Bloomington Symphony Orchestra

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Contact Donna Lafferty (Executive Director)
Phone 812-331-2320
Email bso [dot] donna [at] gmail [dot] com
Address PO Box 1823
Bloomington, IN 47402

The Bloomington Symphony Orchestra promotes a lifelong appreciation of and enthusiasm for music through its performances of classical literature, as well as outreach and educational work throughout the community.


Additional Programs:

-Our Children's Instrument Recovery Program (ChIRP) takes donations of used musical instruments, refurbishes them, then loans them to kids who might otherwise not have the ability to play with their school groups.

-The BSO’s Youth Concerto Competition offers scholarships and a chance to play alongside a real orchestra to talented young musicians in the community.

-Meet the Instruments gives young children the chance to try out some of the instruments in the orchestra. From tiny violins to full sized tubas, kids can experiment to their hearts' content, all under the supervision of members of the orchestra.

Email bso [at] bloomingtonsymphony [dot] com
Updated October 16, 2014