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Leprosy by Death (Musical group)


Jul 29, 2015
Leslie Sansone just walk. The tone every zone walk by

Leslie Sansone just walk. The tone every zone walk

Includes three workouts options: Upper Body Circuit; Lower Body Circuit; and Fast Walk.

Aug 1, 2015
Leslie Sansone just walk. Walk to the hits, all time favorites by

Leslie Sansone just walk. Walk to the hits, all time favorites

Fitness walking has proven to be the most beneficial of all healthy lifestyle choices in reducing disease and improving the quality of life.

Aug 1, 2015
Lethal Seas by

Lethal Seas

A deadly recipe threatens the survival of countless creatures throughout Earth's ocean: carbon dioxide. With carbon emissions sharply rising, the silent killer is entering the seas at a staggering rate, raising the oceans' acidity. As a result, the skeletons and shells of marine creatures that form the foundation of the web of life are dissolving. Can experts crack the code of a rapidly changing ocean before it is too late?

Jul 29, 2015
Lethal weapon 4 [Motion picture -1998] by

Lethal weapon 4 [Motion picture -1998]

Mel Gibson and Danny Glover return as buddy cops Riggs and Murtaugh, with Joe Pesci riding comedy shotgun as chatterbox Leo. Murtaugh is still the family man. Riggs is still the gonzo loose cannon and - what's this? - family man. His will he/won't he marriage to Cole is one of the new wrinkles in this powerhouse crowd-pleaser that also stars comedy favorite Chris Rock and international action star Jet Li. Wedding bells, ammo shells, explosive laughter - this one's fully loaded.

Aug 1, 2015
Lila & Eve by

Lila & Eve

Lila, a grieving mother whose son was killed in a drive-by shooting, attends a support group where she meets Eve, who has also lost her daughter to street violence. When the police prove incapable of bringing those responsible to justice, Lila and Eve team up as vigilantes and take matters into their own hands.

Aug 1, 2015
Little Nicky by

Little Nicky

When your mother is an angel and your father is the devil, life can be really confusing. For Little Nicky, it just got a whole lot worse. His two evil brothers have just escaped from Hell and are wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting earth. His dad is disintegrating and it's up to Nicky to save him and all of humanity. Can Nicky find his inner evil in time to save the world?

Aug 1, 2015
Lo Esencial De Hasta Que Amanezca by Sebastian, Joan.

Lo Esencial De Hasta Que Amanezca

Includes the songs Rumores; El Camino Del AmoVete O Me Voy; and more.

Jul 30, 2015
Lo Esencial De Secreto De Amor by Sebastian, Joan.

Lo Esencial De Secreto De Amor

Twenty of Joan Sebastian's most romantic hit singles are assembled on a CD that includes such classics as Ahora Entiendo; Eso y mas; and a live version of El Primer Tonto.

Jul 30, 2015
Lo Esencial De Sentimental by Sebastian, Joan.

Lo Esencial De Sentimental

Joan Sebastian is one of the most beloved artists in Regional Mexican music, with a long line of hits that have become classics. This collection presents twenty of his best including Mi Credo; Sentimental; and Amor Limosnero.

Jul 30, 2015
Mad Max - Fury Road by

Mad Max - Fury Road

Aug 1, 2015
Madame Bovary by

Madame Bovary

Desperate to escape the dullness of provincial life, a young married woman pursues forbidden fantasies through a series of indiscreet seductions and adulterous affairs. Based on the acclaimed novel that transformed the Romantic era.

Aug 1, 2015
Maestro by Marley, Ky-Mani, 1976-


Aug 1, 2015
Magnifique by Ratatat.


Ratatat return to their core guitar-driven sound. Combining the bedrock beats and primordial riffs from their first two albums with the sonic experimentation and production prowess, Ratatat arrive at a new plateau with this.

Aug 1, 2015
Magnus by Audiomachine (Musical group)


Trailer music for motion picture promotions.

Jul 29, 2015
Man in a Suitcase - Set 2 by

Man in a Suitcase - Set 2

After 10 years working for U.S. intelligence, 'Mac' McGill knows a thing or two about living by his wits and getting the job done. But after his employment is terminated under mysterious circumstances, he has to look for work among those prepared to pay for his services. From his base in London, McGill travels all over Europe and beyond, taking on jobs no one else can handle, tracking down the people no one else can find. This action-packed Cold War drama aired on ABC in the late 1960s.

Jul 28, 2015
Matching Sweaters by Gaelic Storm.

Matching Sweaters

Gaelic Storm is back with their twelfth studio album, once again delivering the foot-stomping, eclectic mix of tunes that has established the band as one of world music's premier live acts.

Jul 31, 2015
Merchants of doubt by

Merchants of doubt

Inspired by the book by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway, the film takes audiences on a satirically comedic, yet illuminating ride into the heart of conjuring American spin. Filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the curtain on a secretive group of highly charismatic, silver-tongued pundits-for-hire who present themselves in the media as scientific authorities, yet have the aim of spreading maximum confusion about well-studied public threats ranging from toxic chemicals to pharmaceuticals to climate change.

Aug 1, 2015
Miles Davis at Newport- 1955-1975 the Bootleg Series Vol. 4 by Davis, Miles.

Miles Davis at Newport- 1955-1975 the Bootleg Series Vol. 4

From Miles' debut performance at NJF in 1955 to his final public perform­ance of the 70s in 1975, the box set traces the ascendance of Miles' music as the ne plus ultra of jazz.

Aug 1, 2015
Mister Asylum by Highly Suspect.

Mister Asylum

The debut album from Highly Suspect.

Aug 1, 2015