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Terror at Bottle Creek by Key, Watt.

Terror at Bottle Creek

"Thirteen-year-old Cort's father is a local expert on hunting and swamp lore in lower Alabama who has been teaching his son everything he knows. But when a deadly Gulf Coast hurricane makes landfall, Cort must unexpectedly put his all skills--and bravery--to the test"--

Feb 6, 2016
The (totally not) guaranteed guide to stressing, obsessing & second-guessing - a novel by McCafferty, Megan.

The (totally not) guaranteed guide to stressing, obsessing & second-guessing - a novel

"Smarties and skaters unite, collecting signatures on a petition to bring back the school's annual dance. Meanwhile, Jessica faces the outcome of the mortifying-but-true Top Secret Pineville Junior High Crushability Test. Will the dramarama of seventh grade be Jessica's downfall? Not if she can help it"--

Feb 9, 2016
The apprentice's quest by Hunter, Erin, author.

The apprentice's quest

Living peacefully around a lake, the four Clans come to decipher a prophecy that leads one medicine cat apprentice on a quest to determine the fate of all the warrior Clans.

Feb 9, 2016
The big dark by Philbrick, W. R. (W. Rodman), author.

The big dark

When something knocks out everything electrical at midnight on New Year's Eve, the world is plunged into chaos, including the town of Harmony, New Hampshire, where Webster Bragg, a vicious survivalist, sees an opportunity to dominate his fellow citizens--but as the town struggles to maintain order and civilization, young Charlie Cobb sets out on a dangerous journey through the snow to find medicine for his diabetic mother.

Feb 9, 2016
The Bolds by Clary, Julian, author.

The Bolds

Two hyenas from Africa find a pair of passports (memo: do not go swimming in a crocodile pool), and move to Teddington, England, where they live suburban lives, hold jobs, and raise their children to hide their tails and act human--the only trouble is old Mr. McNumpty, their nosy neighbor, who is hiding a secret of his own.

Feb 9, 2016
The Brotherhood of the Traveling Underpants by Trine, Greg.

The Brotherhood of the Traveling Underpants

When the three members of the Bad Guy Brotherhood buy a time machine to keep the younger Melvin from gaining his superhero powers, Melvin and his sidekick Candace, disguised as pirates, travel back in time to stop them.

Feb 7, 2016
The case of the battling bots / The Case of the Battling Bots by O'Donnell, Liam, 1970- author.

The case of the battling bots / The Case of the Battling Bots

Feb 9, 2016
The case of the girl in grey by Stratford, Jordan, author.

The case of the girl in grey

Spotting a ghostly girl in the park who resembles the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency's new client, Lady Ada and Mary discover links between the girl and a case involving a hospital, a missing will, a hasty engagement, and a devious servant.

Feb 9, 2016
The cat who came in off the roof by Schmidt, Annie M. G., author.

The cat who came in off the roof

Minou, formerly a cat but now a woman with many cattish ways, helps Tibbs, a newspaper reporter, with information she gets from her many feline friends.

Feb 9, 2016
The charmed children of Rookskill Castle by Fox, Janet S, author.

The charmed children of Rookskill Castle

In 1940, during the Blitz, Katherine, Robbie and Amelie Bateson are sent north to a private school in Rookskill Castle in Scotland, a brooding place, haunted by dark magic from the past--but when some of their classmates disappear Katherine has to find out if the cause is hidden in the past or very much in the present.

Feb 6, 2016
The circle of lies by Velasquez, Crystal, author.

The circle of lies

"Ana, Doli, Shani, and Lin must continue to battle the forces of the Brotherhood of Chaos and prevent them from taking over the world. However, with Shani expelled from school and living in Mumbai with her father, the four wildcats have been separated and their power diminished. Can they find a way to stop Anubis this time?"--

Feb 3, 2016
The Clover Curse by Green, Poppy/ Bell, Jennifer A. (ILT)

The Clover Curse

Feb 3, 2016
The cobra clash by Patton, Jack, author.

The cobra clash

Max Darwin is summoned back to Bug Island to rescue Spike from King Cobra and the Reptilian Empire.

Feb 9, 2016
The crocodile tomb by Paver, Michelle, author.

The crocodile tomb

"Hylas and Pirra arrive in Egypt to search for the powerful dagger, but Telemon and the Crows are there too, and they will stop at nothing to find the dagger first"--

Feb 9, 2016
The Dastardly Deed by Grant, Holly

The Dastardly Deed

Feb 3, 2016
The door by the staircase by Marsh, Katherine.

The door by the staircase

Happy to be adopted at last, twelve-year-old orphan Mary Hayes soon learns a terrifying secret about her new mother, the mysterious Madame Z.

Feb 9, 2016
The dragon's return by Lee, Stan, 1922- author.

The dragon's return

"The dangerous dragon power grows stronger within Jasmine, and Steven struggles to hold their ragtag team together, but as alliances become strained, the line between the "good guys" and the "bad guys" begins to blur."--

Feb 9, 2016
The dreadful fate of Jonathan York - a yarn for the strange at heart by Merritt, Kory, author.

The dreadful fate of Jonathan York - a yarn for the strange at heart

Discover the horrible fate of Jonathan York as he sets out on his journey through a spooky forest with an alarming party of travelmates! Jonathan York has led a boring life - a pointless degree from the community college, a lackluster job at the General Store, and never any desire for something more exciting. But when fate leaves him stranded in a sinister land, he finds himself seeking an adventure of his own. Along the way he encounters ghoulish thieves, ravenous swamp monsters, a dastardly ic

Feb 9, 2016
The elementia chronicles. Book 3, Herobrine's message by Wolfe, Sean Fay, 1997- author.

The elementia chronicles. Book 3, Herobrine's message

President Stan and his council are joined by a mysterious adversary in their efforts to reunite and gain freedom for the server-based Republic of Elementia.

Feb 9, 2016
The Extincts by Cossanteli, Veronica/ Muradov, Roman (ILT)

The Extincts

Feb 9, 2016