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1st butterfly - Vol. 7 by Pak, Kang-su, performer.

1st butterfly - Vol. 7

Nov 28, 2015
Aliens by Dynamine (Musical group), composer, performer.


Nov 28, 2015
Another progress by N-Sonic (Musical group), performer.

Another progress

Nov 28, 2015
Atheist's cornea by Envy (Musical group : Japan)

Atheist's cornea

Nov 28, 2015
Beauty-fool by Tacopy (Musical group), performer.


Nov 28, 2015
Big summer night by Say Sue Me (Musical group), performer.

Big summer night

Nov 28, 2015
Creation by Ju Trio (Musical group) composer performer.


Nov 28, 2015
Devil by Super Junior (Musical group), performer.


Nov 28, 2015
Ebola zombies by

Ebola zombies

When a group of thieves break into an industrial complex to pull off a jewelry heist, they stumble upon a hidden laboratory where unorthodox SARS and ebola experiments are taking place on stolen cadavers, who soon mutate into blood thirsty zombies. Now, the thieves must punch, kick and shoot their way to freedom from the police and the growing army of the undead.

Nov 28, 2015
Fa wai feng yun = Will power [TV Mini-series] by

Fa wai feng yun = Will power [TV Mini-series]

Nov 28, 2015
Feng yun tian di = Master of Destiny [TV Mini-series]. Episodes 1-32 by

Feng yun tian di = Master of Destiny [TV Mini-series]. Episodes 1-32

Nov 28, 2015
Fortune salon by

Fortune salon

Tae-rang is a beautiful, and successful, fortuneteller who consults her upscale clients on all matters of love and war. Unfortunately her own love life is stunted by a prophecy that destines her to marry the unattractive and lazy maintenance worker, Seung-won. What will she choose, love or fate?

Nov 28, 2015
Ghost school trilogy by

Ghost school trilogy

Includes three tales of horror about seemingly normal schools that are hiding a deep and horrifying secret inside their walls. Includes Whispering Corridors (1998); Memento Mori (1999); and Wishing Stairs (2003). Includes bonus disc with additional features.

Nov 28, 2015
Heavy metal is back by Victim Mentality, performer.

Heavy metal is back

Nov 28, 2015
Ikiru [Foreign film motion picture - 1952] by

Ikiru [Foreign film motion picture - 1952]

An aging Japanese bureaucrat dying of cancer wants to give something back to society before his death, so he decides to build a playground for children.

Nov 28, 2015
Immortal invitation by Wicked Solutions (Musical group), composer, performer.

Immortal invitation

Nov 28, 2015
Irreversible by Black Medicine (Musical group), composer, performer.


Nov 28, 2015
Japanese children's songs. by

Japanese children's songs.

Nov 28, 2015
Kangnam 1970 = Gangnam blues [Motion picture - 2014] by

Kangnam 1970 = Gangnam blues [Motion picture - 2014]

"In the 1970s, during the height of political corruption, Gangnam, the southern part of Seoul is starting to be transformed into a developed area. Childhood friends Jong-dae and Yong-ki struggle to get by, until their shanty homes are demolished by local thugs. Desperate for cash, they get involved in violent political clashes, and are separated during one of the skirmishes. Three years later, Jong-dae lives as an honest man with former gang leader Kil-su. Meanwhile, Yong-ki has joined Seoul's m

Nov 28, 2015
Kin ji soo. Volume 2, Part 1 by Kim, Ji Soo, performer.

Kin ji soo. Volume 2, Part 1

Nov 28, 2015