Freegal Music Downloads

Download Music using Freegal

How does it work?
  • Go to the Freegal website using any of the links that appear on the library website. You must use these links to login to Freegal. You will be asked for the number on your library card if you are going to Freegal from any location outside the library building.
  • On the Freegal website, login with your library card barcode and password.

Freegal Card Number: 2147700xxxxxxx
PIN: (enter your library password)

  • Search or browse to find a song you want.
  • Click the "Download Now" link to download your selected song.
  • Listen to your song on any MP3 listening device, such as your computer, iPod or other MP3 player.
  • More information about Freegal can be found in the FAQ on the Freegal site. (The link to the FAQ is in the upper right corner of the screen after you login to Freegal.)
  • Freegal apps are now available for iPhone and Android phones.
What's Freegal?
  • FREE music downloads you get to keep forever - no due dates. The files you download never expire, and there are no digital rights management (DRM) restrictions on them.
  • Sony Music's entire catalog of hundreds of thousands of songs - over 50 music labels in more than 100 genres of music.
Freegal Limits
  • Freegal is only available to library cardholders.
  • Each cardholder is limited to 5 song downloads per week. That's 260 songs a year.
  • After you click the "Download Now" link, you use one of your weekly downloads, even if you then click "Cancel".
Need help?
  • Contact the Library via the chat box on this page (when the Library is open), send us an email, or call (812) 349-3228.
  • Or stop by the Library with your device and we'll be able to help immediately, or set up a 1 hour one-on-one session.