The Villages

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Contact Melissa Coons (Clinical Director)
Phone 812-332-1245
Email mcoons [at] villages [dot] org

The Villages hosts a monthly Info Night: Discovering Foster Care as well as Foster Parent/ Relative Care/ Adoption Classes/ Licensure. This no-for-profit organization is the largest child and family services agency in Indiana. Our vision is that every child will flourish in a healthy, nurturing, self-sufficient family. Foster care is a temporary care provided by individuals and families who open their homes and hearts to become temporary parents to children whose birth parents and/or families are unable to care for them. Villages foster parents are provided with the training and finances to provide physical and emotional supports to children who are separated from their own family. Helping a child maneuver life's transitions to become a stable adult capable of creating a positive future for themselves and others can change the world! Call for more information

Additional Contact Lisa Huff (Family Community Support Specialist)
Phone 332-1245
Email lhuff [at] villages [dot] org
Updated October 16, 2014