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Barbie spy squad by McGuire Woods, Molly, author.

Barbie spy squad

Barbie and her gymnast friends are recruited as spies to help stop a jewel thief and foil a dangerous plot.

Feb 12, 2016
Batman - Gotham City's guardian by Manning, Matthew K, author.

Batman - Gotham City's guardian

Reveals the story of how Bruce Wayne became Batman, describing his childhood and what motivates him to protect Gotham City.

Feb 12, 2016
Beetle boy by Leonard, M. G. (Maya Gabrielle), author.

Beetle boy

Darkus Cuttle has taken care of his father ever since his mother died, but one day his father vanished from a locked vault at the Natural History Museum, and now he lives with his eccentric uncle--but one day he finds a large and unusually intelligent and self-aware beetle, and soon he and his two friends are caught up in a struggle to protect an intelligent super species of beetles.

Feb 12, 2016
Behind the Canvas by Vance, Alexander

Behind the Canvas

Feb 6, 2016
Billy Sure, kid entrepreneur and the no-trouble bubble by Sharpe, Luke, author.

Billy Sure, kid entrepreneur and the no-trouble bubble

Hosting a televised special to invite other kids to share their ideas, inventor Billy Sure and his business partner, Manny, evaluate a wide range of wacky, wild, and potentially world-changing invention suggestions.

Feb 12, 2016
Blue in the face - a story of risk, rhyme, and rebellion by Swallow, Gerry, author.

Blue in the face - a story of risk, rhyme, and rebellion

When ill-mannered, eleven-year-old Elspeth Pule awakens in a strange forest where nursery rhyme character dwell, she must both learn compassion and teach the merits of a good temper tantrum in order to return home.

Feb 12, 2016
Blue ribbon trail ride by Ferrell, Miralee, 1953- author.

Blue ribbon trail ride

"Thirteen-year-old Kate Ferris comes up with the perfect way to raise money for her autistic younger brother and others to attend summer camp--a horse scavenger hunt! As local businesses donate money and prizes, Kate keeps the entry fees in her mom's antique jewelry box. But when the jewelry box and money disappear, Kate and her friends must hold on to hope, unravel the clues, and solve the mystery along the Blue Ribbon Trail Ride"--Page [4] of cover.

Feb 12, 2016
Bounders by Tesler, Monica.


Twelve-year-old Jasper and his friends are the first group of cadets, called Bounders, to be trained as astronauts who use new spaceships to teleport, but soon are forced to go up against an alien society seeking revenge for stealing this brain-sync technology.

Feb 12, 2016
Brambleheart - A Story About Finding Treasure and the Unexpected Magic of Friendship by Cole, Henry/ Cole, Henry (ILT)

Brambleheart - A Story About Finding Treasure and the Unexpected Magic of Friendship

Feb 6, 2016
Brooke's not-so-perfect plan by Whittemore, Jo, 1977- author.

Brooke's not-so-perfect plan

Brooke, Vanessa, and Heather are put in charge of their middle school newspaper's advice column. Meanwhile, Brooke is finding it difficult to balance her commitments and school work.

Feb 7, 2016
Cassie comes through by Zappa, Shana Muldoon, author.

Cassie comes through

The day Cassie has been dreading since she first arrived at Starling Academy is here. She has been chosen to make the journey to Wishworld for the next Wish Mission. Cassie is so sensitive and perceptive she'll be a natural! But her mission is even harder than she feared when everything just seems all wrong. Could Cassie be the first Star Darling who simply can't make her Wisher's wish come true?

Feb 12, 2016
Catnapped! by Soderberg, Erin.


Held prisoner on the kitten pirate ship, "The Nine Lives," puppy pirates plot their escape.

Feb 12, 2016
Cherry blossom baseball - a cherry blossom book by Maruno, Jennifer, 1950- author.

Cherry blossom baseball - a cherry blossom book

Feb 7, 2016
Chloe in India by Darnton, Kate, author.

Chloe in India

"Though they're divided by class, language, appearance--you name it--Chloe and Lakshmi have a lot in common. Both girls are new to Class Five at Premium Academy in New Delhi, India, and neither seems to fit in. But they soon discover how extraordinary an ordinary friendship can be and how celebrating our individuality can change the world"--

Feb 12, 2016
Cleo Edison Oliver, playground millionaire by Frazier, Sundee Tucker, 1968- author.

Cleo Edison Oliver, playground millionaire

Fifth-grader Cleo Edison Oliver is full of money-making ideas, and her fifth-grade Passion Project is no different--but things get more complicated when she has to keep her business running, be a good listener when her best friend needs her, and deal with the bully teasing her about being adopted at the same time.

Feb 12, 2016
Cold War on Maplewood Street by Rosengren, Gayle.

Cold War on Maplewood Street

A young girl growing up in Chicago watches the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis unfold while struggling to repair a damaged relationship with her brother, stationed in the Gulf.

Feb 12, 2016
Criminal destiny by Korman, Gordon, author.

Criminal destiny

"A group of kids discovers they were cloned from the DNA of some of the greatest criminal masterminds in history for a sociological experiment, and they must find a way to prove it to the rest of the world"--

Feb 12, 2016
Crisis zero by Rylander, Chris, author.

Crisis zero

There is a computer program so unspeakably powerful that its mere existence is unknown to all but the most senior government agents. This computer program is capable of controlling every aspect of communication, transportation, and defense on the planet. This computer program must never fall into the wrong hands or civilization as we know it will be utterly destroyed. This computer program is in North Dakota. Carson Fender, aka the retired Prank Master, aka Agent Zero, aka the all-in-one World's

Feb 12, 2016
Cross Fire by Kogge, Michael

Cross Fire

Feb 12, 2016
Dark Lord - eternal detention by Thomson, Jamie, 1958- author.

Dark Lord - eternal detention

"Fear me, o miserable worm! I, the Great Dirk, take up my pen once more to record the utter misery that is SCHOOL. My sworn enemy, Hasdruban the White, has infiltrated Whiteshields School and seeks vengeance on me. Naturally, I will triumph. But it is the Dirkest Hour indeed...BUY THIS BOOK OR SUFFER ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: -Being struck with a Blast of Ravening Flame -Banishment to the Slave Pits of Never Ending Toil -Torment by the Hewer of Limbs THE CHOICE IS YOURS. MWA HA HA!"--

Feb 12, 2016