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Silent creed by Kava, Alex.

Silent creed

When Ryder Creed responds to a devastating mudslide in North Carolina, he knows that the difference between finding survivors and the dead is time. He and his sturdiest search-and-rescue dog, Bolo, get to work immediately, but the scene is rife with danger: continued rainfall prevents the rescue teams from stabilizing the land; toxic household substances spread by the crushing slide fill the area with hazardous waste; and the detritus and debris are treacherous for both man and dog to navigate.

Sep 1, 2015
Spinster - making a life of one's own by Bolick, Kate, author, narrator.

Spinster - making a life of one's own

"Whom to marry, and when will it happen ... these two questions define ever woman's existence". So begins Spinster, a revelatory and slyly erudite look at the pleasures and possiblilities of remaining single. Using her own experiences as a starting point, journalist and cultural critic Kate Bolick invites us into her carefully considered, passionately lived life, weaving together the past and present to examine why she ... along with over 100 million American women, whose ranks keep growing ...

Aug 31, 2015
Starlight on Willow Lake by Wiggs, Susan, author.

Starlight on Willow Lake

When caregiver Faith McCallum arrives at the enchanted lakeside estate of Avalon's renowned Bellamy family, she's intent on rebuilding her shattered life and giving her two daughters a chance at a better future. But she faces a formidable challenge in the form of her stubborn and difficult new employer, Alice Bellamy. While Faith proves a worthy match for her sharp-tongued client, she often finds herself at a loss for words in the presence of Mason Bellamy; Alice's charismatic son, who clearly l

Aug 27, 2015
Strategy builder - how to create and communicate more effective strategies by Cummings, Stephen. author

Strategy builder - how to create and communicate more effective strategies

Your strategy has seven seconds to captivate its audience. So how are you going to present your strategy? A big wordy document? A lengthy address? Slides full of bullet points? This summary will help you discover the five key foundations of every strategy, draw compelling unique pictures of your company's strategies, develop your skills as a leader of strategy discussions and understand how to use strategy frameworks to get others to "buy in". The best way is to engage and involve people is thro

Aug 27, 2015
Summerlong by Bakopoulos, Dean.


One night Don, a father of three, leaves his house for an evening stroll, only to wake up the next morning stoned, and sleeping in a hammock next to a young woman he barely knows. His wife, Claire, leaves the house on this same night to go on a midnight run - only to find herself bumming cigarettes and beer outside the convenience store. As the summer lingers, this quotidian town's adults grow wilder and more reckless while their children grow increasingly confused.

Sep 1, 2015
Teach us to want longing, ambition & the life of faith by Michel, Jen Pollock, 1974-

Teach us to want longing, ambition & the life of faith

Jen Pollock Michel guides lsiteners on a journey of understanding who they are when they want, and reintroduces them to a God who gives them the desires of their hearts. That same good God calls people into a new reality in which they seek first his kingdom and righteousness, and discover their disordered desires burned away while their truest longings are happily fulfilled and purified.

Sep 1, 2015
Texas tough by Dailey, Janet.

Texas tough

A dangerous complication in an heiress' life places her under the protection of a former flame, who hides his identity as a Tyler son while asking for his brothers' help in uncovering a conspiracy that threatens their ranch.

Sep 1, 2015
The alphabet house by Adler-Olsen, Jussi.

The alphabet house

Two British pilots during World War II are shot down during a raid over Germany. They survive the crash, but are faced with a German dog patrol. They manage to save themselves by jumping aboard a hospital train and hide among the patients. But when they reach their destination, it occurs to them that it is a mental hospital. Now they can either try to simulate insanity or try to escape.

Sep 1, 2015
The boy most likely to by Fitzpatrick, Huntley, author.

The boy most likely to

Surprises abound and sparks ignite in the highly anticipated, utterly romantic companion to My life next door-- Tim Mason was The boy most likely to: - find the liquor cabinet blindfolded - need a liver transplant - drive his car into a house. Alice Garrett was The girl most likely to: - well, not date her little brother's baggage-burdened best friend, for starters. For Tim, it wouldn't be smart to fall for Alice. For Alice, nothing could be scarier than falling for Tim. But Tim has never been k

Sep 1, 2015
The butterfly and the violin by Cambron, Kristy. author.

The butterfly and the violin

Manhattan art dealer Sera James watched her world crumble at the altar two years ago, and her desire for distraction reignites a passion for a mysterious portrait she first saw as a young girl: a painting of a young violinist with piercing blue eyes. Sera crosses paths with William Hanover, and together they slowly unravel the story behind the painting's subject: Austrian violinist Adele Von Bron, daughter to a high-ranking member of the Third Reich ... who risked everything when she began smugg

Sep 1, 2015
The cartel - a novel by Winslow, Don, 1953- author

The cartel - a novel

It's 2004. DEA agent Art Keller has been fighting the war on drugs for thirty years in a blood feud against Ada´n Barrera, the head of El Federacio´n, the world's most powerful cartel, and the man who brutally murdered Keller's partner. Finally putting Barrera away cost Keller dearly--the woman he loves, the beliefs he cherishes, the life he wants to lead. Then Barrera gets out, determined to rebuild the empire that Keller shattered. Unwilling to live in a world with Barrera in it, Keller goes o

Sep 1, 2015
The China challenge shaping the choices of a rising power by Christensen, Thomas J., 1962- author.

