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14th deadly sin by Patterson, James

14th deadly sin

Apr 22, 2015
At the water's edge - a novel by Gruen, Sara, author.

At the water's edge - a novel

After disgracing themselves at a high society New Year's Eve party in Philadelphia in 1944, Madeline Hyde and her husband, Ellis, are cut off financially by his father, a former army colonel who is already ashamed of his son's inability to serve in the war. With his best friend, Hank, Ellis decides that the only way to regain his father's favor is to succeed where the Colonel once very publicly failed--by hunting down the famous Loch Ness monster. Maddie reluctantly follows them across the Atlan

Apr 27, 2015
Beach town by Andrews, Mary Kay

Beach town

Apr 22, 2015
Bingo's run - a novel by Levine, James, 1963- author.

Bingo's run - a novel

Meet Bingo, the greatest drug runner in the slums of Kibera, Nairobi, and maybe the world. A teenage grifter, he faithfully serves Wolf, Kibera's drug lord. Bingo spends his days throwing rocks at Krazi Hari, the prophet of Kibera's garbage mound; "lipping" safari tourists of their cash; and hanging out with his best friend, Slo-George, a taciturn fellow whose girth is a mystery to Bingo in a place where there is never enough food. Bingo earns his keep by running "white' to a host of clients, in

Apr 27, 2015
Born of defiance by Kenyon, Sherrilyn

Born of defiance

Apr 22, 2015
Chasing sunsets - a novel by Kingsbury, Karen, author.

Chasing sunsets - a novel

Provided by publisher

Apr 27, 2015
Enemy inside by Martini, Steve

Enemy inside

Apr 22, 2015
Every fifteen minutes by Scottoline, Lisa, author.

Every fifteen minutes

Tom Fortez is a psychiatrist with a succesful private practice and a loving wife and daughter. He's held in high esteem at the prestigious psychiatric hospital and on the national book-and-lecture circuit. One of his most complex patients is Mike Browning, a brilliant but disturbed young man who has begun to exhibit violent delusions directed at the employees of the insurance company from which he was recently fired. He's particularly focused on a young woman who spurned his advances, and he's m

Apr 27, 2015
Forgotten room by Child, Lincoln

Forgotten room

Apr 22, 2015
Gathering prey by Sandford, John

Gathering prey

Apr 22, 2015
God help the child by Morrison, Toni

God help the child

Apr 22, 2015
God in ruins by Atkinson, Kate

God in ruins

Apr 22, 2015
Hot pursuit by Woods, Stuart, author.

Hot pursuit

Stone Barrington travels to Wichita to take possession of his long-awaited Citation M2, and is pleasantly surprised to find that the delivery pilot is a gorgeous woman who's soon moving to New York and is available for a closer acquaintance. Meanwhile, Stone is extended an invitation to a secret and private club, open to only the most exclusive membership.

Apr 27, 2015
It's a long story by Nelson, Willie

It's a long story

Apr 22, 2015
Keep me safe - a Slow burn novel by Banks, Maya, author.

Keep me safe - a Slow burn novel

When Caleb Devereaux's younger sister is kidnapped, the scion of a powerful and wealthy family turns to an unlikely source for help: a beautiful and sensitive woman with a gift for finding answers others cannot. While Ramie can connect to victims and locate them by feeling their pain, her ability comes with a price. Every time she uses it, it costs her a piece of herself. Helping the infuriatingly attractive and impatient Caleb successfully find his sister nearly destroys her. Even though his se

Apr 27, 2015
Last one home - a novel by Macomber, Debbie, author.

Last one home - a novel

The Palmer sisters couldn't be more different. Karen, the eldest, is the responsible one the one who got the grades, married the perfect guy, and has two wonderful, high-achieving children. Cassie is the rebellious one, who got pregnant right after high school and married the wrong man, despite her family's misgivings. And Nicole is a free, creative spirit, who's always been indulged and pampered as the baby of the family who could do no wrong. These differences were enough to drive the three si

Apr 27, 2015
Memory man by Baldacci, David, author.

Memory man

Amos Decker's promising football career was ended by a violent helmet-to-helmet collision. Now a police detective, he is still haunted by a side effect from the injury--he remembers everything, including things he would prefer to forget. One night Decker comes home from a stakeout to find his wife, young daughter, and brother-in-law murdered. As the husband, Amos immediately becomes a prime suspect in the crime, but is subsequently cleared. But when a man turns himself in--more than a year later

Apr 27, 2015
Miracle at Augusta - a novel by Patterson, James, 1947- author.

Miracle at Augusta - a novel

A year ago Travis McKinley, an unknown golfing amateur, shocked the world by winning the PGA Senior Open at Pebble Beach. Now he makes his living playing golf in paradise, and everything should be perfect--but Travis can't shake the feeling that he's a fraud, an impostor who doesn't deserve his success. Then Travis blows a tournament and is suspended for assaulting another player. His family and friends are shocked, and Travis realizes he needs to find his purpose. His quest leads him to befrien

Apr 27, 2015
Odd apocalypse by Koontz, Dean

Odd apocalypse

Apr 22, 2015
Perfect match by Michaels, Fern

Perfect match

Apr 22, 2015