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The dog who saved me by Wilson, Susan, 1951-

The dog who saved me

"In Susan Wilson's The Dog Who Saved Me, a former Boston K-9 unit policeman turned animal control officer in bucolic Harmony Farms is up against rescuing a gun shy and wounded dog gone feral, and proving that his low-life older brother is back in the drug business. Fighting his shattering grief at the death of his K-9 partner killed in the line of duty, and a staggering loss of confidence from physical and psychic wounds of his own, Cooper Harrison is back where he started, where his father Bull

Mar 27, 2015
The dying game by Barton, Beverly.

The dying game

All over the city, beautiful women are being murdered, mutilated to death by a stranger known only as The Beauty Queen Killer. Former pageant queens fear for their lives as more women are found dead, a single rose next to their ravaged corpses. It's up to private detective Lindsay McCallister to hunt down the sadistic killer -- and uncover the truth behind these murders before more women are found dead. But what she finds is that these innocent women are mere playthings for an evil game between

Mar 29, 2015
The dynamite room - a novel by Hewitt, Jason, 1972- author.

The dynamite room - a novel

It's July 1940, and eleven-year-old Lydia has just run away from life as a child evacuee in Wales. She arrives in her English village, gas mask in tow, only to find it abandoned. Her family's house is shuttered and empty, the windows covered by black-out blinds--but Lydia settles in, determined to wait there until they return. Late that night he comes: a wounded soldier, gun in hand, heralding a full-blown German invasion. There are, the man explains, certain rules that Lydia must now follow. He

Mar 23, 2015
The extraordinary journey of the fakir who got trapped in an IKEA wardrobe by Puértolas, Romain, 1975-

The extraordinary journey of the fakir who got trapped in an IKEA wardrobe

A con artist from India travels to France to shop at IKEA and unwittingly embarks on a European tour during which he makes friends in unlikely places.

Mar 27, 2015
The familiar - one rainy day in May by Danielewski, Mark Z.

The familiar - one rainy day in May

From the universally acclaimed, genre-busting author of House of Leaves comes a new book as dazzling as it is riveting . . . A page-turner from start to finish, ranging from Southeast Asia to Mexico to Venice, Italy, and Venice, California, with characters as diverse as a therapist-in-training whose daughters prove far more complex than her patients, an ambitious East-L.A. gang member hired for violence, two scientists on the run in Marfa, Texas, a recovering addict in Singapore summoned by a po

Mar 27, 2015
The Fateful Lightning - A Novel of the Civil War by Shaara, Jeff

The Fateful Lightning - A Novel of the Civil War

Mar 29, 2015
The Friends of Eddie Coyle by Higgins, George V.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle

Mar 27, 2015
The friendship of criminals - a novel by Glinski, Robert.

The friendship of criminals - a novel

Reminiscent of the best of George V. Higgins, former criminal defense attorney Robert Glinski's The friendship of criminals explodes off the page with the crackling intensity of Scorsese's The Departed. When a new head of the Italian mob threatens Port Richmond's long entrenched Polish crime boss Anton Bielakowski the various criminal factions of Philadelphia don't know who to trust and the promise of war simmers in the underworld. With the help of the FBI monitoring Anton's every move, it's all

Mar 25, 2015
The goddess of buttercups and daisies - a novel by Millar, Martin.

The goddess of buttercups and daisies - a novel

"Aristophanes is inconsolable-his rival playwrights are hogging all the local attention, a pesky young wannabe poet won't leave him alone, his actors can't remember their lines, and his own festival sponsor seems to be conspiring against him, withholdingdirely needed funds for set design and, most importantly, giant phallus props. O woe, how can his latest comedy convince Athenian citizens to vote down another ten years of war against Sparta if they're too busy scoffing at the diminutive phallus

Mar 29, 2015
The gracekeepers - a novel by Logan, Kirsty.

The gracekeepers - a novel

Mar 29, 2015
The guest cottage - a novel by Thayer, Nancy, 1943-

The guest cottage - a novel

Renting a Nantucket cottage after discovering her husband's infidelity, Sophie arrives with her children to discover that a recently widowed single father, Trevor, has also rented the house.

Mar 27, 2015
The harlot countess by Shupe, Joanna, author.

The harlot countess

Mar 27, 2015
The Hottest Ticket in Town by Van Meter, Kimberly

The Hottest Ticket in Town

Mar 29, 2015
The Ice Twins by Tremayne, S. K.

The Ice Twins

Mar 29, 2015
The illuminations by O'Hagan, Andrew, 1968- author.

The illuminations

A British army captain whose artistic pioneer grandmother lived an illusory life to cope with hardships begins transforming his own sense of reality in the aftermath of a mission gone wrong before confronting a mystery from his family's past.

Mar 27, 2015
The Jesus Cow by Perry, Michael

The Jesus Cow

Mar 29, 2015
The King of Shanghai - the triad years by Hamilton, Ian, 1946- author.

The King of Shanghai - the triad years

Mar 29, 2015
The language of paradise by Moss, Barbara Klein, author.

The language of paradise

Set in nineteenth-century New England, this novel tests a woman's love against her husband's utopian quest.

Mar 29, 2015
The last flight of Poxl West - a novel by Torday, Daniel.

The last flight of Poxl West - a novel

"All his life, Elijah Goldstein has idolized his charismatic Uncle Poxl. Intensely magnetic, cultured and brilliant, Poxl takes Elijah under his wing, introducing him to opera and art and literature. But when Poxl publishes a memoir of how he was forced to leave his home north of Prague at the start of WWII and then avenged the deaths of his parents by flying RAF bombers over Germany during the war, killing thousands of German citizens, Elijah watches as the carefully constructed world his uncle

Mar 23, 2015
The legacy - a novel by Walsh, Dan, 1957-

The legacy - a novel

On his own for the first time in his life, Doug Anderson drifts further and further from his faith, worrying his family and his friend Christina, a young woman with growing feelings for him.

Mar 29, 2015