Fee Schedule

Monroe County Public Library 2014 Fee Schedule

Overdue fines$0.25/day (Maximum $10/item)
(No charge for children's materials)
Collection Agency Fee$10.00
Replacement Library Card$1.00
Annual Subscription Card -- Non-resident$60.00
Lost itemsVaries
Photocopies$0.10/page non-color, $0.30/page color (Patrons granted $0.30/day free reference material copies)
Printing$0.10/page non-color. $0.30/page color (Patrons granted $0.30/day free printing)
Obituaries for those who live out-of-county$3/name
Genealogy research for those who live out-of-county$10/request
Meeting room and auditorium rental for businesses operating in Monroe County

$150/hour for Auditorium and 1B/1C combined

$75/hour for 1A, 1B, 1C

Meeting room clean-up Fee

Maintenance (reset room, clean carpet, repair furniture, etc.): $25/hour. Equipment damage or replacement: Cost + $10 service fee

CATS dubs$10/dub (No charge for dubs of public meetings for elected officials from units with contracts with CATS)

Supplies: Reusable bags


 Supplies: Blank CDs


Adopted by the Board of Trustees December 15, 2010
Revised October 26, 2011
Revised July 18, 2012
Revised December 19, 2012
Revised January 16, 2013
Revised August 21, 2013

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