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Star Wars Smuggler's run by Rucka, Greg

Star Wars Smuggler's run

Oct 8, 2015
Star Wars The weapon of a Jedi by Fry, Jason

Star Wars The weapon of a Jedi

Oct 8, 2015
Star Wars. Smuggler's run - a Han Solo & Chewbacca adventure by Rucka, Greg, author.

Star Wars. Smuggler's run - a Han Solo & Chewbacca adventure

"In this story, set between Star Wars: a New Hope and Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back, Han and Chewie must fly the Millennium Falcon on a top-secret mission for the Rebellion, while evading ruthless bounty hunters and a relentless imperial agent."--

Oct 9, 2015
Star Wars. The weapon of a Jedi - a Luke Skywalker adventure by Fry, Jason, 1969- author.

Star Wars. The weapon of a Jedi - a Luke Skywalker adventure

"Luke Skywalker returns for an all-new adventure in this thrilling upper middle grade novel. Set between Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the story finds Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, and R2-D2 stranded on a mysterious planet, and explores a dangerous duel between Luke and a strange new villain."--

Oct 9, 2015
Stuart Little [full color edition] by White, E. B. (Elwyn Brooks), 1899-1985.

Stuart Little [full color edition]

The adventures of the debonair mouse Stuart Little as he sets out in the world to seek out his dearest friend, a little bird that stayed for a few days in his family's garden.

Oct 9, 2015
Switch by Law, Ingrid, 1970-


"Gypsy Beaumont's magical savvy switches to its opposite when she learns that her mean and decidedly non-magical grandma has Alzheimer's and is going to move in with her family"--

Oct 3, 2015
The accidental hero by Myklusch, Matt.

The accidental hero

Twelve-year-old Jack, freed from a dismal orphanage, makes his way to the elusive and impossible Imagine Nation, where a mentor saves him from dissection and trains him to use his superpower, despite the virus he carries that makes him a threat.

Oct 9, 2015
The Afterlife Academy by Cole, Frank, 1977-

The Afterlife Academy

A twelve-year-old boy and his Guardian Agent, sent from The Afterlife Academy on his first mission, must work together and save Earth from an eclectic horde of blundering enemies.

Oct 9, 2015
The astounding broccoli boy by Cottrell Boyce, Frank.

The astounding broccoli boy

Rory Rooney likes to be prepared for anything, but when he inexplicably turns green and finds himself in an experimental hospital ward with his nemesis, school bully Tommy-Lee "Grim" Komissky, everyone is baffled but Rory believes he and Grim have become superheroes.

Oct 8, 2015
The bamboo sword by Preus, Margi.

The bamboo sword

In Japan in 1853, at the time of U.S. Commodore Matthew Perry's visit to Japan, Yoshi, a young Japanese boy who dreams of becoming a samurai one day, learns about America from Majiro and has adventures with Jack, a young cabin boy aboard one of the U.S. ships. Includes historical notes and glossary.

Oct 9, 2015
The black star of Kingston by Smith, S. D. (Sam Smith), author.

The black star of Kingston

"A displaced community fights for hope on the ragged edge of survival"--Cover.

Oct 9, 2015
The Boxcar Children ghost-hunting special by Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979.

The Boxcar Children ghost-hunting special

"Wherever the Boxcar Children go, they discover haunted havens, spooky sights, and mysterious old legends come to life! Here are three of their ghostliest adventures."--

Oct 9, 2015
The chameleon attack by Patton, Jack, author.

The chameleon attack

Oct 9, 2015
The cloud castle by Stilton, Thea, author.

The cloud castle

Thea Stilton and her sisters travel to the magical land of clouds to discover why the clouds are disappearing.

Oct 9, 2015
The day the mustache took over by Katz, Alan.

The day the mustache took over

"David and Nathan are twin brothers who just can't seem to keep a babysitter around for long--they've had 347 after all. Or is it 734? Either way, there's got to be someone who can handle these two. Enter: Martin Healy Discount, or 'Murray Poopins' as the boys dub him"--

Oct 2, 2015
The entirely true story of the unbelievable fib by Shaughnessy, Adam, 1973-

The entirely true story of the unbelievable fib

When eleven-year-old Pru and new boy ABE discover another world beneath their quiet town, where Viking gods lurk just out of sight, they must race to secure the Eye of Odin, source of all knowledge--and the key to stopping a war that could destroy both human and immortal realms.

Oct 9, 2015
The fall by Preller, James.

The fall

In writing in his journal about middle school classmate Morgan Mallen's suicide from bullying, Sam explores whether he was a friend, or one of the bullies who ignored her at school and tormented her online.

Oct 9, 2015
The green bicycle by Al-Mansour, Haifaa, 1974-

The green bicycle

"Since girls do not ride bikes in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, eleven year old Wadjda has to scheme to get her own"--

Oct 9, 2015
The hollow boy by Stroud, Jonathan, author.

The hollow boy

"Anthony, George, and Lucy investigate new hauntings, track down assassins, and a new assistant joins Lockwood & Co"--

Oct 9, 2015
The house on Stone's Throw Island by Poblocki, Dan, author.

The house on Stone's Throw Island

Josie Sandoval and Eli Barker are the youngest of the wedding guests trapped on an island off the coast of Maine when a storm blows in--but this island is haunted by spirits seeking revenge, and the only clue that Josie and Eli have is a scrap of an old Nazi uniform and a voice crying out for help in German.

Oct 9, 2015