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Read full digital copies of your favorite magazines on your computer, tablet or mobile device! 
  • Nearly 100 of the most popular titles! (View list of titles.)

  • Enhanced with interactive features!

  • No subscription limits. No expirations!

  • Free to any Monroe County Public Library cardholder!

Tips for Using Zinio

Creating your account:

  • You will need to create a MCPL eMagazines account and a Zinio.com account. (If you already have a Zinio.com account you can use that one, but you may need to log out of Zinio.com - so you can tie your existing account to your library account. You will then be able to see your library and purchased magazines together.)
  • The email address used to create your MCPL eMagazines account and your Zinio.com account need to be the same. Using the same password is recommended, but they can differ.

 Browsing the collection:

  • When browsing for additional titles in the library's Zinio collection, click the 'Return to Library Collection' tab in your browser.
  • You can't search the library's eMagazine collection within the Zinio app. You must make your selections on the Library's eMagazine site before viewing the magazine in the app.
  • Read your selections with the following apps.
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