Salvation Army

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Contact Jonathan Fitzgerald (Lieutenant)
Phone 812-336-4310
Email Jonathan_Fitzgerald [at] usc [dot] salvationarmy [dot] org

Child Care Shannon Chapman - Director 812-323-7402 BMG_childcare [at] usc [dot] salvationarmy [dot] org

Social Services Monica Clemons - Director 812-336-4310 ext. 10 Monica_Clemons [at] usc [dot] salvationarmy [dot] org

Thrift Store Becky Napier - Manager 812-334-1366

Volunteer Services Peter Iversen - Coordinator 812-336-4310 ext. 12 Peter_Iversen [at] usc [dot] salvationarmy [dot] org

The Salvation Army's stated objectives are the advancement of the Christian religion as promulgated in the religious doctrines-which are professed, believed and taught by the Army and, pursuant there to, the advancement of education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objects beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole.

Additional Contact Catherine Fitzgerald (Lieutenant)
Email Catherine_Fitzgerald [at] usc [dot] salvationarmy [dot] org