whether or not to stay flat.

Sep 30, 2016
The Mighty Odds by Ignatow, Amy, author, illustrator. The Mighty Odds

A bus crash gives four very different middle schoolers odd super powers, and although they wouldn't normally be caught dead together, they must pool their powers to find out what happened to them.

Sep 30, 2016
The missing kitten by Webb, Holly, author. The missing kitten

"Suzanne is excited to be moving to the countryside, especially because it means that she will finally be able to get a pet. She chooses Boots, an orange kitten with four white paws, and the two of them become inseparable. Then Suzanne has to start at her new school. Boots tries following Suzanne to school every day. But one day, there's a downpour, and he gets lost. How will Suzanne ever be able to find him when she has no idea where he could be?"--Back cover.

Sep 30, 2016
The monster war - a League of Seven novel by Gratz, Alan, 1972- author. The monster war - a League of Seven novel

Wielding the Dragon Lantern, the maniacal Philomena Moffet unleashes a monster army on the American continent, forcing Archie to put aside his reservations about his league membership and rally his forces to stop the threat.

Sep 30, 2016
The most frightening story ever told by Kerr, Philip, author. The most frightening story ever told

"Scary-story enthusiast Billy Shivers helps out when the Haunted House of Books threatens to go out of business"--

Sep 30, 2016
The ominous eye - The Nocturnals, book 2 by Hecht, Tracey, author. The ominous eye - The Nocturnals, book 2

"Join Dawn, Bismark and Tobin as they set out to investigate the source of a violent jolt that fractures the earth! Along their journey, the Nocturnal Brigade meets an unfamiliar reptile|a tuatara named Polyphema|who reveals that a giant beast caused the destruction and will soon strike again. Polyphema with her special insights, is the only one who can help the Nocturnal Brigade stop this fearsome predator& but can she be trusted? With help from an owl, the jerboas, and some kiwis, the animals

Sep 30, 2016
The other boy by Hennessey, M. G., author. The other boy

Sep 30, 2016
The peculiar haunting of Thelma Bee by Petti, Erin, 1981- author. The peculiar haunting of Thelma Bee

Eleven-year-old Thelma Bee is a budding scientist who has curiosity and adventure in her blood, but when a ghost kidnaps her father her only clues for getting her dad back are a strange jewelry box and the word "Return" whispered to her by the ghost.

Sep 30, 2016
The peculiar night of the blue heart by DeStefano, Lauren, author. The peculiar night of the blue heart

Lionel, a wild boy, and Marybeth, a good girl, are best friends at the orphanage, and when a mysterious spirit possesses Marybeth they will do anything to stop it.

Sep 30, 2016
The peppermint princess by Perelman, Helen, author. The peppermint princess

Dash the Mint Fairy uncovers information about her past and family, learning that she might actually be a princess.

Sep 30, 2016
The poet's dog by MacLachlan, Patricia, author. The poet's dog

A dog with unusual communication talents loses his poet owner before rescuing two children trapped in a snowstorm and leading them to the poet's cabin, where the children explore the memories that the poet has left behind.

Sep 30, 2016
The power within by Varian, H. K., author. The power within

"Darren, Fiona, Mack, and Gabriella are Changers, a magical line of shapeshifters that can transform into mythological creatures, from werewolves and selkies to lightning birds and spirit foxes. They still have a lot to learn when it comes to their powers, but the kids are finally showing some progress fighting as a team, and the First Four think they're ready for a new mission. Young Changers in the area have been mysteriously disappearing, and it's up to the kids to figure out who--or what--is

Sep 30, 2016
The scruffy puppy by Webb, Holly, author. The scruffy puppy

"Bella has always dreamed of getting her very own dog, and her wish finally comes true when she and her family visit the rescue shelter to choose a pet. One of the puppies, Jack, has wild, frizzy ears and a huge, fluffy tail, and he has always dreamed of the perfect home. Both are thrilled when Bella chooses Jack. The puppy loves living with Bella, and she adores playing with him. But then Bella's friends start saying mean things about Jack. Can Bella prove to everyone that there's more to her s

Sep 30, 2016
The secret horses of Briar Hill by Shepherd, Megan, author. The secret horses of Briar Hill

"A girl living in a children's hospital during WWII discovers that a winged horse has entered her world and needs her help"--

Sep 30, 2016
The secret keepers by Stewart, Trenton Lee, author. The secret keepers

"When twelve-year-old Reuben finds a peculiar, magical watch that has the power to turn its wearer invisible, he's propelled on the adventure of a lifetime"--

Sep 30, 2016
The secret sea by Lyga, Barry, author. The secret sea

"Three friends find themselves plunged into a world of quantum physics, a rare disease that only affects identical twins, and a mysterious fact about a real-life global catastrophe"--

Sep 30, 2016
The snake trap by Brooks, Kevin, author. The snake trap

Following a death-defying escape from the hands of a criminal overlord, young PI Travis Delaney thinks he might finally be getting closer to finding out who killed his parents, and why. But things are about to get a whole lot more deadly. One moment Travis is trapped in an armed face-off in the offices of Delaney & Co, private investigators. The next terrorists have stormed the building and he's been abducted. Kept captive alongside Winston, the rogue security officer who Travis believes is resp

Sep 30, 2016
The super-spooky fright night! by Corderoy, Tracey, author. The super-spooky fright night!

Pandora's grandmother is a witch! She's a lot of fun, but she gets in a lot of trouble, too, and causes magical mayhem wherever she goes, from a birthday party where the teddy bears come to life to a bus with a flat tire that turns into a circus train and a truly spellbinding Halloween party. In this first book in a new series, readers will find out that life with Granny is always full of surprises!"

Sep 27, 2016