The China challenge shaping the choices of a rising power

Many see China's rise as a threat to the U.S. leadership in Asia and beyond. Thomas J. Christensen argues instead that the real challenge lies in dissuading China from regional aggression while eliciting its global cooperation. Drawing on decades of scholarship and experience as a senior diplomat, Christensen offers a deep perspective on China's military and economic capacity. Assessing China's political outlook and strategic goals, Christensen shows how nationalism and the threat of domestic in

Sep 1, 2015
The closers a Bosch novel by Connelly, Michael, 1956-

The closers a Bosch novel

He walked away from the job three years ago. But Harry Bosch cannot resist the call to join the elite Open/Unsolved Unit. His mission: solve murders whose investigations were flawed, stalled, or abandoned to L.A.'s tides of crime. With some people openly rooting for his failure, Harry catches the case of a teenager dragged off to her death on Oat Mountain, and traces the DNA on the murder weapon to a small-time criminal. But something bigger and darker beckons and Harry must battle to fit all th

Sep 1, 2015
The Dorito effect - the surprising new truth about food and flavor by Schatzker, Mark, author.

The Dorito effect  - the surprising new truth about food and flavor

Mark Schatzker shows how the approach to the nation's number one public health crisis has gotten it wrong. The epidemics of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are not tied to the overabundance of fat or carbs. Instead, people have been led astray by the growing divide between flavor, the tastes they crave, and the underlying nutrition.

Sep 1, 2015
The end of diabetes - the eat to live plan to prevent and reverse diabetes by Fuhrman, Joel.

The end of diabetes - the eat to live plan to prevent and reverse diabetes

"Despite what you might have heard, diabetes is not a lifelong condition. It does not have to shorten your life span or result in high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, or other life-threatening ailments. In fact, most diabetics can get off medication and become 100 percent healthy in just a few simple steps. In The End of Diabetes, Dr. Joel Fuhrman shows how you can prevent and reverse diabetes and its related symptoms and lose weight in the process" --

Aug 31, 2015
The fall of the Ottomans - the great war in the Middle East by Rogan, Eugene L.

The fall of the Ottomans - the great war in the Middle East

Eugene Rogan brings the First World War and its immediate aftermath in the Middle East to vivid life, uncovering the often ignored story of the region's crucial role in the conflict. The Ottomans took on Russian, British, and French forces and tried to provoke Jihad against the Allies in their Muslim colonies. However, after a series of defeats, the Great War spelled the end of the Ottomans.

Sep 1, 2015
The girl in the spider's web a Lisbeth Salander novel - continuing Stieg Larsson's Millennium series by Lagercrantz, David.

The girl in the spider's web a Lisbeth Salander novel - continuing Stieg Larsson's Millennium series

The girl is back. September 2015. See what happens next. In this adrenaline-charged, up-to-the-moment political thriller, Stieg Larsson's Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist are back. The troubled genius hacker and crusading journalist thrilled the world in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, which have sold more than 80 million copies worldwide. AUTHOR: David Lagercrantz is a Swedish journalist and best-selling author of f

Sep 1, 2015
The insider threat - a Pike Logan thriller by Taylor, Brad, 1965- author.

The insider threat - a Pike Logan thriller

The United States has anticipated and averted countless attacks from terrorist groups--thanks in large part to the extralegal counterterrorist unit known as the Taskforce. But now, a much more insidious evil is about to shatter the false sense of safety surrounding civilized nations. While world powers combat ISIS on the battlefield, a different threat is set in motion by the group--one that can't be defeated by an airstrike. Off the radar of every Western intelligence organization, able to pene

Sep 1, 2015
The last flight of Poxl West - a novel by Torday, Daniel, author.

The last flight of Poxl West - a novel

Poxl West fled the Nazis' onslaught in Czechoslovakia. He escaped their clutches again in Holland. He pulled Londoners from the Blitz's rubble. He wooed intoxicating, unconventional beauties. He rained fire on Germany from his RAF bomber. He is something of an idol to his teenage nephew, Eli Goldstein, who reveres him as a brave, singular, Jewish war hero. As the truth about Poxl emerges, it forces Eli to face facts about the war he's romanticized and the vision of the man he's held so dear.

Sep 1, 2015
The library at Mount Char by Hawkins, Scott.

The library at Mount Char

Carolyn's not so different from the other human beings around her. She's sure of it. She likes guacamole and cigarettes and steak. She knows how to use a phone. She even remembers what clothes are for. After all, she was a normal American herself, once. That was a long time ago, of course--before the time she calls "adoption day," when she and a dozen other children found themselves being raised by a man they learned to call Father.

Aug 31, 2015