Hong Kong Student Association

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Website http://www.indiana.edu/~hongkong/
Contact Gladys Sze Hueng Yuen
Phone 812-855-9086
Email hongkong [at] indiana [dot] edu
Address International Center
116 S. Jordan
Bloomington, In 47405

Faculty Advisor: Christopher Viers, 855-9086 Or call the International Center, 116 S. Jordan, 855-7133. The Hong Kong Students' Association at Indiana University Bloomington was established to serve the Hong Kong community and promote Hong Kong to the vast population around the IUB campus. Not only do we focus on helping the newcomers adapting to the American lifestyle, we also aim at helping every Hong Kong student to enrich their experience here at IU. Moreover, we desire to strengthen ties among our members and alumni, as well as to serve those who are interested in Hong Kong culture - we are here to provide a helping hand to the Hong Kong community and to share with people our unique heritage which we are absolutely proud of.

Phone 855-7133
Email hongkong [at] indiana [dot] edu
Updated May 13, 2015