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Arf by Quinn, Spencer, author.


Why would anyone break into 19 Gentilly Lane? That's where the Gaux family lives, and everyone knows they have nothing worth stealing. More important, the house is usually guarded by Birdie Gaux's dog, Bowser, a large and handsome fellow with a big set of sharp teeth. Birdie is worried, but Bowser is on the trail of something rotten. Who was behind the break-in? Why is a girl with green hair asking odd questions about what happened to Birdie's dad, a policeman who was killed in the line of duty

Jul 1, 2016
The most important thing - stories about sons, fathers & grandfathers by Avi, 1937- author.

The most important thing - stories about sons, fathers & grandfathers

In seven stories, Avi, introduces seven boys--boys who have fathers at home and boys whose fathers have left, boys who spend most of their time with their grandfathers and boys who would rather spend time with anyone but the men in their lives. By turns heartbreaking, hopeful, and funny, these stories reveal boys seeking acceptance, guidance, or just someone to look up to. That search may happen when dealing with a father's ghost, during a camping trip with a mysterious grandfather, while interv

Jul 1, 2016