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One more chance - a Rosemary Beach novel by Glines, Abbi.

One more chance - a Rosemary Beach novel

"A new adult novel about Grant and Harlow in the Rosemary Beach series"--

Jul 9, 2014
Over the misty mountains by Morris, Gilbert

Over the misty mountains

Jul 9, 2014
Over the misty mountains by Morris, Gilbert.

Over the misty mountains

A young family leaves Boston for Virginia and from there join a wagon train headed west over the Appalachian mountains to Tennessee.

Jul 12, 2014
Paisley mischief by MacVeagh, Lincoln, author.

Paisley mischief

When a famously brash movie producer applies for membership, long-simmering tensions at The Avenue rise to a boil. Who is Max Guberstein and where did he come from? Why does he want to join and most important, will he get in? These are the questions on everyone's mind, but it's left up to Dante Penfield, the club president's feckless nephew, and his resourceful roommate Audrey to figure out the answers.

Jul 12, 2014
Paying guests by Waters, Sarah

Paying guests

Jul 12, 2014
People of the Lakes by Gear, Kathleen O'Neal.

People of the Lakes

Otter, a Mississippi Valley trader, undertakes a perilous journey to lead the Mound Builders to prosperity, while Star Shell, a chief's daughter, accompanies him toward Niagara Falls to destroy an evil totemic mask.

Jul 12, 2014
People of the lightning by Gear, Kathleen O'Neal.

People of the lightning

In pre-Columbian Florida, inhabitants of a fishing village are forced to confront their fears about Pondwader, a fifteen-year-old albino boy whom legends foretell will unleash a time of destruction on their people.

Jul 12, 2014
People of the owl - a novel of prehistoric North America by Gear, Kathleen O'Neal.

People of the owl - a novel of prehistoric North America

Free-spirited, vision-seeing 15-year-old Mud Puppy has no interest in power, but when his much-admired older brother, White Bird, is struck by lightning and killed (an event that Mud Puppy foresaw), he is next in line to be the Speaker for the Owl Clan. Christened Salamander at an immediate initiation-to-manhood ceremony, he sets out to defend and honor his family, always aware of the warring spirits Masked Owl (good) and Many Colored Crow (evil) who guide his path. Uncertainty, clumsiness and a

Jul 12, 2014
People of the sea by Gear, W. Michael.

People of the sea

The coastal people of what will be California, Arizona and New Mexico are struggling with the changing world around them. As the mammoths disappear, the seer Sunchaser must decide whether to shelter a beautiful stranger and risk angering the Spirits further.

Jul 12, 2014
Personal - a Jack Reacher novel by Child, Lee, author.

Personal - a Jack Reacher novel

Jack Reacher finds himself working for the State Department and the CIA to track down the American sniper who took a shot at the president of France and is possibly targeting the G-8 summit packed with world leaders.

Jul 9, 2014
Peter Pan must die - a novel by Verdon, John.

Peter Pan must die - a novel

"Ingenious puzzle solver Dave Gurney brings his analytical brilliance to a shocking murder that couldn't have been committed the way the police say it was. The daunting task that confronts Gurney, once the NYPD's top homicide cop: determining the guilt or innocence of a woman already convicted of shooting her charismatic politician husband -- who was felled by a rifle bullet to the brain while delivering the eulogy at his own mother's funeral. Peeling back the layers, Gurney quickly finds himsel

Jul 7, 2014
Power play by Coulter, Catherine.

Power play

Natalie Black, the U.S. ambassador to the Court of St. James, has returned to Washington, with her job in jeopardy. Her fiance´, George McCallum, Viscount Lockenby, has died in a car accident and there are rumors that she's responsible for his death. When someone tries to drive her off the road, she returns to the United States where another car tries to run over her. No one believes her except FBI Special Agent Davis Sullivan. Meanwhile someone is following Sherlock. She gets a call from an Atl

Jul 10, 2014
Queen bee goes home again by Smith, Haywood.

Queen bee goes home again

"In Queen Bee Goes Home Again by bestselling author Haywood Smith, it's been ten years since Linwood Scott had to move back home to Mimosa Branch, Georgia the first time. Now, with her work in real estate at a stand-still because of the economy, and herex-husband and his alimony payments (and his former stripper-current wife) nowhere to be seen, Linwood finds herself back in the place she'd never thought she'd be: the garage apartment next to her mother Mamie's mansion. But this time around th

Jul 12, 2014
Rachel - a novel by Smith, Jill Eileen, 1958-

Rachel - a novel

Jacob would do anything to have Rachel, but his longing will lead to devastating choices when he is confronted with betrayal and deceit.

Jul 12, 2014
Raging Heat by Castle, Richard

Raging Heat

Jul 12, 2014
Reckless disregard - a Parker Stern novel by Rotstein, Robert, 1951-

Reckless disregard - a Parker Stern novel

"A lawyer and former child star, Parker Stern, now hobbled by glossophobia, struggles to get back to his glory days as a prosecutor in Los Angeles"--

Jul 9, 2014
Red Joan by Rooney, Jennie, 1980- author.

Red Joan

"Inspired by the true story of Melita Norwood, a woman unmasked in 1999, at age 87, as the KGB's longest-serving British spy, Red Joan centers on the deeply conflicted life of a brilliant young physicist during the Second World War...Risking both career and conscience, leaking information to the Soviets, but struggling to maintain her own semblance of morality, Joan is caught at a crossroads in which all paths lead to the same end-game: the deployment of the atomic bomb."--

Jul 7, 2014
Red winter by Smith, Dan, 1970- author.

Red winter

In 1920s Russia, a deserter from the Red Army returns home to find his village empty, the men murdered, and the women and children gone, and searches the forests in the bitter cold, desperate to find his wife and sons.

Jul 8, 2014
Riding the wave by Brown, Lorelie, author.

Riding the wave

"The gray-green swells of San Sebastian haven't changed in ten years, but Tanner Wright has. The last thing he expects to find back on his home turf is the love of his life..."--P. [4] of cover.

Jul 7, 2014
Road ends - a novel by Lawson, Mary, 1946-

Road ends - a novel

"Set in a backwoods village in northern Canada, this is the story of a young woman who leaves her dysfunctional, male-dominated family to make a new life in London. With her dreamy mother abed upstairs, and her father passive in a house full of rambunctious, out of control male children from the age of 4-14, Megan has become the defacto mother, housekeeper, nurse, and lynchpin of her household. Wholly dependable, intelligent, lovely, they depend on her completely-- until one day she has had enou

Jul 12, 2014